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RUSH: I want to talk about Vice President Biden. There’s an interesting story today that Obama is really fed up with him and had to bring him in and say, ‘Joe, you’re going to have to be more disciplined. You’re distracting things here with some of these things that you’re saying,’ and he’s now over in the Balkans. They’ve gotten him out of town. Now, you remember earlier… When was it? May 19th. This is two days ago. This is in the Detroit Free Press. Actually it was the day before. Eleanor Clift reported this: ‘Joe Biden reveals the bunker-like room’ where Vice President Cheney went during 9/11 when the plane was heading in and targeting Washington. They got Cheney out of the White House; they took him to secure bunker which is a private place. Nobody knows where it is.

‘Joe Biden reveals the bunker-like room is at the Naval Observatory in Washington, where Cheney lived for eight years and which is now home to Biden,’ Eleanor Clift reported, and that report stirred up a lot of frenzy about Biden giving away the secure location. He described it as a hallway with electronics equipment, TV monitors on the walls and so forth. And he then came out and corrected himself and said, no, no, no! ”What the Vice President described in his comments was not … an underground facility, but rather, an upstairs workspace in the residence, which he understood was frequently used by Vice President Cheney and his aides,’ said Biden’s spokesperson Elizabeth Alexander.

”That workspace was converted into an upstairs guestroom when the Bidens moved into the residence.” Now, the reason this is important is because in Eleanor Clift’s first report, Biden says this is the secure location. If Eleanor Clift got it correct — I have checked this today with legal authorities. If Eleanor Clift reported it accurately, if the referenced undisclosed location was indeed classified, then I am told that Joe Biden, the vice president, may be subject to 37 United States Code section 793 which says that ‘such an action shall’ — not the usual ‘may,’ but ‘such an action SHALL’ — ‘be punishable by a fine or up to ten years in prison.’ Now, admittedly this is going to have to be fact checked, but if indeed…

The reaction to getting Biden out of town and the quick re-characterizing of what he said here — and we know that he flaps his gums off and says the most uncontrolled, undisciplined things. But all this talk about how stupid Sarah Palin is, how risky she would be in office, and here’s Biden potentially violating a federal law punishable by ten years in jail, by revealing the secret bunker where any vice president is taken. Not just Cheney, where any vice president is taken during an attack, and now, ‘No, no, no, no! It wasn’t underground. It was upstairs bedroom.’ An upstairs bedroom with electronic equipment on the hallway with a steel door? It’s hard to believe. So that’s why, among many other things, the vice president is in the Balkans. He’s being shot at over there, I understand. His plane was.

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