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RUSH: We’re coming up on this mythical 100 days of the Obama administration. I’d like to refer to it, my friends, as ‘finals week,’ and I put together a list of things that I have noted since the outset of this administration. Just today, I think you’d have to say Obama’s failing, because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has just ripped him a new one; and his buddy, Fidel Castro, just called him superficial. I mean, now, this cannot be good. The next thing you know Hugo Chavez will come out with some criticism here. After all of these worldwide tours to get all of these dictators and thugs on our side, they are being highly critical of the Bamster.Also, ladies and gentlemen, the interrogation memos. It is amazing what is coming out about this. We’re going to get into that in detail as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears, but I have to tell you something. I’ve heard more than one person say — because Obama changed his mind on this. Originally he said, ‘We can’t keep looking to the past. We’ve gotta look to the future here. So I don’t think it would serve any purpose to prosecute or investigate former administration officials on these interrogations the CIA did.’ All of a sudden he changes his mind yesterday. I’m hearing a lot of people say, ‘He must be buckling to pressure from his left wing. He must be buckling to pressure from people reminding him of a campaign promise.’ He’s not buckling to anything but his own desires! Folks, this is part and parcel of, ‘Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t know all this that’s happening in his administration. He’s such a wonderful guy! He doesn’t know about all of this.’ Well, he’s orchestrating all of this. As he himself said: he’s the visionary. He’s setting the tone. The Canadians… Did you hear Janet Napolitano the other day? Janet Napolitano — this is a rumor that has been debunked years ago. Janet Napolitano said the 9/11 hijackers actually got into our country through Canada.

So now the Canadians are up in arms and the National Post in Canada today has a piece asking how in the hell did this woman get her job? Earlier this week she says it’s not a crime to illegally enter the country, cross the border, when it is. She’s a ditz. She’s a total hick, hack, left-wing kook that is now in charge of Homeland Security — and she’s there because who chose her? Obama! I mean, you Obama people cannot have it both ways. You cannot say this guy is something brand-new and fresh like we’ve never had before, and he’s so smart, and he’s so in control, he’s so in touch. And then say he has no clue what’s going on in his own administration, or that he’s being pressured and he’s buckling to pressure. What was funny about the interrogation memo flip-flop was when he talked about allowing Holder… If this happens — we keep talking about overreaching. If this happens, if Eric Holder — and he could very well do this — does instigate investigations or let Conyers do it over in the House or somebody start investigating former Bush administration officials, if they subpoena them, and if these guys have to go out and get lawyers, let me tell you something. If this happens, they don’t care whether they get a conviction or not. It won’t be about that.

It’ll be about destroying these people a la Scooter Libby. It will be about destroying and criminalizing policy circumstances with which you disagree. Here you’ve got these lawyers, who the administration consulted, and they consulted, by the way, the Bush administration did, all over the world, with various nations on interrogation techniques of terrorists, because it’s a new kind of prisoner, and Congress signed off on all of it. Nancy Pelosi, they all signed off on all of this in 2002. And in fact, when they were explained waterboarding and all this, nobody in Congress objected, they said you’ve gotta do more. So if Holder proceeds with this, he’s going to have to send out subpoenas not just to the executive branch, he’s going to have to send out subpoenas to the lawyers, the White House counsel and anybody else who had anything to do with this. And once that happens, you’re gonna see the earth move because nobody’s going to go work for the executive branch ever again.

If this precedent is set where you can go back and criminalize the policy disagreements you have with previous administrations that could be the point everybody’s hoping that is going to happen, overreach. I, frankly, think we’ve had a hundred overreaches. I’m going to go through them here in just a second. But nevertheless, that could be something that will awaken a lot of people who still appear to be dormant. So it’s stunning to watch this and it’s kind of funny yesterday because after Obama flip-flopped there in the Oval Office, he had this photo-op with the king of Jordan, King Abdullah, and that’s where, in answer to a reporter’s question, he said, (paraphrasing) ‘You know what, I’m gonna let Holder go ahead and do what he wants to do. If he wants to investigate these people in the Bush administration, fine and dandy.’ Well, at the afternoon press briefing yesterday, poor old Gibbs, who on a good day is incompetent, poor old Gibbs was — it’s like the White House press office was just blindsided by this. They sent poor old Gibbs out there, and he didn’t really have any intelligent, credible answers to why the flip-flop and so forth ’cause of course he’s gotta protect Obama.

