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RUSH: We just had this story about the secret media elite dinners that are not secret anymore that occur at the office of the publisher of The Atlantic in The Watergate. Rahm Emanuel shows up, and these are people like David Brooks and George Stephanopoulos and Maureen Dowd and all these media elite types, Ronald Brownstein. There’s a story today on newspaper circulation. Folks, there’s only one newspaper that increased its circulation (it’s the Wall Street Journal) and that was by 1%. The New York Post is down 20%.

USA Today is still number one, but it’s down. Newspapers are just plummeting! The New York Times is becoming a joke in financial circles. Getting cozy with Obama is bad business, and it’s bad for their health. There are actually two strains of flu that are affecting American business. Newspaper Suck-Up Disease is currently killing most American newspapers. The newspapers are sucking up to Obama. It is just unlike anything anybody has ever seen — and it’s not just newspapers, by the way. CNN, which barely has any viewers anymore, is sucking up to Obama. People over at MSNBC are losing audience regularly now. They suck up to Obama. So you’ve got that flu, and then you’ve got TARP Flu, which is spread by private businesses taking infusions of cash from the Obama White House.

Newspapers suffering from Obama Suck-Up Disease are so desperate they’re looking to be ‘cured’ by the TARP Flu! They want to be bailed out. But everywhere Obama is spreading Obamaism there is a deadly disease taking place, either in the TARP community or the newspaper business. Obama goes to Mexico; they have an earthquake. Obama goes to Mexico, they get pig flu. I mean, the fact is that Barack Obama is bad for business. He is poison to prosperity. I mean, this needs to be said. All of these sycophantic, suck-up journalists, look at what’s happening to the places they work. You may think I’m trying to be funny. I’m just trying to say that in creative way. But every newspaper out there that has spent the last year and a half sucking up to Barack Obama — the McClatchy Company, the Tribune company — look at them, folks!

Advertising revenue is down. The Washington Post is reducing pages. The New York Times, we’ve been chronicling their problems. Nobody’s immune to it, other than the little small town papers that don’t have people going to Obama dinners and otherwise not sucking up to Obama — and then all these businesses. The US automobile industry? At GM, 21,000 more people were just canned, and they’re going to get rid of Pontiac. And this is after Barack Obama has taken over to bail out the auto business. Look at AIG. AIG, once they figure out the mess, AIG’s probably going to close its doors or reorganize or something. But the point is that wherever Obama has spread his magic, you’ve got the flu. You’ve got Newspaper Suck-Up Flu and you’ve got TARP Flu. Meanwhile, this hundred days. Everybody is talking about all these great accomplishments, all of the competence.

Look at what cash infusions from Obama and Geithner got the car manufacturers. Look at what TARP Flu did to those businesses receiving misnamed bailouts. Every business that accepts TARP money or help from Obama, ends up regretting it! Newspapers might be the exception. They’re next up on the bailout list. John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, is conducting hearings on his precious Boston Globe about this. They’re so deranged the people that have Obama Suck-Up Flu, they might not know the difference between being sick and being healthy, ’cause they’re in the midst of a deadly killer disease — and they probably never have been happier! Drive-By newspapers are on life support. Drive-By newspapers want bailouts.

There’s Podesta right now. He’s on PMSNBC talking about impeaching the judge, Bybee, on the torture memos. I mean, if you’re looking for somebody behind Obama, there’s another guy to put on the list. See, here’s the thing. Newspaper propaganda does not sell any better than clown cars sell. The power-greedy Porkulus pigs at the White House have infected and are killing American businesses with their own version of the swine flu, which I call TARP Flu. Government ownership, government influence, government interference of the private sector is a killer virus in its own right. We’re watching this. Any business that gets cozy with Obama is gonna get infected, seriously ill, and some of these businesses that get cozy with Obama are going to die. Napolitano, Janet Reno, whoever is over there at Homeland Security — CDC, Centers for Disease Control — they need to focus on the Obama Flu, the Obama infection killing American businesses instead of the potential terror threat of returning war heroes, which is what they’re focused on now.

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