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RUSH: Mitchell, 18 years old, Traverse City, Michigan. Hello, and welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, how are you doing?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: I was just calling to talk to you. I’m a senior in high school and today I was on the Internet reading Fox News, and my teacher came up behind me and found out I was reading Fox News and yelled at me in front of the whole class and said I was not allowed to read Fox News in class, that I’m only allowed to read BBC and stuff of that nature.

RUSH: Wait a second. I want to get a picture here. You’ve got your computer on in class. You’re legally allowed to have the computer on in class?

CALLER: Yes. There’s a whole bunch of computers in the classroom. It’s a computer classroom and I’m sitting there, and he comes up behind me and I’m reading Fox News.

RUSH: What is the class? Is it computer science? What is the class?

CALLER: It’s a video production class, and I’m already done with the video I was producing, so…

RUSH: So you’re reading Fox News, the teacher comes up and spots that, says, ‘You can’t read that!’ in front of the whole class?

CALLER: In front of the whole class. And then he proceeded to give me a ten-minute lecture on why I can’t read Fox News.

RUSH: Summarize it in 30 seconds.

CALLER: Something like they actually know that they have, you know, conservative views they’re trying to push on me and all these different things that there are speaking points that they tell their reporters to report on to get me to believe certain ways and that I can only listen to BBC and other news venues.

RUSH: Did your teacher say anything about me?

CALLER: No, but I pulled up the Rush Limbaugh page directly after that, just to tick him off some more, but he walked away because he was so mad at me before I could show him.

RUSH: Well, you must try. That’s great. Now, this is fabulous. That’s guts! That’s courage! Tell him he can’t listen to Fox, pulls up my website. Do it again with the teacher behind you. Be defiant there. Because we lie. We lie. We’re ‘spreading propaganda.’ It’s scary. It is really scary to find out just how ignorant and stupid so many American teachers in this country are. They’re just activists. They’re nothing more than activists. They’re not teachers at all.

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