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RUSH: This is Jane in Dallas. It’s great to have you on the program, Jane.

CALLER: Hi. How are you?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: Okay. I was driving home from lunch with my husband. He said to me, ‘Jane, what do the Democrats want? They own the car industry. They don’t want us to go to college. What do they want? At the end of this, what do they want? They’re going to have all the power, and what do they want?’

RUSH: What inspired this? Is it because even though they’ve got all this they don’t seem happy?

CALLER: They don’t seem happy. When is enough going to be enough?

RUSH: Well, I’ve addressed this on several occasions. This is why the Republicans can never win by crossing the aisle and meeting them halfway, because no matter what you give them, it’s never enough.

CALLER: No. When they have all our money, they’re going to live in a different country they’re going to move outta here. (laughs)

RUSH: No, what they want is power. Now, I know this sounds easy to say. Have you ever…? I’m not trying to pry, but the answer to this question is… is… (sigh) I think it’s almost required to understand their quest for power. Have you ever had a genuine addiction to anything?

CALLER: I don’t… Um, not really. (nervous laughter)

RUSH: Well, I have. I have. I have, and let me tell you about it. It makes you entirely unreasonable and irrational. It is all you care about. Nothing else matters. No matter how important to you otherwise, it doesn’t matter as much as the addiction. Feeding it, the fear of not being able to, is what animates your existence every day. These people are addicted to power, because they think it is their birthright. And I’m not just talking about the people in Washington, elected officials. I’m talking about some of — not all, but some of — the rank-and-file, madcap, insane liberals that you will find blogging, that you will find e-mailing, that you will find on the protest march. Their lives are basically meaningless. The addiction to power and dominance and control is what drives them. And the thing about an addiction is, it can never be satisfied.

There is never a day where you say, ‘All right. Ahhhh,’ because you have to feed it every day. Anything that stands in the way of the addiction requires your attention to overcome, to get around, to somehow take care of. So you say, ‘They have the car companies now, and they’ve got the House, and they’ve got the White House, and they’ve got the Senate, and they’ve got most of the statehouses — and in California they’ve got a Republican who is a liberal. They’re getting gay marriage. They’re getting it all and they’re no happier!’ They don’t seem like they are satisfied with any of the progress. They have debauched our culture. They have made perversion standard operating procedure, and they’re not happy! They’re miserable. They still want George Bush in jail. They want Karl Rove and Dick Cheney being frog-marched in handcuffs and shackles off to the hoosegow — and if they got that, it wouldn’t make them happy because then they would want it to happen to me.

CALLER: But after they destroy our country, where’s their power?

RUSH: What do addicts do? They destroy themselves.

CALLER: (nervous laughter) I don’t know.

RUSH: They do. They destroy themselves, and they destroy the things that are most important to them.


RUSH: Did you see the Lord of the Rings movies?

CALLER: No, I did not.

RUSH: That’s a shame. ‘Cause I can give you a pretty good analogy. I don’t remember who. It was the character we never saw that was desperate to get the rings back, Zauron, Sauron, whatever his name was. No matter. He had an army, and they would do anything to get those rings back. We never saw the guy. He had power, fear, and everybody was scared to death. The guy was miserable. He couldn’t get the rings back. He had everything in the world but couldn’t get the rings back, and everybody who put the ring on became addicted to it, and it ruined their lives, too.

CALLER: Well, they’re doing a good job., I’ll tell you that.

RUSH: So we’re trying to understand irrational people as we come at it from rationality. You and I will say, ‘They’ve got more than they asked for. They’ve got more than most people could dream of, and they’re still not happy.’ Look at Hollywood people. Look at the successful Hollywood people. They have wealth and fame, the things that most people that don’t have it think they would love to have. And you watch them run around and they look miserable, and they’re angry when they do public appearances, and they get mad at the press. They get mad at the paparazzi. They throw all kinds of tantrums and so forth, and they go huddle up with people like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. What they’re envious of is the power, the total power that Castro has. It’s not that they think Castro is a great. He’s got total power! He rules with an iron fist, and the same thing with Chavez. There are more explanations to it than this. This is not just the sole explanation, but this is why, since they can’t be happy, they will never peacefully co-exist with their opposition. They have to be defeated.

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