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RUSH: I’m going to get to Chrysler. I’m going to get to Thomas Lauria. Lauria was on Fox this morning. Somebody’s leaning on him. He won’t confirm what he said yesterday. He offered no comment, but he did in a roundabout day end up confirming it later in the interview with Megyn Kelly. And we find out that Obama’s whole plan to give the union 55% of Chrysler is unconstitutional. It’s in the Fifth Amendment. It is unconstitutional. You can’t take something without proper compensation, and proper compensation’s not 30 cents on the dollar. There’s a golden opportunity to blow up this sky-high. The United Auto Workers Union said, ‘Weeeell, we don’t even want the company.’

Have you heard this? The United Auto Workers said, ‘No, we don’t even want the company.’ They have no intention of keeping their 55% stake in the new Chrysler. They’re going to sell those shares in order to pay for a trust, to fund a trust that will take over their health care costs next year! It is so obvious what happened here. ‘Return the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners.’ This was Obama once again jamming Wall Street, jamming the private sector, jamming investors and saying, ‘You guys take it on the chin! You’ve had a free ride for way too long in this country. People that supported me and gave me money, they’re going to get paid back,’ and so 55% of this company, 55% of Chrysler is going to go to fund their health care trust.

Pure payback. Now, stop and think of the ramifications of that. We’ve all known that politicians pay people back. But this goes far beyond anything that we have recent experience with.


RUSH: I want to go to Thomas Lauria, who is a lawyer for the hedge fund. I’m having a mental block on the name of this group. But this is the one Obama publicly crucified last Friday, Thursday, whatever it was, whenever he announced the Chrysler bailout. And Thomas Lauria last Friday afternoon said that he was told by the White House that if his client did not go along with the bailout, that White House would sic the White House press corps on his client and destroy their reputation. So Thomas Lauria, the Chrysler creditors’ lawyer — a big Democrat contributor, big Democrat voter — appeared with Megyn Kelly today on Fox News Channel. She said, ‘Let me cut to the chase here. I know that the White House has denied it. Do you stand by your initial statement that the White House threatened your clients if they did not go along with the White House deal? Were they pressured by the White House?’

LAURIA: The pressure has been, uh, I guess, indirect. Uh, they all felt like they were kind of, uh, called out by President Obama when he made his announcement in the bankruptcy last Thursday, specifically referring to as the, uh, ‘speculators.’

RUSH: Megyn Kelly said, ‘Now, you remember President Obama saying, ‘I do not stand with them.’ Were you warned this was going to happen unless you went along?’

LAURIA: Totally surprised. I mean, I — I — I’ve been, you know, in this practice area for almost 23 years, and, uh, you know, every time you think that you’ve seen everything, you see something new. And, uh, I can tell you for sure that I have never, uhhh, been representing creditors or any stakeholder in a bankruptcy case or restructuring and, uh, been called out directly by the president of the United States.

RUSH: Next question: ‘Are you worried about death threats?’ By the way, this hedge fund, whatever the name — yeah, Perella Weinberg Partners — they are getting death threats now. Perella Weinberg Partners getting death threats. It’s probably ACORN people, just like they were harassing the AIG people. I’m sure it’s coordinated. Obama has the network in place to do this. And so Megyn Kelly says, ‘Are you worried about death threats? Do you think that they have a handle here on the consequences of their remarks at the White House?’

LAURIA: I hope they do. You know, we’ve — we’ve tried to communicate that. We’ve told the bankruptcy court, we’re — we’re required, under the bankruptcy law, to make a disclosure of who our clients are, and we’re going to be asking that we be able to file that disclosure under seal, laying out the, uh, issues and threats that some of my, uh, clients have been confronted with.

KELLY: Okay, let me ask you one more because I know you’re in a position where you don’t want to contradict your client but I want to ask you this. The White House has now come out and essentially called you a liar, because you earlier said that they made direct threats against one of your clients and they have said, and I quote that, that is ‘completely untrue.’

LAURIA: I really don’t want to comment but I’m sure that if people keep pressing, the truth is going to come out.

RUSH: Now, that’s how the interview started. She asked him, ‘Do you want to confirm this?’ He said, ‘I’m not. I’m not commenting on it anymore. I’m not commenting on it anymore.’ One of two things happened. Apparently his firm, his law firm told him to back off for supposed ethical reasons. Others have said the clients have asked him to back off because they were getting death threats, but there at the end of his statement he says, ‘I’ll tell you if people keep pressing, the truth will come out.’ If you don’t let this go, if you keep after me, I’m going to have no choice: the truth will come out here. So what he’s saying, he’s sending his own message. He’s saying, ‘Don’t mess with me. I’ll go back on the record again, no matter what the consequences.’ I heard him say that the White House press reports were BS, that there were negotiations going into the middle of the night. There weren’t. He was sitting by his phone after having made a commercially reasonable offer.

He got no phone call. There weren’t negotiations. This was Obama pushing a button. This was Obama forcing the deal on these people. The White House favored one group of pension fund holders (the unions) over another, they demonized the creditor merely for making an offer. That’s when Obama stood up and said, ‘These people wouldn’t sacrifice! They stood in the way. They weren’t sacrificing like everybody else.’ Well, the union was not sacrificing. Union had 55% of the deal. We’re looking here at a thugocracy in the White House. This is not the first time. They came after me; they’ve gone after other people by name. They’ve gone after this lawyer now, Thomas Lauria. They’ve gone after the AIG people, and encouraged their minions to go protest at their homes. We’ve literally got a thugocracy that is operating out of the White House.

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