The director of communications in the White House, not a spokeswoman, but the director of communications, she quit. She resigned the White House. They’ve reassigned her to some other agency. She went over to Commerce committee, whatever, Commerce department. She was the only one that was not part of the campaign. She’s the only one that hadn’t drunk the Kool-Aid. And then you’ve got the suicide today of the CFO over at Freddie Mac. The homicide detectives are on the scene now, the wife phoned in at 4:48 this morning, the cops arrive, said looked like no foul play, looked like it was a suicide, but they’ve got to investigate. Ellen Moran was the White House communications director, outta there, quit. Now, we don’t want to assume what’s going on here, but she was the only one that hadn’t drunk the Kool-Aid. I chronicle all this stuff and I’m in 100% disbelief.


RUSH: I’m going to go through the finals week for Obama here, I don’t know when the first 100 days is. It’s 90, a hundred days after January 20th. But, regardless, this is an incredible list of things that I’ve been thinking about, and I’ve been taking notes, and I’ve been putting them all down. And when I go through all this, at the end of it, all of this is being spun as productive and historic, and it’s nothing but buffoonery. It’s embarrassing incompetence and inexperience.


RUSH: Finals week, Barack Obama approaching a hundred days. Now, they say this has been a historically productive 100 days. I have just put a list here together in no particular order, just off the top of my head, of the things in this administration that have stood out to me since it began. Admiral Blair — this is all over the New York Times today — Admiral Blair admitting the CIA received high value, lifesaving information from terrorists, while President Obama is condemning the same interrogations as immoral and counterproductive. President Obama is throwing and has thrown grand White House parties with Kobe beef, a hundred bucks a pound, while telling the nation to cut back in order to survive the greatest economic downturn supposedly since the Great Depression, bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, listening patiently and respectfully while a two-bit dictator lectures Obama — it was Daniel Ortega — with false charges for 50 minutes about the criminal country he leads, and Obama doesn’t say one word to object, one word in disagreement, does not stand up for his country at one point during the Summit of the Americas.

He has run around the world and apologized for the greatest, the most compassionate, the most innovative and freedom-loving country in world history. Now we’ve got Fidel Castro setting Obama straight about how Cuba handles political prisoners and its economy. Fidel Castro, one of Obama’s idols, calling him superficial. We had the nomination of tax cheats to his cabinet, including the man who oversees the IRS, five tax cheats in the Obama administration. We have Obama’s joke of a press spokesman, who makes a complete idiot of himself on a daily basis. He sends back a symbol of freedom, that bust of Sir Winston Churchill to Great Britain just after moving into the White House. He wants nothing to do with it. He did of his own volition. They said you can keep it. He said no, we don’t want it here. They said put it in a different room in the White House. We don’t want it here, and sent it back to the British embassy. It was given to us, President Bush, after 9/11, by the Brits. He insulted the prime minister of England, the queen of England, with embarrassing, thoughtless gifts.

We have the French president Sarkozy ridiculing Obama’s messianic complex, inviting him to walk on water at Normandy beach. We have Iran taking a hostage, an American journalist, as Obama promises better relations. We have North Korea humiliating Obama with their missile launch. We have Obama putting the country in debt for generations to come while promising fiscal responsibility, offering up laughable budget cuts, banning lobbyists from his administration, while appointing them left and right. Openly lying that Caterpillar would hire up with the passage of his stimulus bill, then watching while that company lays off thousands after the stimulus bill passes. He pledges to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay where I have a thriving merchandise business. But then he keeps it open with no plan for its future. Proclaiming total transparency, while keeping secret who got the TARP funds, when, where, why. Being incapable of communicating without a teleprompter, while the press declares him a Reaganesque, Great Communicator.

He attacks a private citizen broadcaster from the White House as part of an orchestrated plan to distract the country from legislation and policies we don’t want, which thus touched off a political firestorm, all of this while claiming to be a unifier. He makes a ham-handed attempt to nationalize the banks preventing financial institutions from paying back TARP money they don’t need or want. We got a column today in the Wall Street Journal by Holman Jenkins that General Motors is a debacle; it is an absolute debacle and mess, and soon Wall Street is going to be the same thing. He has made bad situations worse with car manufacturers, and the worst is yet to come. He has sparked hundreds of protests involving hundreds of thousands of Americans at tea parties regarding irresponsible government spending while his Homeland Security chief labels peacefully demonstrating Americans and veterans as security risks. Now, that’s just the things I could think up the top of my head. Oh, yeah, moving the census over to the Commerce department to politicize that. I mean, this administration has been one part joke, one part unbelievable, and many parts scary. Because while all this has gone on, this man is reported upon and reported to be the best president we’ve ever had, a shining light, a beacon, historical figure.

