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RUSH: Dear Rush,

I listened to your show yesterday and I listened to you on Greta Van Susteren last night. You astound me at how off-base you are. To say that John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Peter King, Jeff Sessions, Haley Barbour, Kit Bond — to name just a few — have not been strong supporters of conservative values and have openly been defying this popular president is a lie. And I’m not used to you lying. No one in the Republican Party would consider Colin Powell one of its leaders except the elite, which you are one of. Not you or Sean or Mark are focusing on the great speech by Michael Steele the other day saying the honeymoon’s over, or the fact that Boehner and Cantor have been rallying the Republicans in Congress to vote against this socialist president’s agenda.

What would we do without these brave Republican conservatives? After all the lies by the media the Democrats won them an election in 2008. So just stop this nonsense of saying the Republican Party has no voice. This is crap! They have a voice in the men above you, but you do not highlight them, and you just condemn the whole party, and that is a lie. You are a huge disappointment. Shame, shame on you for not supporting the men and women standing alone in the Republican Party with no coverage from the media because the conservative talk show radio is condemning all of them and refusing to talk about their courage and the fact they are the only line of resistance to this Marxist president.

Shame, shame on you!
Linda in Princeton, New Jersey.

Now, Linda is upset with me over my analysis yesterday on this program and last night on Greta Van Susteren about the California results in which I admitted that as far as it goes, those results last night were the equivalent of a political nuclear blast. But I said, ‘Unless there’s a Republican Party to pick up on the meaning of it and start championing and representing people all over the country like those in California who voted, it may as well not have happened.’ She’s also upset that I’ve anointed Colin Powell as the titular head of the Republican Party. She probably doesn’t see the irony and the humor in all that.

But, Linda, I’m not attacking any of the names you’ve mentioned. I’ve defended them constantly, Boehner and Sessions. But they don’t run the Republican Party, Linda, and neither does Michael Steele. Linda, what you have to understand is that the Republican Party is now being run, not by anybody in Congress or the Senate, it’s being run by people who don’t like the results in California. They don’t like a return to Reaganism. They don’t like tax cuts as an issue. They don’t like social conservatives in the party. They are the Rockefeller blue bloods. That’s why I appointed Colin Powell the leader, the titular leader of the party, because that is the kind of people they are! I don’t need to name names.

But there isn’t a single conservative that has rocketed to the top of electoral Republican politics that is leading the party. And for all the great guys we have in Congress, Linda there’s nothing they can do to stop this so-called Marxist, as you say. We don’t have the votes in the House. We’re precariously close in the Senate and we’ve got several of the kind of Republicans I’m talking about in the Senate. Arlen Specter just joined the Democrats. We got Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, who will more than likely vote with Democrats than Republicans on issues that matter to you and me. I was not condemning conservatism. I’m condemning the Republican Party for trying to get rid of its conservative influence. I’m glad you wrote me so I had the chance to further expound. I’ll be expecting your next hate e-mail tonight.

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