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RUSH: Have you seen the protests over the G20 today? I mean these are whacked out people, and they are seriously angry. Folks, I have to be honest here with you, as I always am. I’m shocked! I’m stunned. I mean most of these people are anti-capitalist. Don’t they realize that they have one of the premiere anti-capitalists leading the G20? And that would be our president, Barack Obama? These people are shouting some of the craziest things, like, ‘Ban money.’ They’re throwing rocks and bottles at buildings. They’re gaining entrance to these buildings to trash the inside. It’s sort of just interesting to watch this, because I’ve been under the impression that the United States is now thought of differently around the world, that the people of the world love the United States. We got rid of George W. Bush, and we don’t even have an American president, according to them. We now have a European president. And yet these people are still fit to be tied. And they’re angry as they can be, and it’s perplexing to me.

Now, what is President Obama at the G20 to do? I want you to keep this in mind as we go through the audio sound bites we have coming up here in mere moments. He is there, is he not, to advance US interests? That’s traditionally why leaders of these things go to these meetings, to advance the interests of their own countries. As you will hear, however, from the audio sound bites, and exactly as I predicted to you yesterday, President Obama is doing the exact opposite. He is once again criticizing the United States; he’s accepting the blame and apologizing for the financial distress that the world has faced, and he has promised that the United States will no longer be the voracious consumer that it has been, meaning the United States will no longer usurp and steal and take its unfair share of all the world’s resources. Those days are over.

While this is happening, he’s being lectured on spending by the ChiComs, by the French, by many in the European Union. They’re pointing fingers at us, and they’re saying, ‘You guys started this, you created the world problem,’ and Obama is sorta winking at them and saying, yeah, yeah, yeah, you may have a point there. It will be interesting to see as this thing goes on how extensively President Obama does indeed project US interests or advance them.


RUSH: How about this headline. It is from Reuters. It is the latest unemployment numbers. ‘US Private Sector Axes 742,000 jobs in March.’

‘What’s wrong with that headline, Mr. Limbaugh?’ What’s wrong with that?’

US private sector axes…? US Economy Loses 742,000 Jobs? 742,000 people lose their jobs? No!

It’s ‘US private sector — the evil capitalist sector of the American country! Yes, the evil capitalist side — fired 742,000. But the precious and lovable government didn’t do it. Rick Wagoner, he’s gone. Yay! Yaaaaay! We got rid of Rick Wagoner, and you’re next if you’re a banker on Wall Street.’

Greetings, folks. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The telephone number, if you want to join us, and we’re going to get to your calls el quicko in this hour. A little Spanish lingo there. 800-282-2882.

The e-mail address: ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

All right, straight to the audio sound bites here. We have some doozies. By the way, it’s the G20, this is a Drive-By Media, reporting the protests at the G20 and some of what Obama did. But this is great. You know, one of these groups, this massive group of liberals with too much time on their hands. Have you looked at the throng that is over there protesting everything? What do they do for a living? Are they just perpetual students, all obsessed with what people think about them? They’re just a bunch of people, and everything is about them. Me, me, me, me, me. So they actually storm their way into a Royal Bank of Scotland or United Bank of Scotland building, and some of the staff inside the building on the upper floors grabbed some ten-pound notes (like ten dollar bills) and just started waving them at them, you know, just taunting them. At least the people inside had a sense of humor about this. All right, up first is Richard Engel, NBC Today Show today. He’s their correspondent reporting live from the protest at the Bank of England in London.

ENGEL: The message here that capitalism isn’t working. They don’t want to pay for what they consider to be a banker’s crisis that has caused many corporate failures, unemployment. I’m sitting next to an effigy right now, a dummy dressed in the uniform of a banker, a dark suit. He has a — a noose around it. And many in the financial sector in this country today are trying to take precautions. There are some radical groups that are calling on direct action to be taken for some bankers to be attacked. So far, the protest here has been quite festive. There are people with music. There are families here.

