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RUSH: This thing in New York yesterday with the flyover, Air Force One getting some pictures, flying past the Statue of Liberty, buzzing Ground Zero at a thousand feet, did you see the videotapes? People scramming from their office buildings, running through the streets like the blob had been turned loose in their office building. Then they went and they asked Gibbs about it, (paraphrasing) ‘How am I supposed to know where Air Force One is?’ Obama was reported to be furious. Chuck Schumer, why, this is outrageous, these photo-ops, and they blamed the Bush FAA for doing all this. I’ll guarantee you, if this incident had happened with George Bush we would not know the name of the military officer who ordered this, who’s been forced to fall on the sword, this guy Caldera.

Let me tell you the truth about this. The whole Obama administration is a photo-op; but, folks — this is only common sense — Obama cannot credibly say he didn’t know that this was happening. There are two Boeing 747s that suffice as Air Force One, and every time Obama goes someplace, both of them fly. These travel schedules are worked out days, weeks in advance. It takes a major movement to get Air Force One in the air on a presidential trip. So, they had to go through the schedule, and they had to say we want to do the photo-op. Now, maybe not to Obama personally, but he had to be told at some point, ‘You can’t travel on Monday, the 27th. Are you traveling on the 27th, are we going to go anywhere on the 27th?’ It might go through Rahm Emanuel, but eventually somebody is going to go to Obama, and he’s going to say, ‘Why?’ ‘Well, that’s the day we scheduled a photo-op up there. We’re going to get new pictures of Air Force One flying by the Statue of Liberty.’ Just like our guy Victor from Boca Raton called, Obama doesn’t know, he doesn’t know any of these things are happening, he’s just totally unaware, he’s furious. I’ll guarantee you, if Bush were president when this had happened, only Bush would have made the decision, we wouldn’t have heard of this Caldera guy or anybody else in the FAA or the White House office of military planning. (interruption) Yeah, of course they wanted to keep it quiet. Their notion of security is crazy.

Now, they did tell the New York PD, and they told an assistant to Mayor Bloomberg, who forgot to tell Bloomberg, so Bloomberg, the mayor, was also furious. The cops knew and the fire department knew, but nobody else knew. And the reason they didn’t want anybody else knowing is because I guess they were afraid somebody is going to try to shoot the plane down. If they’re given advance notice it’s going to be flying that low. So it’s a security thing. But to do this at that altitude over any part of Manhattan, but particularly down there, over Ground Zero, it has to mean that you are in a 9/10 mentality. It has to mean that this is not even on your mind. It means if you’re a member of the Obama administration, that that’s a Bush problem, that happened, we weren’t here, we have nothing whatsoever to do with that. Whatever it is, it was profoundly stupid not to tell the general public about this, and, number two, it was terribly insensitive. It scared these people left and right in New York City, running out of their office buildings, running for cover.


RUSH: Here’s President Obama, this is this morning, FBI headquarters, talking about the photo op-ed with Air Force One and the Statue of Liberty. They had to update the photo file, people that manufacture airplanes and run airlines get pictures of their product over scenic areas and so forth, but you can’t go buy a ticket on Air Force One, have they never heard of Photoshop? You know, you get a picture of Air Force One, you get a picture of Statue of Liberty and you Photoshop it. Total disregard for the people on the ground in New York, President Obama said…

OBAMA: It was a mistake, as was — as was stated. It was something, uh, we found out about, uh, along with all of you, and, uh, it will not happen again.

RUSH: That’s just miraculous, just amazing. He didn’t know. He’s the only one who can fly on this airplane. Nobody can put the wheels in motion to get Air Force One off the ground, other than Barack Obama. If they’re gonna do a flight like this, he has to be told because he has to also know he can’t travel that day on that airplane. Now, if he’s just going to take a jaunt up to the Waldorf Hysteria or something, get on a 757, whatever plane he gets on is Air Force One, but to get away with, ‘I didn’t know. This will never happen again, I didn’t know.’ If George W. Bush were president and this one happened, we wouldn’t know the name of the schlub that they’re dumping all over here, that they’re claiming is responsible for this, this poor schlub had to go out there and apologize, fall on the sword. It gets even better. This is yesterday, Washington, a press conference. Chuck-U Schumer. Unidentified reporter says, ‘What’s the FAA’s reason for not warning the public?’

