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RUSH: In case you’re just joining us, ladies and gentlemen, we have learned from the UK Telegraph the gift President Obama and his lovely and gracious wife, Michelle, gave to Queen Elizabeth today, an iPod. They gave her an iPod. This is like a woman in her seventies, gave her an iPod, has a video screen of a couple and a half inches. She already has an iPod. The iPod that we gave her has on it video of her trip to the United States in 2007. I was talking to Snerdley in the top-of-the-hour break. What would we have given Queen Elizabeth? We’ve got to have a lot of photo archives here that we have taken, our country has taken of her. You know, during the blitz in World War II she did not flee the city. She stayed there. She stayed in harm’s way. We have to have some pictures of her doing — ‘but, Rush, but, Rush, she has all the official photographers taking –‘ yeah, yeah, I know. Okay, if that doesn’t work, in keeping with the order of the day where President Obama apologized for creating the financial mess in the world, he did, we played the sound bite. He blamed our lack of proper regulation for leading the world into this financial crisis. Then what he could have done is written an official apology for the United States rebelling against Great Britain in the 1700s and handed her that. If we are going to apologize, let’s go all the way. Let’s apologize for being free, let’s apologize for being America, let’s apologize for rebelling.

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