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RUSH: CNN has done another one, another poll of me. It was revealed and announced yesterday by Wolf Blitzer on his show, The Situation Room.

BLITZER: Our CNN/Opinion Research corporation poll asked favorable/unfavorable numbers for most of the top Republicans who we’re hearing a lot from lately. And look at these numbers. Colin Powell, he’s at 70% favorability. Then John McCain, 58. Then it goes down. Sarah Palin 46, Romney 42, Dick Cheney 37, Newt Gingrich 36, Rush Limbaugh is only at 30% favorability.

RUSH: (laughing) They’re polling my favorable/unfavorable numbers at state-run CNN. Thirty percent. I don’t know what their sample was, I guess the American voters, American public, I don’t know, they didn’t specify what the sample was. But I’m going to tell you, if 30% of the country likes me, or approves of me, or at least in their poll, that makes me more popular than most Americans. You got that. This is not bad for a Muslim nation, folks, for a guy like me to have 30% approval in a Muslim country I’ll take that any day. That’s what Obama said, he went over there and he said that the United States is a Muslim country. Here I got 30% approval in a Muslim country, I’ll take it. Can you believe they’re out there polling me? Here is Dingy Harry, the Senate majority leader. This is the kind of ignorance that is on parade every day in Washington, DC.

REID: I understand that during her career she’s written hundreds and hundreds of opinions. I haven’t read a single one of them. And if I’m fortunate before we end this I won’t have to read one of them.

RUSH: Apparently he’s read some Clarence Thomas opinions because he said he wasn’t very impressed with them. But here’s a guy who admitted, admittedly has not read and doesn’t want to read any of her opinions and yet is going to blindly support her. By the way, I looked up CNN’s favorability numbers last night after I heard that they did a poll on me, and, believe me, folks, when you have 600,000 of over 200 million people watching you, I would say you have a disapproval number that’s about 95%, or 97%. CNN’s favorability is in the toilet. Nobody is watching. In primetime, CNN and MSNBC combined do not get anywhere near the ratings Fox News Channel has. Fox News beats ’em if you add their audience. If 30% of the country watched CNN, they’d be celebrating, they’d be throwing parties. I have a favorable opinion of 30% of the American people. In a Muslim country, that’s big.

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