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RUSH: Here’s Gloria in Bonita, California. It’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I am absolutely delighted to get my call through today.

RUSH: So am I. Thank you very much.

CALLER: And it really makes me very angry when I hear the comics on television, et cetera, put you down because I think you’re great. And Mark Levin is my mentor. So I could easily get back as one of those guys if I had a chance, and I want to say: taking that jet aircraft for a joyride demonstrates the contempt Obama and his appointees have for America and the American citizens. And I want to say thank you for letting me express my opinion.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I’m glad you called, Gloria. It’s always great to have somebody here like you. Here, this is the story I’ve been looking for. This is just unbelievable about this. And where is this from? This is from ABC News: ‘911 calls just released by a New Jersey emergency office communicate chilling on-the-ground scenes of the panic and terror that besieged many eyewitnesses of yesterday’s botched Air Force One promotional photo-op over Lower Manhattan. ‘Oh my god,’ one caller says again and again, later telling the operator, ‘They are following an aircraft, a big aircraft coming like the 9-11.’ Also … the Air Force released an estimate of the cost…’ It’s $300,000 and basically $29,000 for this.

That $329,000 does not include all of the dry cleaning that’s needed to be done in New York today from people wetting their pants in their office buildings. And then you go later in the story, and you find out the FBI director had no clue, and the secretary of defense had no idea it was happening, and they’re both furious, and Obama didn’t know it was happening, and Obama has called and demanded for a review that will take two weeks. They’re dumping on this Caldera guy. He’s part of the White House staff! There are so many logical questions about this. The Drive-By Media isn’t asking any of them. You can say that it’s contempt for the people of New York. I would say also, you know, Obama said he’s going to go through the budget line by line and he’s gonna get rid — of course that’s a lie because he doesn’t have a line-item veto. He can’t do what he promises to do here.

He cannot go through the budget line by line and get rid of what he thinks is waste and fraud. He just can’t do it. He doesn’t have the power. But he isn’t going to do it anyway. He’s just saying it. And while he says he’s gonna cut the deficit and cut back and save money with health care costs, here’s 329 grand for the photo-op for Air Force One. And the defense department didn’t know about it and the FBI didn’t know about it and the mayor of New York wasn’t told about it? They couldn’t do this on a Sunday morning when the sun’s coming up? How about a Sunday morning with the sun coming up right over the Statue of Liberty? What a great photo-op that would have been. They couldn’t do it? They had to do it at the beginning of the business day on a Monday? Folks, you know what it also did? Look at who didn’t know about it. The Department of Defense didn’t know about it. The FAA did. Air traffic control had to know about it, but it demonstrated… (snorts) I hate to say it. If you want to fly a plane at a thousand feet over Manhattan, I you can find a way to get away with it.


RUSH: Here’s Don in Lorenz, South Carolina. Am I pronouncing that right, it’s Lorenz, or Lorenz.

CALLER: Lorenz.

RUSH: Great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure to speak with you Rush —

RUSH: I can imagine.

CALLER: — 24/7 dittos.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I got to thinking about this with the Scare Force One incident.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Obama is trying to delegate responsibility, which you can’t do, something I learned when I was in the Navy. You can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility. And as long as he gets away with doing that, nothing’s ever going to stick to him.

RUSH: I understand what you mean by delegating responsibility and I like your choice of words. That’s a very clever way of putting it. I prefer pass the buck.

CALLER: Yeah, same thing.

RUSH: Because I think it has more impact. He’s passing the buck. It’s ridiculous. He’s the only guy that can order Air Force One — he’s not the only guy, but, look, I’ve been through this a bunch of times, I don’t want to be redundant, but he has to know what that airplane is doing because he has to be told he can’t fly it that day.

CALLER: Even if he doesn’t, the thing is, he’s responsible. It’s somebody in his cabinet, his administration —

RUSH: It’s the White House staff, the office of military planning is part of the White House staff. You can’t get more ‘we.’ Like Obama said, ‘We found out about it same time you did.’ We? We is him. It’s like his idiot press secretary saying ‘call the White House’ in a press conference from the White House. You gotta call the White House to find out what happened with the airplane.

CALLER: It’s just more Barbra Streisand out of him.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s Clintonesque, and the story saying about how mad he is. Oh, he was furious yesterday. He’s triple furious today. He has ordered a review, a top-to-bottom review to find out how this happened. It’s gonna take two weeks. A two-week investigation, and then they’re gonna tell us how this happened and how it will never happen again, and the last thing we’re going to hear about this, in whatever their investigation report is, the truth. It will be the last thing we’re told about it.


RUSH: Here’s a question I want to ask you. I want you to consider this, folks. If an Obama photo-op costs $330,000, what do you think an Obama automobile is gonna cost you? What do you think an Obama flu shot is gonna cost you? I mean, if you’re bothered by the cost of that Obama photo-op flight, $329,000 plus the film costs. Remember, he went over the expenses line by line. He’s gonna save billions and trillions. He cut that to the bare minimum. So I just ask you, what is your first Obama car gonna cost you? And then when you get it fixed six months later, what’s that gonna cost?


RUSH: I just got a note from a friend, Steve Gilbert, tells me — I hope he’s not joking me — Greg Craig has been named the investigator to see how in the hell it coulda possibly happened that Air Force One flew to New York for a photo-op and buzzed Ground Zero at a thousand feet. Greg Craig! This is the guy who represented the guy from Cuba, the father of Elian Gonzalez, Greg Craig, who was one of Clinton’s impeachment lawyers. He’s in the Obama White House legal counsel office. Greg Craig. I mean this is unbelievable! (interruption) Oh, that’s right. Glad you reminded me of this, Snerdley. Cookie will dig this out. We may not be able to find it today from our archives, but back early on in the Bamster’s first few days of his administration when he was issuing all these executive orders, he was signing these executive orders and he was starting to tell people what they meant, and he got lost, and Greg Craig had to tell him what the executive order was. It wasn’t on the prompter, there was no prompter that day. But I mean this is just beyond laughable. Greg Craig to investigate how Air Force One ended up at a thousand feet over New York City in a photo-op. How stupid must they think we are? Pretty damn stupid. If I were Obama, I’d think the country is stupid. I must admit. If I’m Obama, I gotta be laughing every night at what I’m getting away with, and I gotta think the dumbest people in the country are the press corps.

Speaking of all of this and New York pig flu, Greta Van Susteren, I was watching Greta last night as we were flying home, she was discussing this photo-op that scared all the people in lower Manhattan. You saw the video of people leaving their buildings, running away, and she interviewed a lot of people, person after person interviewed describes their total abject fear as a result of this little White House stunt that nobody can explain how it happened. So it made me wonder, I’m watching this, these people in New York whose greatest fear is another plane hitting another building in Manhattan, voted overwhelmingly for a guy who does not in any way share that fear. What does it say about Obama voters and the cult that has sprung up around him? And those very same people running for their lives in abject fear are the same people who think the last eight years were an utter horrible disaster unlike this country has ever seen before. Well, I know they were told the war on terror was just a ruse. But, see, what that incident proved is they don’t really believe that. They know 9/11 happened. Didn’t take much for them to think it was happening again.

I’ll tell you, folks, the irony is that for seven-and-a-half years it didn’t happen again. Within a hundred days of the Obama administration, people in New York think it’s happening again, and 89, 90% of them voted for the guy. I’m sure they’re all saying, ‘He didn’t know, he didn’t know. That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh, he didn’t know. He’s conducting an investigation, and he will find who’s responsible, unlike George Bush, who would have covered it up.’ That’s the voice of the New Castrati, by the way, the average liberal.

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