SCHUMER: The FAA is sort of like a sphinx. They mess up everything, and they don’t tell you why. The last head, uhhh, of the FAA was a political appointee, a hack who messed the place up to a fare thee well. We’re looking. There is not a new appointment, a new administrator yet, but we’re looking for a much, much better one. This is up to the FAA, and I put the blame on the FAA, not the NYPD.

RUSH: Oh, you put it on Bush, is what he’s doing, he’s blaming Bush, but he better coordinate this with the White House ’cause the White House is blaming somebody in their office. He was involved in that IndyMac bank out in California. Folks, coming up here — ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da — well, I don’t want to waste time finding — I shoulda put it at the top of the stack, but I didn’t. Calderon or some such thing. Caldera — Calderon is the Mexican president who’s probably got pig flu. Caldera, this guy’s been Peter Principled. In other words, he’s got no experience heading up the White House military office that he’s heading up. But this guy did it, they arranged it, the White House did this, the FAA didn’t do this. The idea not to tell anybody about it is definitely Obama administration Secret Service. Look, in one sense I can understand it. You don’t say Air Force One’s going to be flying at a thousand feet over Manhattan cause then you might lure people who get surface-to-air missiles that want to take a shot at it. But, you know, 30 minutes before it happens, warn people. Fifteen minutes before, warn people. But they didn’t even think to do it, and now Chuck-U Schumer wants to dump on the FAA about this. Here’s the mayor of New York City. He’s furious, too. He’s not as mad at these people as he is mad at the people who eat salt, but he’s still mad.

BLOOMBERG: I’m annoyed — furious is a better word — that I wasn’t told. It did have the normal language of saying that this is sensitive information, should be distributed on a need-to-know basis, that they did not plan to have any publicity about it, which I think is ridiculous and just poor judgment. Why the Defense department wanted to do a photo-op right around the site of the World Trade Center catastrophe defies imagination.

RUSH: Wanted a photo-op out at the Statue of Liberty, over Ellis Island is where they wanted to do the photo-op. But because of, you know, flight pattern, they were at a thousand or 1500 feet. Again, he’s mad there. He’s not as mad as he gets at people who eat salt, but he’s still mad there. Now, he’s Janet Napolitano — or is it Reno? The Janet Reno of this administration, she was on the Today Show today, and the question, ‘How would you explain how the government could have sanctioned a low-flying plane over lower Manhattan, which of course still has the memory of 9/11?’

NAPOLITANO: My understanding is the FAA sanctioned that, but I share that concern. I don’t know how that happened and we want to get to the bottom of that. You know, mistakes were made. Mistakes shouldn’t be repeated.

REPORTER: Are you embarrassed that the government made this mistake, did not realize the panic this would cause in lower Manhattan?

NAPOLITANO: Well, I don’t think it was the right thing to do, and it certainly wasn’t intended as such, but again we’re looking into that right now, what exactly happened here.

RUSH: Nobody knows how it happened? This is Air Force One. There is the Secret Service. There is every defense agency, the Department of Defense, the FBI, everybody knows about this. The FAA has to know. Guess who else has to know about this? Air traffic control in New York. If you’re going to have a 747 flying the route that thing flew yesterday, you’re going to have to tell other aircraft, you’re going to have to reroute them on their arrival and departures out of LaGuardia and Newark and JFK and Teterboro, which is where the private jets go out of. A lot of people knew, and even after it’s up there, okay, it’s up there for ten minutes, there’s a panic, announce it. But what’s just hilarious, Obama didn’t know, Napolitano didn’t know. She’s Homeland Security. Do you think the Department of Homeland Security didn’t know? Do I know where my airplane is all the time? Damn straight I do. What kind of question is that? (interruption) Yeah, but his two fly at the same time.

His airplane is like mine. If I’m not on mine, it doesn’t fly, unless I specifically send it somewhere, taking somebody or picking somebody up. Even last Friday, when I was burning fuel to celebrate Earth Day, I sent it out to LA to pick up some friends. I get hourly reports where that airplane is. I know where it is. There’s a lot of people in this administration that had to know what was going on. The idea that they don’t is preposterous. And dumping this on the FAA because a Bush hack, as Schumer says it, ran the place? Here’s Gibbs, this is the best one. This is yesterday at the White House, Gibbs doing the press briefing and he had an exchange here with Chuck Todd of NBC and Bill Plante, CBS. Chuck Todd said, ‘Do you guys feel you owe folks in New York City this morning an apology for this incident having to do with the airplane that looks like Air Force One, with two fighter jets? There seemed to be a lot of panic.’

