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Here is Bob Shrum, Democrat consultant and so forth. He was on Andrea Mitchell’s — NBC News, Washington — show yesterday on MSNBC. She said, ‘I wanted to ask you about a report in the New York Times today. The president’s going to take on immigration reform, which, of course, became impossible for George Bush. With all of his good intentions he wasn’t able to accomplish it, something that John McCain has been pressuring to have some action on. Is this really going to become a priority on top of everything else that he’s trying to do?’

SHRUM: Yes, I think they’re going to move on immigration. I hope the Republicans fulminate against it because they’ll get to the point where they won’t get a single Hispanic vote. Go ahead and make my decade, turn Texas into a Democratic state.

MITCHELL: I don’t know about Texas.

SHRUM: If it can happen in California, it can happen in Texas.

RUSH: So Bob Shrum reveals what all of this is all about, what we’ve always known about amnesty: It’s designed to expand the Democrat Party and kill the Republican Party. And, of course, the Republican Party’s way of dealing with it is self-defeating, to pander and so forth and act like they have the same attitude about it that Democrats do. ‘Well, what would work, Mr. Limbaugh?’ Conservatism. You approach people as people, not as members of groups. You approach them as people. You tell them they live in the greatest country in the world, United States of America, that you love ’em, you want the best for them, but it’s up to them. And this country provides more opportunity for people willing to go out and strive for it and work for it, and what our party is going to do is get out of your way, we’re going to get out of your way and we’re going to let you. Now, if you’re illegal, we’re not going to violate our laws. But the Democrat Party way is to destroy the US culture in order get votes for power. Why would the Republican Party want to go along with that? But they do ’cause it’s the path of least resistance, the path of least criticism, other than from their own voters.

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