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RUSH: By popular demand, ladies and gentlemen, I… You never know. A sound bite sometimes just lights people up. And this sound bite of Larry King last night with social commentator Nancy Giles and Buckingham Palace spokesman ‘Dickie’ Arbiter. Dickie, by the way, is an expert on touching the queen. Well, Dickie is an expert on touching, and Larry King set him up that way. How would you like to be asked what you do for a living? ‘Oh, my name’s Dickie, and I am an expert on touching!’ So Larry King was overcome last night. They did play-by-play of explosive video of Michelle Obama touching the queen.

KING: By the way, we have a new video of Michelle touching the queen. Dickie, is that a no-no?

ARBITER: Not really. Um, er, uh, you know, as I said a moment ago, the queen’s being —

KING: Yeah, she just touched her!

ARBITER: — doing this over fifty-seven years.

KING: Oh, she touched her again!

ARBITER: She touched her.

KING: Oh, my gosh!

ARBITER: So what? She’s been around.

GILES: Well, but the queen touched Michelle.

MAN: That’s right!

GILES: It was a reciprocal touch.

KING: It’s okay, Dickie, right?

ARBITER: Yep, absolutely. Absolutely.

RUSH: It’s not okay. In fact, at one point Michelle (My Belle) put her hand on the queen’s shoulder and the queen tried to get away. Now, look, I know. I know we came and America was started to get rid of having to deal with royalty in this way. You don’t shake the queen’s hand; you don’t do this. But there’s Michelle (My Belle) with her arm around the queen, so the queen put her arm around her. The queen is a very gracious person. You’ve heard the old story about the finger bowl? She had somebody to dinner at Buckingham Palace or Balmoral. I don’t know which one it was, but obviously the guest had never seen a finger bowl. Have you ever used a finger bowl, Snerdley? Have you ever been somewhere where they brought you a finger bowl in a formal way? (interruption) In a formal way?

Well, the formal way is you’re sitting there after one of the courses which might happen to be messy and they bring you a bowl on a plate. It’s a sizable bowl. It’s nothing that you put off to the side. In the bowl, you’ve got to — yourself — remove napkins and things and put them to the side of the bowl so that the water in the bowl is free for usage. The servers don’t do that. Well, when the queen was serving dinner and they brought the finger bowls out, a guy thought it was soup. So he put a spoon in there and started eating it as soup — and of course the guests at the royal table were aghast! But the queen started eating it, too, so as to spare his feelings, and then everybody else followed suit. (interruption) That’s a true story. (interruption)

It’s a true story! It is a true story. (interruption) Dawn, why would I lie? You sound just like the journalism professor at George Mason University. Why would I lie? Why would I make this up? Look it up. There are all kinds of stories like this about the queen. So Michelle (My Belle) doesn’t know the protocol when the queen put her arm around Michelle (My Belle). Here you had… What’s funny about this, Larry King do play-by-play. ‘She touched her again! She touched her!’ If you didn’t know — if I had not set this up and played the video, audio — what would you have thought he was describing? ‘There! She touched her again! Is it okay, Dickie? ‘Perfectly normal. Perfectly fine.’ The touching expert Dickie, says ‘Ah, it’s okay.’ I get more requests for that than you can imagine since we aired it in the first hour.

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