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RUSH: We had a caller who wanted to know what happened up in New York 20, and we don’t know yet because the election is not over. It’s too close to call. There are some 6,000 absentee ballots. The Dem… Yeah. It’s actually either 59 or 65. I’m not sure which it is. But the Democrats had 59 to 65 votes. Now, who was it that put all their resources into this race? It was the Democrats. This Democrat candidate, Scott Murphy, ran flyers. He e-mailed flyers that had pictures of me, pictures of Sarah Palin, and pictures of George W. Bush. The Democrat candidate in this race ran against me. He did not spend time telling the people of the New York 20th District anything about him and what he was going to do. They even had an endorsement from President Obama in the form of an e-mail.

Obama didn’t go in there because he didn’t trust the guy’s chances. You know, if you’re president, you can’t go in there and endorse somebody that’s going to lose. To me, this is a slam-dunk loss for the Democrats and Obama. But, however, the official recount starts April 13th, a little less than two weeks from now, and that gives ACORN and the Democrat lawyers a chance to gin up and try to disqualify a whole bunch of absentees. To me, you’ve got the president of the United States — and, look, folks: I mean this from my heart — they thought it was like a slam dunk putting me in all the campaign literature. They believed that putting me out there would rally the Democrat base because there’s such hatred of me and the Democrat base would be so eager to show up and vote that they would need to be restrained.

It turns out that the turnout in this race was average if not a little bit below, and the Democrat is ahead by 59 votes. They should have won this in a slam dunk, and they did not — and they may very well lose it! Now, here is the Politico.com story: ‘There’s no winner yet in the Upstate New York special election, and it might be mid-April before the race is settled. But a few things are clearer … none of it welcome news to the Republican Party. The first election to take place during the Obama administration was a push, with neither side winning big or losing big. But that in itself ranks as a defeat of sorts for the GOP, which invested heavily in the race.’

So did the Democrats! How in the world…? You people at Politico ran all of the stories on how I was the Great Satan; I was the magic elixir for the Democrats. They put my name out there, put it on a billboard, put it in e-mails, and you gonna win in a landslide, ’cause I am so hated, because I am the leader of the Republicans. For you people at Politico are dishonest and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. This should have been a slam dunk. With the president of the United States…? I didn’t even go up there and campaign. I didn’t mention this race Friday or Monday. I purposely stayed out of it. Monday and Tuesday. I could have hyped it. I could have swallowed the bait. I could have made this about me, but that’s not my ego.

Jim Tedisco is going to win or lose this on his own. Scott Murphy is going to win or lose this NOT on his own! Scott Murphy is going to lose this or win this on the basis of me, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama. Had I wanted to, folks, I coulda gone up there. Had I wanted to, I coulda spent a lot of time Friday, Monday and Tuesday urging a get-out-the-vote effort. But I don’t think everything is about me. The Democrats try to make everything about me, but I don’t. So this, to me, is a huge defeat. I’ll tell you what’s really sad to me about this, Tedisco may not be the best candidate in the world — and, by the way, his assembly district, the people that vote for him in the New York assembly, a lot of them couldn’t vote in this race ’cause of the districts.

But this outcome shows me Tedisco could have won this big time. He did have a double-digit lead, and what pared down the double-digit lead was all the Democrat spending. To say Republicans were heavily invested in this? But that’s the spin. The Drive-Bys are going to spin for the Democrats. Here is one more paragraph from Politico.com: ‘In the end, [the Democrat] strategy worked. Because even if Tedisco is ultimately declared the winner when all the votes are finally counted, the delayed result will have diminished any momentum that a clear-cut Election Night victory would have provided.’ So even if! The template is that even if the Republican wins this, it doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter because nobody will remember it, because there’s no momentum — and this is the way the left and the Drive-Bys and their willing allies do the scorecard on all of this.

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