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RUSH: Here’s Paul in Culpeper, Virginia. Hi, Paul. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I say this with a heavy heart, but the Republicans must back the nom — uh, confirmation of Sotomayor.

RUSH: Don’t worry, they will.

CALLER: Yeah. They gotta do it because she’s gonna get confirmed anyway, or, if not, she barely gets defeated then another liberal candidate gets in and the Republicans will get beaten over the head left and right every day that they hate Hispanics. It will confirm in the mind of a lot of Hispanics that the Republicans hate ’em and, uh, it will be a disaster.

RUSH: Well, see, I disregard that, and I dealt with this earlier in the program. You’ve just explained why most Republicans will not oppose her. But she should be opposed, not to the purpose of defeating her confirmation because I don’t think it can be. She should be opposed because opposing her will help the country understand who Obama is. And the country must understand who Obama is. The media is falling short in its responsibility. They didn’t vet the guy. The American people must know who Obama is. By being critical of Sonia Sotomayor’s record, you can explain who Obama is. This is a pipe dream, this Hispanic vote business. George Bush nominated a bunch of Hispanic judges. He had an attorney general who was Hispanic, and the left went out and destroyed both of them. The way to get Hispanic votes is with conservative founding principle values repeated unalterably in a campaign. This identity politics approach that the moderates in the Republican Party want to make is not gonna work. It’s already been demonstrated that it doesn’t work with McCain.


RUSH: Look, let me tackle something head on here, because the last caller addressed it. We’ve had two callers now who said, ‘Hey we need to support Sotomayor because if we don’t, the Hispanics are going to hate us, and we’re going to need the Hispanic vote.’ The Republican Party, when it wins, does not do identity politics. The Republican Party doesn’t out and say, ‘Okay, we got this policy for Hispanics, this policy for blacks, this policy for whites, this policy for the rich, this policy for the poor.’ That’s not how Republicans win; it’s how Democrats win. Now, folks, you people are going to have to face reality. If the Republican Party did not get the Hispanic vote last time, with the architect of amnesty for illegal aliens as our nominee, what makes you think there’s anything we could do to get the Hispanic vote along those lines?

We can’t stop Sonia Sotomayor. The opposition to her ought not be based on stopping her. That might happen anyway, because the more people look into her record, you’re going to find out what I mean when I referred to her today as a ‘reverse racist,’ and you can see in the Ricci case that’s currently before appeal on the Supreme Court with the decision coming in late June. She sided against a white firefighter and was admonished in her reasoning by a Clinton-appointed Democrat judge for not even addressing the constitutional issues. She ruled against the white firefighter — Ricci and other white firefighters — just on the basis that she thought women and minorities should be given a preference because of their skin color and because of the history of discrimination in the past. The law was totally disregarded.

That’s what I mean when I refer to her as a ‘reverse racist.’ Obama himself is one. The chip on his shoulder that he brings to office, if people just listen to what he said over the course of his career, it’s unmistakable. I know the media’s going to harp on this reverse racist stuff and I just want all of you to know that I am perfectly willing to back it up and I’m proud that I said it. It happens to be true. Reverse racism is what affirmative action is, and no racism is good. The original majority white racism was bad that we dealt with… If all this racism really existed how did she get where she is? That was my whole point in the first hour. Her personal story is very compelling. She overcame all kinds of odds. But they weren’t as bad as Obama wants us to believe.

She came to realize her wildest dreams during the Reagan years and the Bush years and the Clinton years. Supposedly when this country was imperfect and unjust and immoral, according to Obama. But to go get the Hispanic vote, that’s the view of moderates: ‘Hey, look at us! We don’t hate you.’ The premise that we hate Hispanics is wrong in the first place. George Bush had them all over his administration, and the liberals tried to destroy every damn one of them. The two most prominent were Miguel Estrada and Alberto Gonzales. And it doesn’t have anything to do with Hispanic. It has to do with liberal versus conservative — and the media is going to side with the left, and the Democrats are going to try to destroy any conservative or Republican who’s going to be a success, particularly minorities, particularly Republican minorities.

