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“They call card check the ‘Employee Free Choice Act,’ right? It really should be titled, ‘The Union-Brass-Knuckles- Busting-On-Your-Knees Act’.”

“How in the world can any Republican say that Colin Powell is a better Republican than Dick Cheney? It was Colin Powell who endorsed Obama after the Republican Party gave Colin Powell the exact kind of nominee he claims to want — some moderate, squishy guy who works with Democrats.”

“If President Obama says we have to work together to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, is he not admitting there’s something wrong, then, about abortion? If it’s really nothing more than an issue of liberty for women, then why do we have to make liberty ‘rare’ for women?”

“Caterpillar has announced their third work reduction in two months since the stimulus bill was passed. How’s that hope and change working for you out there, folks?”

“The low art of political seduction is saying that both sides have legitimacy and that we’re never going to agree, and so we must try to get along with one another. But what do we do in the process? We blur something that’s crucial: a definition of life.”

“A Rasmussen poll says that ‘32% would pay higher taxes to provide health insurance for all.’ Well, good. Let’s go find these 32% and raise their taxes, then. That should about cover the problem.”

“Story: ‘Thomas Golisano told a gathering of Rochester business executives he will remain as owner of the Buffalo Sabres, but he is fleeing the Empire State to avoid paying $13,000 a day in state income taxes.’ He’s paying $13,000 a day? I wish my bill was that cheap.”

“Even by her own account, Pelosi knew it was going on for years. So you have to ask, there was never a day when she couldn’t have called George Bush to threaten to cut off CIA funding if they didn’t stop all this ‘torture’?”

“People have asked me, ‘Rush, were you not upset at the president laughing at that comedian’s jokes at the correspondents’ dinner? That woman wishing for you to die?’ I’ve said to them, ‘I don’t think President Obama heard them. He sat in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years and never heard any of that.'”

“I never doubt a woman’s intuition.”

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