RUSH: Festive? The protests are festive? (laughing) They’re breaking in banks; they’re breaking windows. The riot police and Scotland Yard were totally unprepared, and they were driven out. It’s festive. It’s a festive protest, and of course ‘families’ were there. Is this a school day over in the UK? What the hell are families doing there? Here’s another thing, ladies and gentlemen (and I mentioned at the top of the hour). ‘The message here is that capitalism isn’t working.’ Where? There isn’t capitalism in the UK! There isn’t capitalism. It’s starting to make a little comeback in France, but throughout much of the European Union they’re talking about Western-style, socialist democracy. Germany is starting to break out a little bit, but what capitalism? This is anti-US.

This is an anti-US protest — and as I said, I’m a little perplexed. They’re out there bashing capitalism, and one of the premiere anti-capitalists in the world is attending the G20 who just happens to be the president of the United States. These people ought to be festively celebrating, because they’ve got an ally. The president of the United States himself is an anti-capitalist, as evidenced by his policies, as evidenced by his desire to take over large gulps of the US private sector. Now, this next bite, you gotta listen to this the right way. But to me, it’s a See, I Told You So. We finally get the truth about all these protesters, and who they really are. This is from PMSNBC this morning. The cohost Tamron Hall talking to ITN reporter Damon Green live amongst the protesters of the Bang of England — well, the Bank of England. Well, it could be the ‘Bang’ of England today what they’re doing out there. The anchor, Tamron Hall says, ‘It seems there are a number of different groups represented, but is there a larger organization there represented or is this just a hodgepodge of anger?’

GREEN: This is not even really a coalition. Everyone is here, every group is represented. If you look at the various placards, no two placards are the same. There are people protesting against pollution of the oceans. There are people protesting against growing debt in the developing world. There are people protesting against the war in Iraq. I’ve even seen protests of Transsexuals Against the War. Everyone is missing George W. Bush. If he were president of the United States there would be a unifying character here — everyone would be protesting against him — but you have Barack Obama, things are different.

RUSH: Just amazing! For years, ladies and gentlemen, again — and I must honestly say, I do feel a little trepidation about saying, ‘I told you! I told you,’ but we’ve been doing this 20-plus years now, and for these 20 years I have said things, and among the things I’ve said is, that these protesters are just every liberal group in the world showing up protesting their little pet cause. When you did have Bush, the media would report them as being unified against something — and they are. They’re unified against freedom. They’re unified against liberty. They’re unified against capitalism. These are people with basically meaningless lives — in their own estimation, not mine.

They basically feel like they’re just lost in a sea of humanity with no purpose. This is how they try to get noticed. Facebook is not enough for them. MySpace, not enough for them. YouTube videos, not enough for them. They gotta go out there where they know there are real cameras and live television and they’ve got to be seen. They have to be part of the story. They want to matter! They want to make it look like their lives have meaning. It’s the media who reports them as unified against a certain figure. So of course knowledge of these protests could be against Obama. Noooo! Why, he’s loooooved and adored over there in Europe. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be protesters, would there? And then this idiot, Damon Green of ITN, says everyone’s missing George W. Bush?

Everyone? How about you, Mr. Green, miss George W. Bush? How about your buddies in the UK Drive-By Media might miss George W. Bush? These people aren’t missing anything. They’re throwing rocks and bottles and in one case I read that they’re launching missiles at the windows of this bank. What are they missing? They’re hitting the target. ‘Everyone’s missing George W. Bush. If he were still president, there would be a unifying character here — everybody would be protesting against him — but you have Barack Obama and things are different.’ How does he know? Now, the next is this ITN reporter, Damon Green, live amongst the protesters at the Bank of England. He added this…

GREEN: This is not a protest at aw’ll against, ah, President Obama. He is a US president who enjoys enormous popularity in the United Kingdom, popularity no American president has enjoyed here, ah, for many years. Perhaps Bill Clinton at the height of his powers, then you have to go back possibly to JFK to a president who was so universally adored here.