Ask Clarence Thomas. Ask Ken Blackwell in Ohio. Ask Thomas Sowell. Ask any number of black conservatives if they are treated at all like liberal minorities are, and they’re not. So the idea that we can go out there and support Sotomayor and somehow this is going to be remembered in about two or four years, ‘Oh, yeah, the Republicans supported her.’ If our number one Hispanic supporter, John McCain — author of amnesty for illegals, running against his own party on the issue — was not able to get the Hispanic vote, then please explain to me how supporting Sotomayor is going to accomplish it. This is what’s wrong with our party. We accept the premises of the left and then we very defensively and cowardly proceed on the basis of those premises, that we’re somehow mean-spirited, extreme, wacko, racist, sexist pigs, and we’re not.

You know what I’m beginning to think after these two stories I read about how Obama supporters love the fact that he lies? Maybe we ought to start lying. Ask yourself this: If you want to be like the liberals are maybe to go get liberals we need to start lying. Just like we need to approve Sotomayor and not oppose her, maybe we need to start lying just like Obama does. As a strategic political move, lie about everything we plan to do! Maybe we should go out and join the trashing of big business, maybe we should join trashing of the military. Maybe we ought to embrace Hugo Chavez and send some Republicans in Congress down to have a meeting with him. Maybe we ought to come out in favor of tax increases. Maybe the Republicans ought to embrace national health care. Maybe the Republican Party ought to become pro-choice.

Maybe the Republican Party ought to speak out against the California Supreme Court today which upheld the ban on gay marriage. Just lie! Just lie about what we believe. Obama is proving it works like a charm. After all, the goal is only to get elected. That’s the battle in the overall war, isn’t it, just to get elected? So let’s lie. Let’s just lie, like Obama does. His supporters love him for it. I mean if we’re going to go with the Hispanic vote, by saying we don’t have a problem with Sotomayor’s judicial work, her body of work, if we don’t have a problem with it, say, ‘Oh, yes, wonderful, it’s great.’ Lying works. Clinton got away with it. Let’s just try it. In fact let me try it. I’ll lead the way on this. Someday when I don’t tell you, I will lie about everything I believe on this show and see how you like it. And we’ll see if the left likes me any more than they already do. We’ll see if the media turns me into a lovable figure.

Dustin in Indianapolis, I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush, from flyover country here in Indianapolis.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to comment about the wonderful story of Sonia Sotomayor, which is an amazing story, but I wonder where the liberal policies that Obama holds dear and wants to implement to get the economy going and to remake America — where were those policies for the mother who worked six days a week to put food on the table? And I also find it interesting that all of the nominees for Supreme Court, for cabinets, for, you know, all these posts in the government, have an amazing story of hard work and personal responsibility to get to their own point in their life.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I have yet to see a nominee for a government position thank the welfare system or thank government policies for allowing them to achieve the American dream.

RUSH: Amen, bro. This is great. You are absolutely right.

CALLER: And one other thing I would just contend to say.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: I contend that the true great American story in this nomination today is Mr. and Mrs. Sotomayor, the parents of the Supreme Court nominee who came to this country and worked their tail off to let this woman achieve what she’s achieved so far.

RUSH: I don’t disagree with that but she did, too. Nobody can… Look, she got divorced. She has not remarried. She has no children. Something I read this morning: She is a workaholic, and her clerks become her family, and they go home with her and work. So she’s a hard worker. She’s a very hard worker. So was John Gotti.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: But the story is very compelling. Nobody’s going to oppose that, but your point, every one of these nominees, we’re all told how tough they had it. They came from the wrong side of the tracks, and they praise their parents. You’re right. They don’t praise a government program. They don’t say, ‘AFDC got me here,’ and they don’t say, ‘Affirmative action got me here.’ They don’t say that, even though it’s applicable in many of their cases. They don’t say it. They credit hard work and good old conservative values. Excellent point out there, Dustin, it really is. I have a brief time-out but a next story: ‘Eight Health Risks in Your Own Backyard,’ and again, what’s the source of this? MSNBC. ‘Eight Health Risks in Your Own Backyard.’ So we’re supposed to keep the kids inside all summer, that’s what the story is. But you know how dangerous it is inside? They’ve already told us how dangerous it is inside, and now they’re going to tell us how dangerous it is outside.

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