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RUSH: Let’s play audio sound bite 14. Just to show you this. ‘Obama to Push Immigration Bill Despite the Risks,’ that’s the headline. ‘Amnesty is back! Ooh, big news.’ No, it’s not. February 28th, this program I made this prediction…

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think everybody ought to just brace yourselves. I know some people don’t think this is a big issue to people, and it may be one of these issues that subsides and then regains prominence and energy, but make no mistake, both parties are very eager to have open borders, and at some point, somehow, some way, if the right leaders in both parties happen to ascend to the right positions of power, they’re going to try for it again. And if they can’t do it in one big bite, they’ll do it incrementally. It’s something that’s not going to go away. It’s something both parties at high levels actually want.

RUSH: February 28th, 2008, I made that prediction right here behind this (tap, tap) the Golden EIB Microphone. So here comes the New York Times story: ‘Obama to Push Immigration Bill Despite the Risks.’ Big whoop! It’s not a surprise to anybody. It shouldn’t be a surprise, I’m sorry. You know, May is amnesty month. We may as well call May amnesty month, because ‘Obama plans to speak publicly about the [immigration] issue in May, administration officials said, and over the summer he will convene’ the now famous ‘working groups, including lawmakers from both parties and a range of immigration groups, to begin discussing possible legislation for as early as this fall.’ But for those of you worried about this, the Obama ‘Administration officials said that Mr. Obama’s plan would not add new workers to the American work force…’ They’re already here! All it would do is ‘recognize millions of illegal immigrants who have already been working here. Despite the deep recession, there is no evidence of any wholesale exodus of illegal immigrant workers, independent studies of census data show.’ So ‘by recognizing that they violated the law, and imposing fines and other penalties to fit the offense,’ we could wipe out their illegality and we could move on this, because we’re a humanitarian country, and we believe in ‘family.’ They’re already working, so it isn’t going to be a big hassle here. It’s coming back. Told you. It’s not news.

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