GIBBS: I would contact the White House. I — I — I’d

PLANTE: The White House military —

RUSH: Hold it a second. Stop the tape and recue it. You are the White House! (laughing) The press secretary at the briefing room in the White House, which is in the West Wing, is telling the press to contact the White House.

GIBBS: I would contact the White House. I — I — I’d —

PLANTE: The White House military office won’t tell us anything. They’ll refer us to you.

GIBBS: Then let me go discuss with the White House military — I don’t — I have seen some news reports, but I don’t know. That’s — I have no information on this, what I saw —

TODD: The way this works, I’m just saying, appearance-wise, it’s odd that you guys don’t have a response. I mean this is the president’s aircraft or what looks like the president’s —

GIBBS: I — I — I was working on other things. I — I — you might be surprised to know I don’t know every movement of Air Force One or what happens to it, but I will certainly talk to the military office.

RUSH: You certainly as hell know the days you’re not going to be on it, and you know the days you are. Boy, I’ll tell you this is buck passing like I have rarely ever seen it. I mean, folks, this plane doesn’t go anywhere. These two 747s do not go anywhere without Barack Obama knowing about it or being on it because when they’re gone, he can’t take one, he cannot use one. He’s got to know it’s not available. I’m surprised Gibbs didn’t say, ‘Well, we’re looking into this now. We think that right-wing extremists who are returning from the war have taken the airplane up, we’ll let you know.’


RUSH: It’s really hard to believe Obama here, saying, ‘We found out about the plane flying up in New York the same time you did.’ We did? The White House military office director is Louis Caldera. That’s the guy’s name. He is ‘we.’ He is White House staff! His office is in the White House, and the White House Military Office is a fairly high-ranking office in the White House staff. He is part of Obama’s ‘we.’ He’s the guy that planned it. He’s the guy that set it up, but he can’t do it on his own. He’s got to get clearance from all kinds of people to take that airplane up there. You don’t just call Andrews Air Force Base and say, ‘Hi. I’m Caldera, White House military. Get that plane up there about ten o’clock on Monday morning for photo-ops. Make a couple passes at a thousand, 1500 feet. It’s going to have an F-16 with you and get your ass back down here.’ It doesn’t work that way. You know what it’s like in the bureaucracy moving something that big? There’s Obama saying ‘We found out about it when you did’? This guy, Caldera, is part of Obama’s WE — with a capital ‘W’ and a capital ‘E.’ I mean, my God, if Obama is going to can Rick Wagoner for botching GM, Obama ought to fire himself, or at least Caldera. (chuckles) It’s just beyond the realm of believability.


RUSH: One more Bob Gibbs sound bite, then back to the phones. We’ve decided to put together a montage here of the press secretary. This is how he was sold to us when this administration was immaculated. He’s the smartest, the brightest! I mean, this guy, he’s the most eloquent ever. This is the best press secretary anybody has ever had. This is a montage of Robert Gibbs answering reporters’ questions.

GIBBS: I — I don’t know, umm, how many briefings he ended up getting. Umm, um, I will double-check on those. I — I — I’d volunteer to go look at the information. I don’t know. I have no information on this — I — I — don’t know — I — I — I’d go back and check my notes. I’ve got no information on that. I have not, uh — I have not talked to anybody on that. I will check on it. Let me check. Let me check. I said five minutes ago that I will try to find out. I haven’t forgotten. I will certainly check. Again I will check individually on your question. I will ask while I check on the other question. I — Guys, I — my ears work fine. I will check on the questions, all right? And I can — I can check. I — I don’t know, uh — I have not seen — I will check. I — I honestly don’t know.

RUSH: They’re going to check with the White House. I gotta check on the White House, find out why Air Force One was up there.

All right, Steve in Coalville, Utah, you’re up next on the phones. It’s great to have you here. Thank you for waiting, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Well, Rush, you’re accuracy is rate is going up again. I’m a former Secret Service officer and without going into specifics, the idea that Obama didn’t know about this plane being up is just laughable. Obviously, if one of the planes can be used and designated as Air Force One is unavailable, there are all sorts of contingency plans in place for if the president needed to be evacuated from DC — dirty bomb, biological weapons, nuclear attacks, everything. There’s contingency plans for each and every possibility that can arise, and if one of the planes is unavailable, to think that there is no plan and that there was no knowledge that that was unavailable is incredible. Absolutely incredible.

RUSH: Well, it’s not believable. It’s not possible. You’re Secret Service. I didn’t know you guys are allowed to talk after service. I guess that’s why you cannot give specifics?

