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RUSH: Ann in Virginia Beach. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I can’t believe I’m talking to you. I used to wear a Dittohead sweatshirt to school when I was 12.

RUSH: Wow. It’s great that you called, I’m glad you got in.

CALLER: Well, I wanted to call you thousands of times over the years, and I can’t believe this is the reason I’m calling, but I dreamt about you last night, Rush.

RUSH: Oh, I love these kind of calls. Do you know how exciting it is for a guy to have a woman tell him that she dreamed about him? I can’t wait to hear this. What was the dream?

CALLER: I wish it were exciting. But we were living in a post-Obama America. I’m not sure that we were all the way communist yet, but we were certainly some sort of socialist nation.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Keep going. Just I’m a little shocked here. Keep going.

CALLER: I will. We were in some sort of seminar that we were required to take, and I was sitting at a table, and you sat next to me. A man in another part of the classroom stood up and yelled over, ‘Rush! I heard O’Reilly pulled the plug on his show today and that you’re next.’ And I of course said, ‘Absolutely not, Rush would not leave us, we need him now,’ and I turned to look at you, and you had a very sympathetic, sad look on your face, and you nodded yes, to which I immediately burst in tears and said, ‘No, no, you can’t.’

RUSH: This is not a dream.

CALLER: I swear, I swear.

RUSH: No, no. This is a nightmare.

CALLER: It was. It was very sad. I was crying.

RUSH: I mean I was expecting to hear stories of an island in the Caribbean, some —

CALLER: (laughing) I wish.

RUSH: — pina coladas, a nice isolated suite with a ceiling fan.

CALLER: I do wish that was the dream, but here’s how you comforted me. There was no paper around, there was nothing for you to give me, and you took off your shoe, and on it you wrote, ‘Don’t fear,’ and you signed your name. I think you intended it to be my security blanket through the tribulations to come.

RUSH: I want to assure you that those aspects of your dream will not come to pass.

CALLER: I pray they won’t.

RUSH: O’Reilly giving up his show, well, that might happen. But the other aspects of it, this will not happen. This is a sign of the fear, that people are dreaming about Obama camps, reeducation camps. All right, Ann, thanks much.

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