RUSH: So it can’t be Obama. They can’t be protesting Obama because ‘he’s universally loved and adored here, perhaps more so than any president ever,’ except Bill Clinton, ‘at the height of his powers’? Well, if this is the case, if these protesters love Obama, why didn’t Obama call on them to stop? Of course Obama loves this, the chaos, the confusion, the… (interruption) ‘I Love Obama’ signs? I haven’t seen any ‘I Love Obama’ signs. Have you? There were a few ‘Yes, we can’ signs? Well, that’s the Obama slogan from Grant Park when he accepted the Democrat nomination — or won the election. But I haven’t seen any ‘I love Obama’ signs. Have you? I haven’t seen them. Now, here’s the real story on the protest. This is from Fox News, and the correspondent Greg Palkot who is live amongst the protesters.

PALKOT: Police clashing with protesters. Police are now estimating 4,000 protesters doing something what they call a ‘G20 meltdown,’ in honor of the G20 economic summit tomorrow. They were targeting the Bank of England as their principal villain in what they see as a financial catastrophe hitting the planet. The police —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop the tape. This idiot, Damon Green just said there’s nobody there, or nothing there that was unifying. There was no ‘unifying character.’ But apparently the unifying character is the Bank of England. Here’s Palkot and the remainder of his report.

PALKOT: — did a pretty good job of holding them off. There are 23 arrests there, some injuries. Windows were smashed and protesters got inside, threw furniture out. It should be noted, guys, that the Royal Bank of Scotland was a benefit of a UK bailout, including an executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland who got a clean million-dollar-a-year pension from that. So there’s a lot of populist anger here.

RUSH: Right. So we do have a unifying place, the bank, and apparently we have a unifying principle for these nomads, and that would be bailouts. What we have here is populist bailout violence from a good reporter, Greg Palkot at Fox News. Let’s go back to me on this program yesterday. I gave you a prediction on what would happen here at the G20.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I guarantee you, don’t fall for all these reports that this G20 is on thin ice and is going to fall apart, that these European leaders going to tell Obama to go to hell or all that. It’s going to be just the opposite. Mark my words. He wouldn’t go otherwise. He’s not going to go-go unless this is all etched in stone before he gets there.

RUSH: Any president would do that. I mean, these kinds of things… They’re not going to get the Russians to agree with him on Iran and slow them down, but they’re going to put out a statement, all is hunky-dory. It was lovely and wonderful. We got a great statement, a mission statement to move forward. Nothing is going to get done but they’re going to portray it as though great accomplishments have taken place, and that’s already written. It’s already done. You don’t go over there if you’re sure that Sarkozy gonna walk out. Sarkozy is not gonna walk out. These are mindless threats here. That’s Sarkozy campaigning to his own people. So here is Obama himself now: this agreement has already in place. The See, I Told You So continues. Here’s Obama talking about the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev of the KGB.

OBAMA: Uhhh, I am very grateful, uh, to President Medvedev for taking the time to, uh, visit with me today. I — I — I’m particularly gratified, uh, because prior to the meeting, uh, our respective teams had worked together and had developed, uh, a series of approaches —

RUSH: Did you hear that?

OBAMA: — to areas of common interest that I think, uh, present great promise. What I believe we’ve done today is a very constructive battle that would allow us to work on issues of mutual interest, uh, like, uh, the reduction of nuclear weapons.

RUSH: Now, at that point Medvedev with his hand over his mouth (snickering), and then quickly recomposed himself when he heard President Obama say, ‘Yeah, we made great strides here get into nuclear weapons,’Medvedev could barely contain himself. The teleprompter made Obama said that, and it was just… (laughing) Medvedev could hardly wait to get out of that room and call Putin and say, ‘You won’t believe what he just thinks we agreed to!’ (laughing) But, did you hear? Just to show you I know what I’m talking about: ‘I’m particularly gratified because prior to the meeting our respective teams worked together and developed a series of approaches to areas of common interest that I think present great promise.’ So they had all the substantive talks before Obama gets there with Dmitry Medvedev.

