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RUSH: Just as I predicted mere moments ago, closing out the previous segment: What did I say? I’ll remind you. I said that the success of the operation led by and performed by President Obama to rescue the ship’s captain will be used to drive up poll numbers which will then be used to further Obama’s domestic agenda. While freeing the captain and giving him liberty, even more of ours will erode. Here is President Obama speaking at the Department of Transportation today, another portion of what he said.

OBAMA: As we work to ensure America’s safety out on the seas, I want to discuss what we’re doing to restore economic security here at home, to revitalize our nation’s infrastructure and create good jobs across America.

RUSH: See?

OBAMA: It has been nearly three months since I first took office.

RUSH: Yeah, I know.

OBAMA: I think it’s fair to say that we’ve been a little busy.

RUSH: Yeah.

OBAMA: Faced with an extraordinary economic crisis —

RUSH: Hm-hm.

OBAMA: responded with extraordinary action —

RUSH: Teleprompter did.

OBAMA: — action that’s both unprecedented in scale and unprecedented in its speed. Today I think it’s safe to say that this plan is beginning to work.

RUSH: See, we’ve ensured our safety on the seas, and now we’re going to restore economic security here at home as well. I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body, folks. I just do. He went on to say after this, he detailed all the infrastructure projects in the stimulus bill. The states have been getting bids from construction companies and others, and all the bids miraculously are coming in at 30% below what any of the states expected. Some cases, the bids to repair and fix the infrastructure are coming in at 50% under what was expected. Now, the key is what was expected.

The key to being able to say the bids are coming in 30%, 40%, 50% lower, the key to that is being able to say whatever the expectation was. You can elevate the expectation to wherever you need it to be, to be able to say that the bids are coming in 30% lower. Competition happens to drive down costs. Now, I wonder if there’s any competition here for these bids, or if this is just a smoke screen. I’m sure there’s competition for the bids. There are federal dollars rolling around out there, and people want the business in a down economy, and so they’re competing for the money. But Obama, of course, is claiming that this is all happening because of his brilliant leadership, and who are we to disagree?

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