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RUSH: I got an e-mail folks. Get this, from a gentleman in Ohio who’s really bummed out by the rescue of the captain of the Maersk Alabama. You’ll recall that on this program last week, we had a couple of audio sound bites from the commander of the USS Cole, it had a hole blown in it when it was docked at a port in Yemen. The commander of the USS Cole praised the Somali merchant marine organizers as having a brilliant business model. His point was that they’re not terrorists, they’re criminals. They’ve got a great, great business model, that they go out there and they hijack ships, and they demand a ransom, and they’ve been getting the ransom, and it was praised as a brilliant business model. I got an e-mail from Ohio, from this guy, he’s very upset about this now because he was prepared to go into the pirate business. He had heard what a great business it is; he had heard a US naval commander praising the business model. So he had gone out and he had invested in pirate uniforms.

He even tried to get hold of Johnny Depp for some advice, and he was gonna go get some dinghies and just park ’em out there in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of the southeast United States, just going to start hijacking ships and demanding ransom ’cause it was a great business model. But now that President Obama has bravely interceded here and thrown the business model for a loop — and he’s outta work. And he was really inspired by this comment this week that the pirates are running a great business model, he’s gonna start his own pirate operation out of Ohio. But it’s all down the drain, so to speak, because of the operation. So another entrepreneur cut short by the Obama administration, ladies and gentlemen. We do have sound bites here from the second in command, Chief Mate Shane Murphy of the Maersk Alabama. He was at Mombasa port in East Kenya, and he said this about America and the Somali merchant marine organizers.

MURPHY: We’d like to implore President Obama to use all of his resources and increase the commitment to ending the Somali pirate scourge. Right now there are ships still being taken, right now, as we’re standing here. And at sea, it’s a global community. It doesn’t come down to nations. There’s a whole world out there at sea that we live together, we look out for each other.

RUSH: Well, second mate here, the second in command not happy with just one pirate vessel being dealt with. He is imploring President Obama to use all of his resources to increase the commitment to ending the pirate scourge, which a naval officer last week claimed was a good business model. Here’s more from Shane Murphy.

MURPHY: America has to be at the forefront of this. It’s time for us to step in and put an end to this crisis. It’s a crisis. Wake up. This crew was lucky to be out with every one of us alive. We’re not going to be that lucky again. And just for the record, we never had to fight to take our ship back. We never surrendered our ship. We fought to save the captured shipmates that were still aboard. But we never gave up. That’s all.

RUSH: Shane Murphy, second in command of the Maersk Alabama. Now, tell me, does he sound euphoric? He doesn’t sound all that happy about what has happened here. His attitude about this does not jibe with the way the Drive-By Media has been reporting this, that it was a brilliant rescue, that only Obama could have done it, that only Obama could have ordered it, that only Obama could have strategized this. And yet here is Mr. Murphy suggesting that there’s still a crisis out there. But President Obama, go back to sound bite 19.

OBAMA: As we work to ensure America’s safety out on the seas, I want to discuss what we’re doing to restore economic security —

RUSH: Stop the tape. That’s all we need to hear. Safety on the seas, it’s being restored, it’s being secured. But the second in command here on the ship Maersk Alabama, no, no, no, there’s still a crisis out there. It’s a good thing that he’s not in the US military or he could be brought up on charges of treason, he’s dissing our brilliant and brave commander-in-chief.

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