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RUSH: Did you know that CNN is speculating out there that the Republican ticket in 2012 will be Cheney and me? I didn’t know it, either, ’til I got the audio sound bite roster today. Mary Matalin on Wolf Blitzer’s show, The Situation Room, and Blitzer said, ‘Roger Simon writes, ‘Speculating maybe Cheney and Limbaugh will be the Republican ticket. This led to immediate speculation that Cheney and Limbaugh intend to run as a ticket in 2012, a full-blown international crisis.’ You’re smiling, Mary. I’m smiling. Is there any realistic notion that your former boss, Dick Cheney’s thinking about 2012?’

MATALIN: Well, in a conservative’s dream I’d be giving up this perch, Wolf, in a New York minute to go work for that ticket, but as the vice president said on CNN, no, he’s not running; anything he’s advocating or talking about now is in defense of, or support for, policies that he thinks are important to this country and he has no intention of running again. But be still my heart, the thought of it.

RUSH: And I want to just go on the record here, CNN did not call to ask me my thoughts. I have not denied this. They’re just reporting this, but they’ve not sought out me, and I haven’t denied it. Donna Brazile, same program, Donna Brazile was asked by Blitzer, ‘It would really energize the base of the GOP, that kind of ticket, Cheney-Limbaugh, don’t you think, Donna?’

BRAZILE: I’m sure it will energize the base, but right now the Republicans — they understand that they have to do more than just energize the base. They have to rebuild the party and rebuild it, essentially, from scratch. I don’t think the vice president is running, and I hope now that he’s given this big, major speech, he’ll save the rest for his book.

RUSH: We gotta take a brief time-out. Do you realize how scared to death they are of this? I mean, ha-ha. We don’t need to energize the base. The base is there. The base is ready for battle and that’s what they know, that’s what they know. The party may have to be rebuilt, but there’s only one way of doing that, and I’ll hold my thoughts on it because I gotta take a brief obscene profit time-out here on the EIB Network.


RUSH: By the way, this question that Wolf Blitzer asked of Mary Matalin and Donna Brazile, The Politico got this thing started. It was a very sarcastic piece, Roger Simon, it was very sarcastic about Cheney and me being the 2012 ticket. Simon ended The Politico piece by comparing my audience to Kim Jong-il’s population in that we both have Dittoheads. So Roger Simon of Politico compared you people to the slaves of Kim Jong-il. Now, that was earlier this week. The dirty little secret, for all of you people in the Drive-Bys, is I run for president every four years. Not on the ballot. But you people, depending on the outcome, always say it was my fault. If the Republicans win, Limbaugh did it. Republicans lose, it’s Limbaugh’s fault. So I run every four years anyway, without ever being on the ballot.

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