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Rush’s Morning Update: Earf Day
April 16, 2009

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Folks, lookout. In less than a week, the environmentalist wackos will be celebrating Earf Day. Already the Drive-Bys are peppering us with news articles to promote the cause.

AP already ran a story devoted to “Earth Day Bags.” Supposedly, a lot of you people have “moved beyond” the agonizing decision of choosing between paper or plastic grocery bags. Instead, you’re spending up to $100to purchase a reusable organic cotton and burlap sack to take to the grocery store. To supposedly “save the [earf]”.

Normally, those of us with sanity sit Earth Day out, while schools frighten kids with apocalyptic tales of the earth being destroyed, because we enjoy a high standard of living. Nothing escapes blame– the cars we drive, the kind of light bulbs we use, or even the kind of bags we shop with. (Can you image how God has to be laughing at these idiots?)

If you want to help your little crumb-crunchers celebrate Earth Day properly this year, share this with them: We don’t have the capacity, the power, or the resources to “destroy” the earth. In fact, we’ve done more to save the people of earth– and improve their lives– than any nation in history. And if they do their partand aspire to greatness, they’ll be doing their part to continue that legacy.

So they have nothing to fear from living their liveswithout worrying about how “green” they are. The biggest blessing to dear old Mother Earfis God’s gift of America –plastic bags, burlap,and all — and that’s worth celebrating! (Dammit!)

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