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RUSH: This is actually related to the tea parties and the Drive-By Media’s refusal to understand what this is really, really all about.

Barack Obama, president of the United States, has redefined, for all of us, the avenue to prosperity, the way to prosperity, has he not? See, here’s what I would like to propose to all of you within the sound of my dulcet and resonant tones. If you and your family are hit by the economic slowdown like our government has been, or if you are worried about taking a financial beating because of the economic slowdown, there is a way out — and it’s not just to survive, but to prosper — and that is to think like President Obama. That’s right! What President Obama is doing with the federal budget, you can do with your family budget, and you can come out a big winner. What do I mean by this? Very simple. You go out and you borrow every cent that you can!

You borrow more than you need to pay your expenses. You borrow money you don’t need. If you want to buy something that you don’t need, you borrow the money for it. You go out, you mortgage your home to the hilt, you take your credit cards and you maximize your limit. You charge until you can’t charge anymore. Cash in your IRA. Cash in your pension. Go out and borrow from your in-laws. Borrow from other family members. Load up with as much debt as you can! Well, isn’t this how Obama says we’re all going to prosper, the government’s going to prosper? I mean if Obama’s prescription for prosperity is right, we should all do this: Borrow everything we can! Pile up debt like we’ve never piled up — personal, family debt. And then, after you’ve done that, then go invest half of what you borrowed in windmills and the other half in solar energy, and the other half you get into a carbon trading scheme. (interruption)

What? What? (interruption) Snerdley is saying, ‘This doesn’t make any economic sense.’ It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to make economic sense anymore. That’s the magic of Obama! That’s the brilliance of Obama. It doesn’t have to make economic sense. What if we discover a real alternate energy system that puts the windmills and sun the solar energy out? What if the wind and sun schemes go belly up? No problem! No problem. Then you call the Chinese Consulate and ask them for money. If you lose on your investment in windmills and if you lose on your investment in solar panels, call the ChiComs. Do what the US government has done and you, too, can be prosperous — and then if that doesn’t work, go down the streets in your neighborhood and tell your neighbors you want some of their money! Demand, not tell. Demand that your neighbors give you some of their money. I mean, if all of this is good for Obama — if all of this is good for the United States of America — how can any of us fail to become prosperous if we try the Obama way? Hmm?


RUSH: One thing I forgot, ladies and gentlemen, if you and your family are hit by the slowdown, worried about taking a financial beating, follow the Obama recipe for prosperity, don’t pay your taxes for four or five years. Obama and his clowns are telling us this is the new road to prosperity, debt upon debt upon debt, investment and losing things, and then ask the Chinese when it all doesn’t work out.


RUSH: Tom in St. Louis. Thank you for waiting, sir. You’re on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Is this Rush Limbaugh?

RUSH: Yes, it is, sir.

CALLER: I am so happy to finally get on. We already know the media is in the tank for Obama. I saw on Nightline a liberal who admitted that the strategy against Bush was to hammer him on everything for eight years, and it worked. Why is not the conservative movement hammering Obama?

RUSH: We are.

CALLER: Not like the media did Bush.

RUSH: Yes, we are, but we’re not lying about Obama.

CALLER: My question also is —

RUSH: They lied about Bush, but they also had help from the Democrat Party. You know, from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, on down. They’re still doing it. Obama is still doing it.

CALLER: How is it possible for that man, a rookie senator, to make four million plus, a couple of years ago and last year two something million?

RUSH: Book royalties.

CALLER: For real? I mean, this is possible?

RUSH: Yeah. You figure — here’s the ballpark. Now, literary contracts are pretty standard boilerplate. If you are a superstar author, and you churn out books left and right, you might be able to get a little bit better deal, but the standard operating procedure is that you get 30% of the average retail price. You get a third. So if a book sells for $25, you get eight bucks. Twenty-four, you get a little less. So it’s possible that somebody could sell two million books and make $6 million.

CALLER: I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time believing that he’s made that kind of money.

RUSH: Well, he did. He also got some from Tony Rezko to buy his house. Why is that so hard for you to believe, just because he’s a rookie Senator? It’s all book income plus his wife had a no-show job at the hospital for $350 grand a year, or $60 grand a year, some such thing.

CALLER: I’m up for questioning just about everything about Obama and the Democrats.

RUSH: Well, I understand, but don’t go overboard. You can make that kind of money selling books, writing books. The way this works, you write the book, run for president, and the unions go out and buy it. It’s a closed little cabal. Jim Wright, remember Fort Worthless Jim Wright, the ex-speaker of the House, Democrats, late eighties, early nineties?

CALLER: No. No, I don’t.

RUSH: Jim Wright wrote his memoirs, and in some cases there was one word per page. Some pages only had one word. And the book was bought in bulk by unions and so forth. It’s just the way these things work. I think there are probably a vast number of legitimate customers for Obama’s books as well.


RUSH: But that money is probably legitimate. You don’t make much as a community organizer, unless you’re a pirate community organizer, and then you get ransom money.

CALLER: (laughing) Well put, Rush.

RUSH: That’s why I’m here, Tom, to put it well.

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