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RUSH: It’s a Rasmussen poll — 32% would pay higher taxes to provide health insurance for all. Well, good! Let’s go find these 32% and raise their taxes, then. Find out who they are. That should about cover the problem. ‘Thirty-two percent of American adults say they would be willing to pay higher taxes so that health insurance could be provided for all Americans.’ In fact, let’s go grab audio sound bites one and two here. This is last week, last Wednesday on this program I made this prediction.

RUSH ARCHIVE: There’s no way that these health benefits are not going to be taxed one way or a couple of ways. There’s no way. They’re going to be taxed as income to you, imputed income to you, or they’re gonna eliminate the tax deductibility or maybe a combination of both. It’s too great a source of money, and they don’t have any. And they want national health care. And they’re going to tell everybody, ‘Only the rich are going to be paying this tax anyway, not you,’ as they lie to you again.

RUSH: So yesterday on CNN’s State of the Union, the host John King talking to the budget director for Obama, Peter Orszag, one of the many Ivy League nerds and eggheads that populate his administration. John King says, ‘On the table in Congress: taxing the health insurance benefits that workers get — I get from my company, many people get from their company — saying if you’re at a certain income level, we’re gonna tax those benefits. The administration has said ‘not our idea,’ but you haven’t said ‘no way,’ either.’

ORSZAG: Yeah, it was not in the president’s uhhh campaign plan. It wasn’t in our budget. Clearly there are some members of Congress who are putting it on the table; we’re going to have to let this play out. There are lots of ideas that are being put on the table and that’s exactly how it should be.

RUSH: Well! Notice he’s not denying it. He’s just saying, ‘It wasn’t our idea.’ BS. Been there. A Democrat’s a Democrat! I don’t care if the Democrat’s in the White House or the House of Representatives or the Senate, it’s a Democrat idea: raise everybody’s taxes. They’re going to have to, folks. That’s what all of this talk last week about how it’s ‘unsustainable’ to spend money and borrow money this way is all about. It’s all about raising taxes. There you have it. There you have it! ‘Well, it wasn’t our idea, don’t blame us. But, Congress put it out there; and since Congress put it out there, we’re going to have to consider it. Oh, tie our hands! Tie our hands and put on the shackles. Yes, we’re going to have figure it out.’

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