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Rush’s Morning Update: In Defense
May 28, 2009

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I have a simple question for you today:What do you believe is worth defending?
Since January, we have been told that our way of lifeis going tochange– like it or not. Government officials will impose harsh taxes on businesses,and unelected, unaccountable Ivy League-educated bureaucrats will determine the proper compensation for high achievers. Americans, already restrained from exploring and developing the wealth of our own natural resources, will endure horrific new taxes on the energy that fuels our society.
America’s financial sector– as well as our health care, automobile, and insurance industries– will be ruled and manipulated by the same elected officialswho caused a worldwide, multi-trillion-dollar recession. Justice in America will no longer be adjudicated by Constitutional law,but by appointees who possess “empathy” for the perceived oppressed –streetjustice, in other words.
Elected Democrat radicals see America as an inherently unjust nation. With lightning efficiency, they’re tearing it down, folks.But many of us are proud of the progress Americans have made since our founding, and of our place in historyas an enormous power for good in a dangerous, uncertain world.
The most outspoken– the people who oppose the madness that has engulfed Washington– are being told to “tone it down,” to “moderate” our views, and play nice…as our freedoms are being taken, and our way of life stolen, bit by bit, every day. But I, for one, just to assure you, will not “tone it down” — because, to me,Americais worth defending. How ’bout you?

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