We have a sycophantic mainstream media in this country. How about the New York Times. The New York Times, $34 million in cash. The New York Times is in debt $1.3 billion. By the way, this is cool, folks. The New York Times’ corporate president and CEO, Janet Robinson, received a compensation package valued at $5.58 million last year while the publisher of the New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. received a total of $2.4 million while this company is losing its shirt. Does that not sound a little bit like Wall Street? Does this not sound like excessive bonuses? Does this sound like CEOs paying them when the performance of their company is in the sewer? And haven’t we demonized private sector CEOs for this very thing? Oh, and that is another one: making enemies out of people in the private sector and ginning up protests by his ACORN buddies at the homes of AIG executives, fomenting class hatred and rivalry.

The list goes on of the egregious things this administration’s done. His House organ, the New York Times, $1.3 billion in debt, $34 million in cash on hand. They borrowed some money from some guy named Slim down in Mexico, and he’s charged them 18% interest. And now Hillary Clinton’s out there saying US is laying groundwork for tough, crippling sanctions on Iran if Iran rejects engagement. Iran says, ‘We’ll talk, but we’re not doing anything about our nuclear program.’ I mean the world is making a joke, the world is making a joke of our country, and the president is being praised for it!


RUSH: Here are details on the reprimands. You might say the teachers are trying to educate the student, Fidel Castro commenting on Barack Obama. Castro rejects President Obama’s suggestions that Cuba should free political prisoners or cut taxes on remittances from the United States. Fidel Castro on a blog, no less, said that Obama ‘misinterpreted remarks by his brother and successor Raul and bristled at the suggestion that Cuba should free political prisoners or cut taxes on remittances from abroad as a goodwill gesture to the United States.’ All of this enraged Castro, who wrote in an essay posted on a government website that Obama, without a doubt, misinterpreted Raul’s declarations. ‘Castro appeared to be throwing a dose of cold water on growing expectations for improved bilateral relations — suggesting Obama had no right to dare suggest that Cuba make even small concessions. He also seemed to suggest too much was being made of Raul’s comments about discussing ‘everything’ with US authorities.’

The last thing they want is the embargo lifted. ‘The ex-president had previously expressed his admiration for Obama, but this time Castro blasted the new US president for showing signs of ‘superficiality.” Whoa-ho! Well, I mean, here’s Castro the teacher, Castro the professor, he can see the weaknesses in the student far more than American leftists can see the weakness, superficiality. I mean Castro’s got it. And let’s go to another teacher, another professor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today criticized Obama’s boycott of a United Nations racism conference, dubbing it unhelpful. ‘On Monday, The International Racism Conference in Geneva, which the US boycotted –‘ now, by the way, I think we did the right thing not to go to this thing, don’t misunderstand, we did the right thing, but Ahmadinejad is somebody that Obama wants to talk to and Hillary Clinton says today we’re going to put really tough sanctions on them. Hardy-har-har.


RUSH: So Ahmadinejad’s all upset we didn’t go to the racism conference, lecturing his student, Barack Obama. Obama, the US, right not to go to this thing. The whole thing was a fiasco, but Ahmadinejad is considered one of our grave threats and enemies with his nuke program, and Obama says that he’s going to forge a new relationship out there with them, and all we have to do is talk to them, and all we have to do is show ’em we mean ’em no harm. Such naivete, the ugliness, the hypocrisy of President Obama’s morality plays. This guy is very cold, folks. He is a 100% pure leftist extremist political animal. I have a difficult time putting up with him lecturing us, the United States of America, on matters he identifies as requiring the pushing of a morality reset button with him as the chief protocol director of morality.

According to Obama, our response, after being attacked on 9/11, was immoral. Of all the people, of all things, Barack Obama should be the last person to lecture anybody standing atop a rock of morality. His foundation is leftist. He identifies with anti-American politics. He laughs, he yucks it up with these people who hate our country. He’s been masterful at deceiving a large number of Americans with the help of his friends in the Drive-By Media. Look at who Obama has accused of being morally deficient: Wall Street, all CEOs, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the CIA, and essentially America itself. He has declared those five things morally deficient. And only now will Wall Street and CEOs, Bush and Cheney, CIA, and even America be straightened out with a new moral rudder headed by himself, The One, The Messiah, Barack Obama, the Most Merciful. Yet he supports infanticide. He attended a racist, bigoted church for 20 years. He had active support of the criminal political bullying enterprise known as ACORN. He has dealings with Tony Rezko, his working relationship with Bill Ayers, embracing and smiling Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and not defending his country after it was slandered, this guy tells us he’s in charge of our new morality. Sorry, folks, it’s just tough to stomach. Tough to deal with on a daily basis.

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