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RUSH: Ralph in Broomall, Pennsylvania. Hi, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega 19-year dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yes, many years to try to get on. I used to actually, though, get into the audience on the TV show back on West 57th Street in New York, and those are some great shows, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Well, get down to business here. I’m very disappointed and insulted by the recent remarks from Janeane Garofalo, okay, about people attending tea parties being racists. I’d like to say that now I’ve attended four tea parties, and since I’m a resident of Pennsylvania, you know, I proudly voted and supported Lynn Swann in the last governor race in Pennsylvania. I voted for him because his character, his integrity, his conservative stands on the issues, Rush. I don’t care what color he was. And as you know, he’s black. And I know many other people who go to the tea parties who also voted for Lynn. So we are not racists, Janeane Garofalo. And as a health care provider, I have to say that her comments about the brain are really absurd.

RUSH: Janeane Garofalo also said, some magazine, I don’t know where it was. She said that the producers of ’24’ asked her if she would like to meet me and Lynne Cheney when we made a visit to the set. And she said, ‘No, I have no desire to meet Rush Limbaugh or Lynne Cheney. I don’t want to go up and get my picture taken.’ There’s a problem with that. I haven’t been to the set of ’24’ since she was added to the cast. The last time I’ve been to the set of ’24’ was season four, and this is season seven. Season four, Kim Raver was still in the show as Jack Bauer’s quasi-love interest, I mean to the extent that he has a love interest in this show, but she was nowhere around. The last time I was at ’24’, the focal point of the show was CTU, Counterterrorist Unit. It all takes place in Washington now, at least theoretically. I haven’t been out there. Besides that, I would have never asked to meet her. If I were going to take a set visit to ’24’ now, I would make sure to do it on a day when they told me she wasn’t there. So she’s just lying through her teeth about this. And of course this got picked up by the entertainment press, and the entertainment press gave her kudos, ‘That a girl, way to stick it to Limbaugh and Cheney.’ I have no clue what she could have been talking about because I haven’t been out there in years when they’re filming ’24,’ certainly not while she’s been a member of the cast. As far as her calling people racist, liberals do that all the time. You can get mad about it, but that’s who they are.

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