I will wager you, they may have talked about nuclear weapons, but there’s no framework for the Russians to reduce them. I just love Medvedev. (laughing) The Russians are saying, ‘This is going to be so easy.’ Gordon Brown. I told you that, you know, yesterday — this is Fox. No, I take it back. It was PMSNBC. They were doing a story, an advance story on the G20, and this was before they started running stories on the countdown to Air Force One’s touchdown at Stansted in England. ‘Air Force One to touch down soon!’ (panting) ‘Barack Obama to deplane soon!’ (panting) Prior to doing those reports, they actually were having a discussion, and they had the Chyron headline the bottom of the screen, ‘Can Obama save the world economy?’ Can Obama save the world economy? Here’s Gordon Brown. He finally got his joint press conference with Obama and a portion of his opening remarks.

BROWN: I want to thank you for your leadership, your vision, and your courage which you’ve already shown in your presidency, and congratulate you on the dynamism, the energy and indeed the achievements that you have been responsible for. Your first 70 days in office have changed America, and you’ve changed America’s relationship with the world.

RUSH: So here is a full-fledged, committed global socialist praising the president of the United States for all of his achievements in the first 70 days — a global socialist happy with the changes Obama has made, and ‘you have changed America’s relationship with the world,’ which is why all of the losers that make up the protesters are breaking bank windows! (laughing) But the slobbering, the slobbering! This guy, folks, I’m telling you: if he keeps this up throughout the G20, Gordon Brown will come down with anal poisoning and may die from it.


RUSH: Let’s grab a couple more Obama sound bites, ladies and gentlemen, confirming what I predicted he would do at the G20. Here he is part of his joint press conference with the prime minister of the UK, Gordon Brown.

OBAMA: People losing their homes, losing their businesses that they worked so hard for, losing their health care in the United States, people around the world who were already desperate before the crisis, and they find themselves even more separate afterwards. That’s what our agenda has to begin with, and that’s where it will end.

RUSH: There you have it. I mean he’s being very up front and honest. People losing their homes. No, they’re not. We are paying them to stay in their homes. We’re paying their car payments, now, too. Losing their businesses that they worked so hard for, losing their health care in the US. People around the world who were already desperate before the crisis, they find themselves even more in crisis afterwards. That’s what our agenda has to begin with. May I translate this for you? What this means is he’s not only going to redistribute your wealth to its rightful, quote, unquote, owners in America, he’s going to spread it around the world. He’s going to take care, and he’s going to redistribute the wealth of the world to its rightful owners. He then added this.

OBAMA: We must not miss an opportunity to lead, to confront a crisis that knows no borders. We have a responsibility to coordinate our actions and to focus on common ground, not on our occasional differences. History shows us that when nations fail to cooperate, when they turn away from one another, when they turn inward, the price for our people only grows. That’s how the Great Depression deepened. That’s a mistake that we cannot afford to repeat.

RUSH: What in the hell is he talking about? The Great Depression deepened because nations turned away from one another? I can think of two, Japan and Germany. I don’t know what he’s talking about here, but he’s certainly sounding globalist, is he not? And then, ladies and gentlemen, the obligatory conclusion.

OBAMA: I would say that if you look at the sources of this crisis, the United States certainly has some accounting to do with respect to a regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system. I had a professor when I was in law school who said some are to blame but all are responsible, and I — I think that’s the best way for us to approach the problem that we have right now.

RUSH: Touchy-feely New Age gobbledygook. Some are to blame but all are responsible? He was reacting to a question, and the question was, ‘The prime minister has repeatedly blamed the US for causing the crisis. France and Germany blamed both Britain and America for causing the crisis. Who’s right? And isn’t the debate about that at the heart of the debate, about what to do now?’ And Obama agreed. He basically apologized on behalf of the United States for causing the world financial crisis. His answer was, ‘I would say if you look at the sources of the crisis, the US certainly has some accounting to do with respect to our regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial –‘ it’s our fault, apologize for America. That’s why, Snerdley, you were all convinced yesterday he was going to go over there and this thing was going to fall apart because you fell hook, line, and sinker with the media reports that the French were mad, that the Germans were mad, that the UK were mad, they were mad at Obama, going to blame Obama, and the one thing you forgot was that Obama would agree with them. You got a bunch of people at the G20 blaming America, as they always do. What’s new is that we now have a president who blames America, too, and agrees with them.

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