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Rush’s Morning Update: Remember Miguel
May 29, 2009

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Here’s a good question, folks: Should a political party try to defeat a historic judicial nominee? Is it worth the risk of alienating Hispanic voters? The answer is very simple, and the answer is: Yes!
Democrats did it. They did it to the historic nomination of Miguel Estrada,who graduated from Columbia College and Harvard Law School magna cum laude. He was an editor for Harvard Law Review, and clerked for moderate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Estrada was a US Attorney under Bush 41, and he served under Bill Clinton as an assistant to the Solicitor General. In private practice, Estrada represented some of America’s best known corporations. He received a unanimous “well qualified” rating from the American Bar Association. His life is an American dream:the son of immigrants who rose to the top through hard work and playing by the rules.
When Bush 43 nominated him to become the first Hispanic to sit on the DC Court of Appeals, the radical left wing Democrat establishment erupted in fury. For two years, Democrats on the judiciary committee refused to give him a hearing. Democrat front groups paid for a massive smear campaign built on lies. Chuck Schumer led the argument that despite his qualifications, Estrada should be deniedbecause his ideology was wrong. Memos were circulated, implying Estrada’s nomination should fail because he was Latino,Hispanic– and conservative.
What happened to Miguel Estrada has been called a “political hate crime,” and it was. But when Democrats hate and destroy– as they do every day– there is no political price to pay.

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