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RUSH: We go to Bakersfield, California. This is Herb. Thank you for waiting, Herb. It’s your turn. Hello.

CALLER: Very good. First of all, thank you, and just a comment, maybe a question. I’ve been traveling the last few days and it seems like every paper I pick up, page 16 in Nevada, is worst death toll in Iraq in over a year, and then of course I come back home to California, and ‘Clinton Ready to Lead Climate Pact.’ So, I don’t know. Is there a newspaper in the United States that is any different?

RUSH: You mean in — in —

CALLER: Just in a liberal term.

RUSH: You mean counting Iraq deaths?

CALLER: (laughing) Every newspaper you pick up, it’s just like the main media, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Well, the reason that there are not the daily body counts from Iraq, as there were during the Bush administration is the media is not trying to secure defeat in Iraq for President Obama. There will be no bad news of any kind reported that can be directly attributed to President Obama.

Ken in Livonia, Michigan, nice to have you, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush. I thought I’d call in and give Obama his grade for his hundred days. I think he deserves a strong F minus.

RUSH: You can’t give him an F.

CALLER: Well, let me explain. I’m a baker by trade —

RUSH: Baker or banker?

CALLER: Baker.

RUSH: Baker as in Pillsbury Doughboy, baker?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I was employed before Obama, now I’m unemployed. Just so your listeners understand, the federal government is paying farmers money to grow corn for ethanol. This has caused a wheat shortage, which has caused major increase in food costs. The federal government —

RUSH: I know, you know, in addition to the swine flu in Mexico, have you seen the price of tortillas?


RUSH: It’s bad down there.

CALLER: It’s hurting them really bad. And what I wanted your listeners to understand is the federal government is destroying the food industry. They’re destroying restaurants, bakeries, doughnut shops, and while Obama talks about all these jobs that he’s going to create, he forgets to talk about the millions of jobs that he’s destroying —

RUSH: No, no. No, no, no, no, no. He’s telling us that it’s going to get worse. He does tell us it’s going to get worse before it gets better but when it gets better it’s going to be utopia. But no, he’s not being inspirational at all. He’s helping to spread this kind of fear and chaos. And his administration is predicting 10% unemployment before it gets better, 10% unemployment by the end of the year. But you can’t grade him an F. I was asked this last night on the panel in Beverly Hills that I appeared. I gave him a D, because you gotta allow room for more failure. If you give him an F now, you’re saying it can’t get any worse, and believe me, it can, and it will. So you gotta leave room for failure here.

Here’s Dan in Pennsylvania. Great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: PA is a Democratic state. It’s got Philly, Pittsburgh and retirees from New York who didn’t want to move to Philadelphia. It’s unionized in the Rust Belt, which has an influence there, and it has strong Catholic influence. But PA can be won by a pro-life Republican. Casey beat Santorum because he was pro-life so that ruled that out so the state went to the Democratic candidate. The best thing that could happen is Ginsburg could leave the Supreme Court and force pro-life Dems to take a stand.

RUSH: Best thing is Ginsburg could leave the Supreme Court —

CALLER: And force Casey and the other pro-life Dems to take a stand and then we’d see whether Casey would fall in line with the Democratic Party where they had the wherewithal to take a pro-life stand which is why the people of Pennsylvania elected him.

RUSH: Well, I think they elected him pro-life, plus he’s a Democrat. It’s a Democrat state, there’s no question. Santorum’s pro-life, too.

CALLER: That’s exactly it. PA is a Democratic state, but it will, because of its Catholic influence in the Rust Belt of Pennsylvania, it will go pro-life Republican if a pro-life candidate from the Republican side is put forward —

RUSH: I’m not quite getting it. Santorum was that, and he was elected once. He did not get reelected. Now, there may be extenuating circumstances. I agree with you, a Republican can win in Pennsylvania. It’s been done. Conservatism wins everywhere it’s boldly tried. But pro-life Catholics, I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, situation here at Notre Dame. If they’re willing to cast aside one of their principles or to give Obama, who isn’t pro-life, an honorary degree, you wonder just how hard and true that aspect of voting remains among Catholics. We’ll soon find out.

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