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RUSH: Here’s Natalie, 13 years old, I just saw this, Natalie in Beverly Hills, California. Great to have you on the program, Natalie.



CALLER: First of all, I wanted to discuss with you about the infatuation my school has with President Obama. This guy pretty much scares me because I want to be a CEO one day, and I walk through the hallways and I see big pictures of him. I go into the library one day, and here’s a huge framed photograph of President Obama, and I asked, ‘Where is the picture that we used to have of George Bush?’ which we didn’t. I wanted to know why there wasn’t a picture of George Bush up and why there was just something of President Obama? That scared me completely.

RUSH: Wow. At 13, this alarmed you, scared you, to see pictures of the great leader all over the hallways of your school.

CALLER: It did. They treat him like he’s a king, like he’s like the Second Coming, I mean —

RUSH: Why? Do you know why they do?

CALLER: Because they say it’s a historic moment that they want us all to relish in. I don’t agree with that.

RUSH: What do they say is historic?

CALLER: They say he’s the first African-American president so we should all relish in it. I said, ‘Any president is a historic moment.’ They had inauguration party practically for him. They made us stop all our classes to watch him be inaugurated.

RUSH: Do you share these concerns with anybody at school?

CALLER: Nobody, not one person.

RUSH: Do you share these concerns with your parents?

CALLER: Yes. My whole family is very conservative.

RUSH: What do your parents say when you tell them these stories?

CALLER: They tell me that I am right and the rest of the world is just completely crazy, and that one day when our country gets down in the economic dumps we’ll one day get out of it and the people will realize exactly how wrong they were.

RUSH: We hope. The thing is, Natalie, there have been so many of these kinds of teachable moments over the years that people have seemingly not learned from. But you’re right on the button with why they think this is historical, and they’re wrong about it because the historical aspect is over now, and presidents are not kings, and we don’t idolize them, and we don’t bow down to them. Apparently our presidents bow down to Saudi kings. I’ll tell you what’s driving this among not only the people that run your school and the students there, but elsewhere where this is the prevailing thought, and that is a supreme sense of guilt. Slavery is considered to be our original sin, and so it doesn’t matter, the substance of things doesn’t matter. The color of skin is all that does matter, and you’re running into this. I hope you’re able to remain steadfast. I hope you don’t give up your dream of being a CEO. I hope you’re able to navigate your way through this. And if you are, and you remain true and steadfast to what you believe, you’ll find some converts along the way. There are probably some that exist, like you, they are just afraid to say anything, but they’re talking about it at home. I’m glad you called, really nice to talk to you.


RUSH: You know, if Natalie called here and said that Bush scared her, she would be a media star by five o’clock this afternoon.

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