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RUSH: Tina in Chicago, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’m glad to talk to you again today. I’m from Chicago, Barack Obama land, and what I’m thinking is maybe we should add toll roads all over the United States. We can charge a bunch of for it because we do that here in Chicago, and we can pay for all the accident-related health care, all the uninsured people — you know, anyone that’s involved in an accident, and those types of things. Because, you know, we’re doing it here in Chicago, and it’s a big expense.

RUSH: Yeah, but is Chicago solvent? Is Illinois solvent?

CALLER: I don’t know, but, you know what? We’re voting with our feet.

RUSH: Are you…? Wait, are you serious or are you trying to make a joke?

CALLER: My husband and I are voting this month. We’re voting with our feet. And, Rush, we’re leaving the state of Chicago, just like you did in New York. And we specifically decided to leave because people like Obama.

RUSH: Where you going? Are you leaving the ‘state of Chicago,’ are you going to go to the state of Illinois?

CALLER: I’m sorry. The state of Illinois. We’re leaving Chicago. It feels like… Yeah, it feels like a whole different world here.

RUSH: Where you gonna go?

CALLER: We are going to go to Arizona, and our taxes are going to be about a sixth of what we pay here out in Arizona, and we’re gonna make the same amount of money.

RUSH: That’s why we’re talking about this. These liberals are not just driving people out of cities; they’re driving out of states, and we’re talking about this last week. Who’s left when people like Tina and her husband go? Who’s left? They become solid blue cities and states. The welfare state, that’s who stays. The people paying for the welfare state eventually say, ‘Screw it. You go to hell! I’m not paying any more,’ and you seek somewhere else like you’re going to Arizona.

CALLER: Yeah, well, Rush, you know, my husband — I know I talked to you before but — he came from another country and when he got here they begged him to get on welfare, and he said no. And now, like you said, they’re trying to…

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

CALLER: They’re trying to take everything away!

RUSH: I know. But who is ‘they’ begged him to get on welfare?

CALLER: Well, no. When he came from another country, they — the Democrats — when he got his driver’s license and whatnot and any kind of… Well, I don’t know about driver’s license back then, but just any kind of politics, you know, they said, ‘You’re from another country. You don’t speak English. You know, you don’t have any money. You can get food stamps. You can get health care.’

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: ‘You can get welfare,’ and he said no.

RUSH: All right, so it’s Mayor Daley, Mayor Daley and his boys.

CALLER: Well, yeah, basically. I mean, just everybody.

RUSH: ‘Cause everybody knows Mayor Daley runs the state, especially since they got Blagojevich out of there. Nothing happens there without Daley knowing about it. Okay, I just… The ‘they’ is some government official somewhere. ‘Oh, you need to enroll for food stamps. Ohhhh, you need to enroll for this. You’re from a foreign country. You don’t know what to do.’ Yep. Not surprised. Well, good luck in your move, Tina. A little warning here: the Chicago and Illinois tax authorities will follow you.

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