CALLER: I will not go into specific contingency plans but just that there are plans, obviously, in place.

RUSH: It makes total sense. It makes total sense. The President of the United States is the most at-risk individual in the world and he’s the most open. His airplane’s going to be flying up to the Statue of Liberty up in New York for whatever length of time it’s going to be out of service. People have to have contingency plans, as you say, on a daily basis to evacuate him in case there’s any kind of an attack. Meaning he has to be aware, he has to be told this.

CALLER: Absolutely. There are so many plans from different locations, obviously when he goes out to speak — and Obama travels quite a bit, as we’ve all seen — plans for these specific locations. You know, closest hospital, blood typing, blood matching, emergency evacuation plan. If the weather’s bad, how it’s going to be… I mean, it never ends. The planning never ends, and to say, ‘Hey, we are caught off guard. We didn’t know that one of the two planes that we typically use is unavailable’? I mean, come on.

RUSH: It wasn’t even that.

CALLER: Unbelievable.

RUSH: He said, ‘We found out when you did.’

CALLER: Correct, which is —

RUSH: But the White House —

CALLER: — obviously —

RUSH: Military office guy, Louis Caldera, is ‘we,’ I mean Louis Caldera is in the White House. The White House military office is part of Obama’s staff.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate it, Steve. I’m glad that you have called and backed me up on this, because it makes total sense. But here’s the thing about this. How is it…? I ask this question, ladies and gentlemen: How is it that Barack Obama’s own staff — in this case, the White House military office — is not part of the ‘we’ in the administration, but when Navy SEALs rescue a captain thousands of miles away, Obama is the main member of the ‘we’ that carries out the rescue? ‘We ordered this and we had standing orders! We did this 3,000 miles away. We knew it was going on,’ whatever it was. ‘Well, found out about this same time you did. We’re, you know, sitting there watching the news. We see it and say, ‘My God, there’s my airplane flying around up in the Statue of Liberty!’ I didn’t know anything about it. I’m going to get to the bottom of it.’ It’s just a daily insult to everybody’s intelligence.


RUSH: This is Mike in Baltimore. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: Mega, mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’ve got a quick comment. I’m just curious because I lived in Manhattan during 9/11. And I remember the panic. But for that plane to be flying over just recent, and for there to be a big panic, I’m curious as to why? I mean the Democrats for the longest time were telling us that Bush and Cheney were using terrorism as a tool to get elected, and the Republicans were using that as a tool to get elected because terrorism is — you know, please! Don’t use that to get elected. Well, a plane flies low, and, man, do the memories come back vividly. Maybe it’s not a ploy. Maybe it still exists that there is a threat in the minds of the people of America.

RUSH: Well, I think that’s exactly right. That’s an excellent point, by the way, particularly when talking about people in Manhattan and down near Ground Zero.

CALLER: Oh, my God!

RUSH: Do you realize that people were even fleeing out of the Goldman Sachs building?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: The Goldman Sachs building is down there, a lot of financial buildings are, a lot of financial orifices. Look at the video. People were running for their lives down there, and, yeah, then try to tell me, ‘Oh, terrorism was just something Bush used as a tool.’

CALLER: As a tool.

RUSH: ‘Terrorism isn’t really real.’

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. It brings it right back home, right to the people who actually feared for their lives for a minute.

RUSH: All right. Look, I’m sorry, folks, but I have to ask this question. Thanks for the call out there, Mike. I have to ask this question, because I’m not an idiot. You send a Boeing 747, which is Air Force One — and either one or two, I’m not sure; I only saw pictures of one, but there might have been two F-16s, the escort jets. Presumably that’s where the pictures were being taken, you know, the Air Force jet getting the view of Air Force One right in front of the Statue of Liberty and so forth. But you don’t need to do that to get a picture of Air Force One near the Statue of Liberty. And furthermore, do they not have a picture of this 747 near the Statue of Liberty? They’ve probably got pictures of this Air Force One in Grand Canyon, you know, flying underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

Well, not underneath, but, you know, they probably got… Why do you need ’em? (interruption) Now, wait a second. No, no. Stick with me on this, Snerdley. It had nothing to do with being Obama’s plane. It’s not as though you have to have publicity shots for Air Force One in order to sell tickets for people to ride it, because no matter what people do, they cannot get on Air Force One. So what does it really matter? Where is this PR photo going to be used? And to what purpose? You could do the same thing with Photoshop. You really could. You can accomplish the same thing with Photoshop. Now, you stop and think of this. We’re all sitting here, and except for the people in lower Manhattan, people are laughing about this.

