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Rush’s Morning Update: Snowed
April 30, 2009

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Well, the Drive-By Mediawidely circulated the comments of liberal Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, following Arlen Specter’s defection to the Democrats.Snowe said that Republicans are ultimately on their way out, “having the smallest political tent in history,” and won’t become a majority party againunless they “move from the far right back towards the middle.” In other words: ditch conservatism,and run and govern like Democrats.
Nothing is further from the truth.Following Olympia Snowe would ensure Democrats remain in power for generations to come.America has been at a political crossroads of sorts for years, and it may take several more election cycles to determine which side emerges victorious.
But what conservatives stand for defines America at its best. We are a nation that rewards achievement and achievers,instead of punishing their efforts. Conservatives advance policies that motivate personal growth,not government growth. Conservatives believe in protecting innocent life, but will fight to the death terrorists who kill Americans simply for being Americans. We demand fiscal responsibility, and accountability. We want our children educated,not indoctrinated. We are proud to be a nation Under God and to uphold the values that made us the greatest nation in the world.
Now, liberalism– be it from Democratsor Republicans like Ms. Snowe –is poison to prosperity and liberty.We fight to defeat it,not join it. And, Ms. Snowe,if Republicans abandon our values,we lose. When conservatism is supported, America wins. (And I’d point out that conservatism’s not running the Republican Party right now, and last I looked, the Republican Party’s losing!)

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