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RUSH: Now, I want to give you an analogy here to what’s happened. I gave you one analogy yesterday that you get married and you know within a month that you’ve made a mistake, but you don’t dare start thinking divorce — and you wouldn’t dare tell anybody that. ‘Oh, my gosh, I goofed up here. Ah, I can’t do this.’ So you stick it out. Well, that’s where a lot of Obama voters now are.

‘I can’t believe it,’ but they’re not ever going to admit that they think they made a mistake. Here’s another analogy along the same lines although it does not — well, it does involve marriage, but think of it this way. Any of you guys, any of you men who have ever been seduced by a gold digger — any of you who have ever been seduced and married a gold digger — you know exactly what is going on right now. These are the guys who fall for… They’re usually older; they don’t have to be. They all have money. They fall for these beautiful young, sexy women who they think are ditzes. You know, they think that they’re not old enough to have a lot of brains yet. They married ’em, and it wasn’t long before they got the divorce papers.

They lost half of their net worth. You who have been victimized by that scenario, you understand what’s going on — and we can sympathize, because we are being played as similar suckers. We essentially are going for our sugar daddy; somebody we think is going to pay the mortgage, is going to fix our house, is going to get our job back, is gonna make the rest of the world love us, who’s going to find us a job. We got a sugar daddy. We have a guy out there, and we are the gold diggers. The difference is that we’re not ready for the divorce just yet. Because, after all, Barack Obama loves us! What could go wrong? We’ve been seduced and people are confusing that with love. I mean, men who have been seduced by gold diggers have seen all this before. She gets the divorce; she gets half the money — after spending thorough half on herself before she gets the other half.

Close friends, close friends of the guy knew exactly what was happening. They knew about it before it happened. They didn’t have the guts — some of them did warn but they didn’t want to get too close ’cause they knew that they would be rejected. They were shut out because the guy getting victimized by the gold digger, why, this is the best thing! He’s never been happier; this is the best thing that ever happened to him. His heart was pounding, their hearts are pounding, and he wouldn’t want to hear the bad news. He didn’t want to hear that somebody was using him. They had finally hit the jackpot. No one was going to spoil the moment. The only problem is that all these guys ended up marrying the gold diggers, they are and were the marks.

They were a mark in a con game. They were the jackpot that paid out. They got an expensive phony love affair without the love. It was fake love. Now, President Obama’s politics are anti-individual. They are pro-collectivism. He is occupying our private sector. We have a federal government occupation of our private sector going on right now. Because he’s anti-individual, it makes it impossible for him to have any feeling for any voter beyond using voters to advance and achieve his objectives. He will pretend to love us as long as he gets what he wants, and he’s told us what he wants. He wants to ‘remake America.’ When I heard that he said that last night, hello blood boiling.

Remake America? Into what? America does not get remade by presidents. The only way to remake America is to legally amend the Constitution of the United States. He doesn’t get to ‘remake America.’

That’s why there are checks and balances. That’s why the oath of office promises loyalty, fealty, defense, and protection of the US Constitution. When you take the oath of office, you’re not swearing to change it. You’re not swearing to mark it up. You’re not promising — nor are you given an opportunity — to remake it. You know, at the Milken forum on Tuesday night, Willie Brown, one of my debate opponents, said, ‘Barack Obama knows we have to resurrect America.’ Resurrect America? From what? We have to ‘remake America’? From what? What’s so bad? What’s so wrong about that? No, seriously. I want people to answer this for me. This goes beyond just bitching and moaning about the past eight years. What’s wrong with America? Why do we have to remake it? What are the flaws? If you don’t like the last eight years, fine. We get a new president. That’s as far as it goes. But the new president doesn’t get to take those last eight years that most people didn’t like and say, ‘That means America is a failure. That means America is immoral and unjust and we’re gonna remake it.’ What needs to be remade? What needs to be torn down and rebuilt? The last eight years being horrible, it was a myth anyway. It was a media made myth, Democrat Party-made myth. That ‘press conference’ last night was embarrassing. There was not a single question asked about the shrinking GDP. There was not a single question asked about the massive increases in debt. There was not a single question asked about the outrageous budget that was just passed by Congress. There was not a single question asked about the national health care plans Obama has.

And aside from the irresponsible performance of the press — which is what happens with the feminization of the culture (I mean, ‘What’s been most enchanting about the presidency?) — this little doodad last night and the lack of questions; this underscored for me how wide open an opportunity exists for an articulate, attractive conservative candidate to take Obama in the liberal media apart and win the White House. I think Obama is extremely vulnerable to conservative attack. Fifty-five million Americans did not vote for the federal government to occupy the American private sector. And, remember, the public hates the media more than they hated Bush. The public hates the media more than they hate Congress, and for good reason. Last night was a great example. The media’s not all that supported. They are radical. His policies are radical. His policies will not work. I never thought I’d say it: I long for the good old days of Sam Donaldson.

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