But you stop and think for a minute: Do you really believe that everybody involved had no idea that this would cause a panic? Do you really believe that everybody involved thought, ‘Big deal. We’re going to go up there and get a photo-op in front of the statue. Nobody needs to know.’ Do we really believe that there’s not one person in the chain of command that caused this event yesterday that didn’t realize that a Boeing 747 at a thousand feet over Ground Zero was just going to be looked up at, ‘Oh, man, Mabel, look at that! Why, it’s a little off course. I wonder what the president’s doing?’ Is that really the reaction people are just going to have? There’s more to this than we know. I have no idea what. I’m just telling you the excuses that are coming out of this…

For Obama to say, ‘We found out when you did,’ and dumping it on this Caldera guy, the White House military office; dumping it at the FAA; the mayor of New York not being told about it but his second or third in command was — and he didn’t pass it on to the mayor. The NYPD knew. None of this, none of the explanations for what took place yesterday make any sense to me, including the need for a photo-op. Now, as I said earlier: I understand, if you are going to do this, that you don’t publicize it way in advance, because the plane is going to be flying low and thus is a target. But you don’t have to wait until 45 minutes after all this hubbub has been created to explain what’s going on. You could do it five minutes after the process starts. But they didn’t. This panic, the idea that this was not going to happen, that nobody figured something like this panic would result, is something I don’t buy.

So there is really very little of this that makes common sense. There’s just too much we don’t know. I know, the carbon footprint and the money being wasted and all that. Sure. It’s an extravagance and so forth, but, you know, beyond all that, there are just some aspects to this that literally make no sense. And you had the Secret Service guy call. Folks, trust me on this: the number of people who have to know when Air Force One’s going to be launched is a lot. You do not do this in secret for something else. Now, if you’re going to take Air Force One to Baghdad on Thanksgiving with Bush, yeah, they can do something. But even that had to be planned in the greatest, greatest detail. And everybody involved in it knew what had to happen — and if there was one break in the link, if the word got out, they were not going to go, ’cause the plane would become a target.


RUSH: Quick question here, folks. If President Obama can send his airplane up to circle the Statue of Liberty where you burn a lot of fuel at a thousand feet for photo-ops, can CEOs start flying their jets again?


RUSH: I have just been ripped to shreds, I’ve just been told what-for complete with pointing finger that none of this is funny; that the Air Force One fly-by of the Statue of Liberty and the autoworkers unions owning the automobile companies, is not funny. I have been warning that this was going to happen, there is nothing we can do to stop it out there. I’m sorry, Robert Gibbs is hilarious. Obama not knowing faster than anybody else, that we all saw on TV, that the plane was flying near the Statue of Liberty. The way the Drive-Bys are acting, it is a joke. It’s a bad… It’s a sitcom. It is a sitcom, but Dawn, what are we supposed to do about it? I mean, General Motors is caving. General Motors has bent over and grabbed the ankles. Chrysler has bent over and grabbed the ankles it appears.

What were where are supposed to do here? Everybody is scared of Obama! Everybody is scared of the government. Everybody is asking, ‘Rush, what…? Okay, you can’t understand what. They didn’t have to take the plane up there, they could have Photoshopped it. What do you think is going on?’ I don’t know what they’re doing. I have no idea. But I wouldn’t be surprised if what they were doing was collecting footage, B-roll for the next Obama for President campaign. He may be paying for it out of the campaign that they do, legally. He would have to pay for it out of the campaign funds, but, for crying out loud, that’s just a phone call to George Soros. That’s no big deal. Have the money for it. I’ll guarantee you, something like that is what they were doing. They’re up there and it’s for Obama.

You know, maybe they’re surveying the Statue of Liberty from Air Force One, replacing that statue with one of Obama in 2013, who knows? I don’t know, folks. I’m just telling you: none of it computes. None of the official explanations compute.


RUSH: Edwin, Atlanta, you’re next, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey Rush, good afternoon. Hey, what hit me watching the newsreels for the flight over New York yesterday with the back up, I want to call it back up Air Force One, I realize the true definition is Air Force One, but the current administration seems like they’ll do anything that they want because they are the administration, versus the previous administration, which to me over eight years, they always came across as public servants. And so it’s almost like we are from the higher so we’re going to do whatever we want to do, and the idea that the executive branch has no clue what’s going on with their back-up jet, from my limited experience is very far from the truth. They knew exactly what was going. It’s outrageous they would put those people in a situation like that in New York. That’s all I wanted to say.

