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RUSH: Let’s go back to this program, an audio sound bite of me November 12th of last year.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It isn’t going to be along before Big Media asks for a bailout. TIME Magazine today is asking for volunteers to take a pay cut. (laughing) Isn’t that just fabulous? TIME Magazine asking for volunteers first to take a pay cut. And what happens if nobody volunteers? (laughing) Which liberal journalist will be first? (laughing) They are into sacrifice; they’ve been wanting us to sacrifice for the longest time. We’ll keep a sharp eye on this.

RUSH: I predicted there would be Big Media bailouts. State of Washington, the governor there — how do you pronounce her name, is it Christine Gregoire? Gregoire? Gregoire? Folks, my pronunciations are horrible because I don’t listen to anything, and I never hear these names pronounced, so I’m not purposely trying to mispronounce people’s names. The governor out there in the state of Washington has approved a tax break for the state’s troubled newspaper industry. The new law gives newspaper printers and publishers a 40% cut in the state’s main business tax. The discounted rate mirrors breaks given in years past to the Boeing company and the timber industry. Newspapers across the country, as you know, have resorted to layoffs and other cost-cutting. The point is, the point is I know that this governor, regardless how her name is pronounced, is a left-wing radical Democrat, there’s no question about that, and she is admitting that taxes are part of the problem. She is admitting that cutting taxes will help businesses stay in business. Cutting taxes will help businesses not lay off people. In this case, she appears to only care that newspaper reporters not be laid off and that newspapers not be closed.

But you have to watch these people. When they want to save a business, they know what they have to do. They have to cut taxes and they have to make it more affordable and economical for these businesses to operate.

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