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RUSH: In light of all that’s happening, Obama’s speech on the economy justifying the basic destruction of the US free market — which is what this speech is. It’s the only way to describe it: the justification of the destruction of capitalism, the free market as we’ve known it and this inflammatory report from the Department of Homeland Security calling mainstream conservatives right-wing extremists, militia members, tarring and feathering returning veterans as becoming right-wing extremists and warning everybody to be on the lookout for these people on the eve of these tea parties. I want to go back to last week, last Thursday. The governor of Texas, Rick Perry, held a press conference to announce that he supports the House Concurrent Resolution 50 in Support of States’ Rights under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. He’s all upset about the bailout money, TARP money, the stimulus money. This is great stuff. Here’s the first of several bites from the governor of Texas.

PERRY: The federal government has become oppressive. I believe it’s become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of its citizens, and its interference with the affairs of our state. Millions of Texans just like yourselves that are tired of Washington, DC, trying to come down here and tell us how to run Texas. (applause) We think it’s time to draw the line in the sand and tell Washington that no longer are we going to accept their oppressive hand in the state of Texas. There is a point in time where you stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough,’ and I think Americans and Texans especially have reached that point.

RUSH: Amen, bro. That’s the governor of Texas, Rick Perry. He was on with Larry Kudlow last night. Question: ‘Three Texas tea parties. You have ten rallies being planned just in the Metroplex area itself of Dallas. I just want to ask you, Texas one of the best state economies in the country, you got relatively low unemployment. What are they doing? Why are they doing this tax revolt thing in Texas?’

PERRY: We want to keep it that way, and the message is for Washington, DC: Here in Texas we keep our taxes low, our regulatory climate fair, our legal system that doesn’t over-sue, and a good, accountable public school system — and then we believe in getting out of the way and letting the private sector do what it does, which is create jobs. Somewhere between 70 and 80% of all the jobs created last year in America were created in Texas.

RUSH: Now, what this is about is Texas and all the other states are being forced to take a percentage of all the stimulus, the Porkulus package money, and a number of governors have said they don’t want it. Bobby Jindal said, ‘I don’t want it, ’cause this is going to end up costing us money. The unemployment demands they’re putting here, the way we run the system.’ Mark Sanford of South Carolina doesn’t want it and Governor Perry in Texas doesn’t want it. They do not like the idea that the federal government, under Obama, is now telling the states what they have to do. It’s unconstitutional, and that’s why Perry is speaking up.


RUSH: I have a couple more Rick Perry sound bites from last night with Larry Kudlow. Perry has just described how conditions in Texas are not as bad as they are around the country, but yet there are a lot of tea parties planned for Texas. Kudlow says, ‘Why are these people in Texas dissatisfied, then? What are they yelling at?’

PERRY: They’re sending Washington the message. I mean, we’re still part of the union down here in Texas, and our folks would like to keep it that way, but we see some things going on that are peculiar. They’re frustrating. Part of my message is going to, ‘Be loud and be consistent and keep sending the message to Washington, DC.’ We understand that you can’t tax and spend your way to prosperity. Washington needs to quit spending money. Let the private sector have the freedom to grow, and we’ll grow our way out of this recession, but you can’t spend your way out of it spending money out of Washington, DC.

RUSH: That’s not what the President said. President Obama said today you can. In fact, President Obama in his speech today ridiculed the whole notion that government shouldn’t spend during a recession. He said that was just stupid. He said, people saying that, it’s laughable. He didn’t say crazy, but it’s what he meant. ‘I can’t believe it, people are saying Washington and government shouldn’t spend in a recession. Why, that’s absolutely incorrect!’ So he disagrees with Governor Perry, that the more spending is better. Remember, now, the Obama administration thinks the only reason FDR failed with the New Deal ending the Depression was they ‘didn’t spend enough soon enough,’ which is, of course, historically inaccurate and economically incorrect. But what’s true and accurate and right no longer matters. The facts — what’s true, what’s historically accurate; what is, according to scientists of economics; what works and what doesn’t — none of that matters. Whatever Obama says, that’s the new reality. Finally, Kudlow says to Governor Perry of Texas, you got one of the few states left in the union with no personal income tax. You have no corporate income tax, so far as I know. You do have a 6.25% sales tax. Has that gone up?’

PERRY: No, it hasn’t, and I don’t think you’ll see people talking about raising the sales tax. The key is here, we have created a real business climate. You mention the Art Laffer in your section before. Art did a comparable between California and Texas, and he said, ‘Look, it’s not even close.’

RUSH: So Governor Perry not on board with anything that’s happening out of the Obama administration. I guess, according to the Department of Homeland Security report, Governor Perry is a right-wing extremist and is encouraging militia groups to form. He’s out there… With what Governor Perry is saying, according to Janet Napolitano and Obama at the Department of Homeland Security, Governor Perry is actually trying to recruit right-wing extremists to oppose our brave new president and his massive plans to create a utopia here on earth!

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