RUSH: Well, there’s any number of ways to explain that. Arrogance, they don’t care; they didn’t think it would be a problem; they had security concerns that were greater, that outweighed letting the people in New York know what was going to happen. But, you’re right. I’ve been saying this the whole program. They’re dumping on the guy, Caldera, that runs the White House military office, the White House military office. The White House military office is a very high member of the White House staff, and Obama’s out there saying, (paraphrasing) ‘We found out about it the same time you did. We didn’t know what our staff was doing. We didn’t know.’ It’s just unbelievable. But this, folks, get used to it, because this is a minor incident. You wait ’til all these stimulus plans wreck things, start falling apart. ‘Obama didn’t know this would happen. Obama didn’t know that people would do that. Obama didn’t know!’ That’s what we’re going to be up against for quite a while.

Patrick in Joplin, Missouri. Great to have you here on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, professor, how are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to share with you that I spent some time in the Air Force and shot some of those different unit-type photos where the planes would fly over some monumental area that the unit wants to show respect, the crew signs the poster, Thunderbirds do it, Blue Angels do it, all the DC aircraft do it, which the Air Force One is part of the DC aircraft. They could be re-shooting a new skyline of New York for a giveaway-type thing, you know, without the twin towers back there, they hadn’t done that yet —

RUSH: Wait a minute. To whom would they give away pictures of Air Force One flying over — you mean these kind of pictures would be aboard the airplane, the president would sign for guests on the airplane?

CALLER: Not so much the president as it would be the detachment coming in. Like when Blue Angels come in or Thunderbirds come in or even Air Force One, you basically just hand the keys of the base over to them because they have their staffs, their security, the whole, you know, nine yards to take care of things, that they usually leave that with the tower or the base commander or, you know, the people who help them the most saying, if they cross the top they’ll say many thanks for the visit of Detachment 1, Unit 42, whatever it is, all the crew signs the bottom part of it. So it’s more for the Air Force crew than it is for the president to use, in most cases.

RUSH: Okay, but I’m still having trouble understanding. These guys on Air Force One all sign the pictures of the airplane near the Statue of Liberty, who do they give it to?

CALLER: The hosting base, in other words, if they come in to one of the Air Force Bases in Texas.

RUSH: Okay, if they take the president to the US Air Force Base, you know, someplace in Nebraska, they get off the plane, they hand people at that base, the picture of Air Force One at the Statue of Liberty autographed and signed by the members of the Air Force One crew?

CALLER: Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge —

RUSH: Right, right.

CALLER: — you hear a lot of them that they use that are monumental, and even overseas, too, people who aren’t used to handling that kind of aircraft, sort of a thank-you from the aircrew saying, thank you for putting up for us and putting up with us and so forth.

RUSH: All right, fine and dandy. Then I want to know, when was the last time this was done? We know this hasn’t been done since September 11th, 2001. Not in New York it hasn’t. It would be interesting to find out when the last time Air Force One was taken up for publicity photo-ops, and where it happened. We know that this has not happened in New York. We have to assume out there, Patrick, that they already have a bunch of stock photos of this 747, these two, one of them, flying by the Statue of Liberty. So why new ones? There’s something about this that — it’s probably a simple explanation — but these denials and these acts of shock and surprise, you know, raise red flags. ‘Well, we’re just doing a photo op-ed. Well, no, we couldn’t tell anybody, didn’t want to give terrorists on the ground an opportunity to target Air Force One, so yeah, necessary collateral, we had to have people running for their lives and buildings, streets in New York, yeah, but we’re sorry, won’t happen again.’

The one thing, if they were taking this thing up, if this was nothing more than the Democrat National Committee, which is Obama now, if they were up there collecting footage for a future campaign, television commercials in a future campaign, we will never see it now, ’cause they will not — (laughing) well, maybe in four years, even the people that care won’t be able to do anything about it. But if that was the reason we’ll never see it now, they will not compound the problem because that, then, would let us know that it was for Obama, even though Obama is out there saying he had no idea, which is also not possible. One thing, this Obama guy is a stand-up guy, isn’t it? He really stands behind people in his administration. They threw this guy, Caldera, on the sword. They’re throwing whoever at the FAA overboard. I mean, he really stands up for his people, doesn’t he? Really a stand-up guy.

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