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Rush’s Morning Update: Polluters!
June 4, 2009

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Last week, my friends, the third annual “State of Environmental Justice” conference was held inVirginia. Lisa Jackson, who heads the EPA, said:”There are too many places in this country where pollution and environmental degradation fall disproportionately on low-income and minority communities.” Because of that, she said, businesses won’t set up shop, good jobs are absent, and people are ill with diseases like asthma and cancer. The EPA, vowed Lisa Jackson, will not”stand by and accept those disparities.”

So you owners of manufacturing plants near minority neighborhoods,get ready:youare being set up. Not only are you polluters, you’re racist polluters:you target poor minorities, who get sick and die because of your profits. So you’re gonna pay– big time!

Let’s call this what it is: another Big Government money-grab. Businesses are the targetsbecause they’re perceived to have deep pockets.

But the real degradation that falls disproportionately on minority communitiesis liberalism. Liberalism is what causes failing schools, soaring crime rates, and a mentality permeating these neighborhoods that robs people of ambition and the means to become productive, prosperous citizens.

If the Obama Administration were serious about “environmental justice,” they would be attacking the welfare state environment– not American businesses. But instead of helping these neighborhoods, this bunch is doing what liberals always do:growing the welfare state, and finding scapegoats in everyone but themselves. Want to find the real polluters, Ms. Jackson? Check your mirror!

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