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Rush’s Morning Update: Disabused
May 1, 2009

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Near the end of his 100-day press conference, President Obama said: “I want to disabuse people of this notion that somehow we enjoy, you know, meddling in the private sector.” He then said he’s amused to hear critics say: “Obama wants to grow government.”
My friends, what aspect of the private sector is not being occupied by the government right now?The housing crisis was created by Democrats demanding financial houses lend money to unqualified buyers. The explosion in health costs originated from government policies designed to make health care “affordable”, and their “fix” is now to socialize it.The costs of cable TV service exploded after government meddling intended to control prices. Government has meddled in the telecom industry well beyond the forced breakup of AT&T. The auto industry has been occupied, now,from CAFE standards to ethanol mandates to the unions now owning Chrysler.
Democrats are pushing cap-and-trade ideas that will make energy more expensive. The entire energy sector(drilling for oil and gas) is subject to government meddling. Your light bulbs are now subject to government meddling –as is your lawnmower, off-road bikes, and your internet browser. There is meddling in practically everything the private sector produces, from your clothing to your coffin!(Even trans fat in your food!)
Meddling in the private sector is at the heart of liberalism, folks. All liberals enjoy meddling in your life and the private sector.They view it as their mandate, and their mission. Disabuse yourself of any other notion. Your freedom? Not yours anymore.

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