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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, has warned all of us to be very, very careful how we say what we say about the Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. I want to apologize for shouting in my latter parts of that opening monologue. I will admit here to just being frustrated as I can be. We’re watching the greatest economy in the world crumble right before our eyes. Every promised fix is failing right before our eyes. We have thrown trillions of dollars that no doubt cannot be tracked at all of these failing industries and the industries continue to fail and get worse. We have authorized a Porkulus bill of near $1 trillion to get shovel-ready projects going, to get the economy going, it’s not working. There’s no new employment to report out there, unemployment at 25-year high last month. None of it is working. And what angers me is I think this is by design.

Nobody in their right mind, I don’t care, liberal, socialist, communist, everybody with half a brain knows that what is being done right now to fix the economy doesn’t fix an economy. But it does a lot of other things. It empowers the people who are spending the money. It keeps the people who are the supposed recipients of the money impoverished. It keeps them nervous, it keeps them on edge. Those people are happy and very, very comforted that the government is trying to do something. And so far it hasn’t worked and so Obama said, ‘We’re working on this, you ain’t seen nothing yet,’ so they’re going to be content to sit there and wait for more assistance to come and it won’t come because it cannot come. This economy is simply too large as it was to be supported by a single entity, the United States government. It simply cannot be. The math doesn’t work; the ideology doesn’t work; the philosophy doesn’t work; the theory doesn’t work. So, yes, I was angry, and I still am. This is the equivalent of a huge insult to my intelligence and to yours. It isn’t working. It can’t work. It will not work. It will fail.

As I scour the Internet for show prep or as I occasionally listen to the television news, I hear more and more people referring to my comment ‘I hope he fails,’ referring to the president, still being very upset about this, ‘Oh, what a dumb political comment that was,’ people are saying, ‘how silly, how stupid, that’s really going to bring moderates to the cause, right, because everybody, when they hear Limbaugh say, ‘I hope Obama fails,’ they think that Limbaugh wants the country to fail.’ Now, let me say something to you right here and right now. And look at me. It’s this: Virtually everybody — I don’t care whether they’re conservative, liberal, independent, moderate, or Martian — virtually everybody who heard my comment, ‘I hope Obama fails,’ knows exactly what I meant. There is not a sane person in this country who genuinely believes I want this country to fail. Ladies and gentlemen, this country is failing because President Obama is succeeding. I don’t care how you choose to measure it. There is no hope on the horizon for a job. There is no hope on the horizon for renewed prosperity. There is no hope on the horizon for economic growth. It’s not there. It’s been promised. It has been said that the only entity that can guarantee all the things I just mentioned is the federal government.

The federal government has thrown trillions of dollars at failing entities, industries, and they’re still failing and getting worse. President Obama’s policies will not fail in one regard: They will not fail in impoverishing and enslaving more and more Americans the longer his policies succeed. This that is happening to us, all of us at this moment, unemployment, record high since 25 years ago, one out of seven homes being foreclosed on, the automobile business basically bankrupt after trillions of dollars in bailouts now owned by Obama, Wall Street is an abject mess, the state of California is bankrupt, the state of New York soon will be. All of these places are talking about raising taxes further on people, which will reduce the number of people who are able to hire other people — in other words, create jobs. This is the exact kind of success I wanted to fail. And everybody who heard me say it knew exactly what I meant.

It is being used by people on our side of the aisle who are scared to death of conservatives. It is being used by them to say that I’m driving moderates away. It’s being used by people on the left to say that I want America to fail, when everybody in their brain knows exactly what I meant, just as everybody with a brain, everybody with a modicum of education knows that what President Obama is doing will not do what he promises, will not do what he says, it will not revive this economy. We are soon going to be approaching the one-year mark. In fact, the first stimulus package occurred over a year ago. And it was offered by President Bush, and it was rebate checks for the American people. This was to help us buy things. And then some months later there was a second installment of this same rebate plan, checks from the federal government. And then came, as we approached the one-year anniversary of the beginning of massive bailouts starting with TARP, then to the auto companies, and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the mortgage industry.

A year, my friends, if stimulating these industry sectors with this amount of money has only made it worse, at what point does somebody have the guts to stand up and say, ‘Stop it. It has failed. It isn’t working, and it shows no signs of working,’ and everybody with a brain, with a modicum of education, knows it can’t work. It never has worked throughout the history of human civilization. It’s unsustainable whether it be the mental health hospital in Sacramento, whether it be the economy of the state of California, whether it be the automobile industry, whatever government takes on outside of the government sphere, outside of its constitutional role, whatever it takes on that’s in the private sector, with the intention of fixing it, only gets worse. In fact, so do the things they do fix that they think are legitimately theirs to fix. They create the war on poverty; it’s worse than ever in terms of percentages. They create the great Great Society and all of these programs which have featured an $11 trillion transfer of wealth over the past 30 years or so, and these problems have not been abated, they have not been solved, they have not been reduced; they exist.

It could be said that the federal government’s involvement in the massive welfare state has served to destroy families, minority families, because the government took over the role of the father. The father no longer had to hang around because the government was there every week or month or however often the checks come. So it isn’t working. This kind of failure is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I was hoping that Obama would not succeed in further destroying the United States economy. So there he is, in the middle of a bankrupt state, telling people there they ain’t seen nothing yet to rounds of applause and the standing ovation from, of course, the wealthy Hollywood elites.

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