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RUSH: I have a couple of audio sound bites from President Obama’s tax day message which basically was ‘Suck It Up and Pay Up.’ He brought a parade of victims up there who we all support with our taxes.

OBAMA: I know that April 15th is not exactly everyone’s favorite date on the calendar.

RUSH: Damn right about that.

OBAMA: But it is an important opportunity for those of us in Washington to consider our responsibilities to the people who sent us here and who pay the bills. Across America, families like the people who join me, have the tough choices forced upon them because of this economic downturn. These Americans are the backbone of our middle class. They need a government that is working to create jobs and opportunity for them, rather than simply giving more and more to those at the very top in the false hope that wealth automatically trickles down.

RUSH: I’ll tell you, you talk about rage and anger. I’m getting to the point here where I’m not going to be able to contain myself. Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? This trickle down, this criticism of trickle down, Reaganomics, supply-side, whatever, is an ongoing effort to discredit the economic policies that created a 25-year economic boom. He’s just said it, these people, they depend on you paying taxes to us rather than building your own businesses. These people, these sad-sack victims he paraded up there as victims of the economic downturn that only government can fix, he parades them up there and says, (paraphrasing) ‘You need to be paying more taxes to help these people. This government trickle down, private trickle down, this rich trickle down, doesn’t work.’ Folks, that is such an out-and-out lie, and it’s so easily demonstrated. Remember the luxury tax on yachts? All that happened was the people who worked building yachts were fired, were laid off, ’cause nobody bought yachts.

Then when they got rid of the tax, people were able to buy yachts again, people were hired. Trickle down works every time it’s tried. What he tries to make you think trickle down is that the rich are going to walk around and give money away to the middle class and the poor, like government does. He knows exactly what he’s talking about, too. And he’s bitter. This is an angry, bitter guy, and he has as his intention to return the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners, and the rightful owners of the nation’s wealth are not the nation’s producers, in his view. The nation’s producers have committed crimes. The nation’s producers are greedy and selfish, and they need to be gotten even with, they need to be cut down to size just like he intends to cut this country down to size. So suck it up and pay up on tax day, learn to like the fact that your increased tax dollars are going to pay people that don’t work and they can’t work because they have been destroyed by the capitalist economy going south, and the only way we can fix it is for government to get involved. Here’s another item, sound bite, what he said.

OBAMA: For too long we’ve seen taxes used as a wedge to scare people into supporting policies that actually increase the burden on working people instead of helping them —

RUSH: Stop the tape. I want you to recue this to the top. This is really going to make me explode, because this is such an out-and-out lie. Taxes have been used as a wedge to scare people. That’s just utter BS. The whole point of taxes and the opposition to onerous taxes, for which we get, apparently, nothing, I mean it’s one thing to go in and buy something, pay something for it and get it, but what are you getting for your taxes now? You’re getting a reformation of government, you’re getting a mountain of debt, you’re getting your kids born broke, and your grandkids born broke. Now, listen to this.

OBAMA: For too long we’ve seen taxes used as a wedge to scare people into supporting policies that actually increase the burden on working people instead of helping them live their dreams. That has to change, and that’s the work that we’ve begun. We’ve passed tax cuts that will help our economy grow.

RUSH: You have not.

OBAMA: We’ve made a clear promise that families that earn less than $250,000 a year will not see their taxes increase by a single dime.

RUSH: Lie.

OBAMA: We’re giving tax relief to the Americans who need it and the workers who have earned it. So, on this April 15th, we’re reminded of the enormous responsibility that comes with handling people’s tax dollars and we’re renewing our commitment to a simpler tax code that rewards work and the pursuit of the American dream.

RUSH: If you earn less than $250,000 and smoke, if you earn $250,000 a year and pay utility bills, if you earn $250,000 a year and have a cell phone or two, your taxes are not going down. And even federal income taxes, you’re going to be hit because everybody’s taxes are going up. We’ve given tax relief to the Americans who need it? Half the country no longer pay income taxes! Half the country no longer pay it! We’ve already given tax relief to people who, quote, unquote, need it and the workers who have earned it? How do you earn a tax cut in this man’s perverted mind and world? You earn a tax cut by not paying any.

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