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RUSH: Your guiding light through times of trouble, confusion, murkiness, tumult, chaos, stupidity, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network. There’s a lot in certain media about Obama’s problems coming up with the G20. Angela Merkel put the kibosh on the G20. She’s not going to come up with the New Deal. Sarkozy is threatening to walk out of this. ‘According to the Times of London, there is a high probability that Sarkozy will walk out of the G20 summit, since it is unlikely that he will get what he wants: ‘A deal to tighten regulation will be one of the key features of the G20 accord but France wants a global financial regulator, an idea fiercely opposed by the United States and Britain. … Germany and other nations are reported to be against a global regulator and sources said that President Sarkozy must know that the proposal would not make progress.’

‘Thankfully it seems that President Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown won’t be getting what…’ Now, excuse me, but I think we’re being set up big time. You and I both know that these kinds of giant confabs never take place until every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. They’re not going to go over there unless they’ve already agreed behind the scenes to various things. They’ve already put out… I guarantee you, the mission statement of accomplishment has already been written — and in the press, what’s going to happen here, when none of this… Maybe Merkel will hold firm, but when this is all over, we are going to hear how these European leaders were charmed and how a G20 summit that threatened to fall apart was saved at the last minute by the arrival of President Obama.

He’s not going to step into a lion’s den over there and have this blow up in his face and have the world tell him to go to hell. He would not go himself. This is just like when we used to have all these arms negotiations for treaties with the Soviets, and they’d come over here for the giant signing ceremony. It was done months in advance. The negotiations never take place on site. These guys are going to meet for four or five hours a couple days. They’re going to have nice meals. They’ll come out and they’ll say some raucous things. Here! Remember yesterday I said this. I said, ‘Well, Obama, he’s got a feather in his cap as he goes to the G20. He wants to outdo the Russians over there. So now look what he can brag about. He can go to Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia, and say, ‘Hey, Dmitry. I got the car companies, babe! I got the car companies. What you got?” Here’s Andrea Mitchell, cut four, sound bite four, Andrea Mitchell this morning on NBC just ecstatic that Medvedev wants to now talk to Obama.

MITCHELL: Yesterday the White House got a message from Moscow that Medvedev is interested in a breakthrough on all these disputed issues — Iran, missile defense. So with only a couple of hours’ notice, the White House sent a top diplomat overnight —

RUSH: (panting)

MITCHELL: — to meet here at The Hague with Russian counterparts and try to hammer something out that could be announced in London when the president meets with Medvedev later this week. So this could be a major change in US-Moscow relations.

RUSH: Yes. Can you just hear the breathless panting, the tongues wagging the sidewalks (panting) the eager anticipation of an orgasmic G20 where Obama forges a new relationship with the Putin-Medvedev Russian organization? Comes back and then takes over the oil industry with health care next. I guarantee you, don’t fall for all these reports that this G20 is on thin ice and is going to fall apart, that these European leaders going to tell Obama to go to hell or all that. It’s going to be just the opposite. Mark my words. He wouldn’t go otherwise. He’s not going to go-go unless this is all etched in stone before he gets there.


RUSH: Now, as for Snerdley and his pronounced disagreement with my analysis of the G20 just before the previous hour ended, let me go through this again for you, because the Drive-By Media, both here and across the pond (mostly across the pond) is reporting big troubles for Obama. Angela Merkel doesn’t want any part of a global New Deal, and she shut it down, thereby thwarting the efforts of the prime minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown, to have massive worldwide tax increases. The French president, Sarkozy, is threatening to walk out. But the British press, the UK press (Financial Times, all of them) have stories of one degree or another that discuss just what a snake pit Obama is stepping into there. In fact they’ve even got stories: ‘He was once popular, but no more. He doesn’t have the aura. He’s not getting off Air Force One with the magical aura that he had when he spoke in Berlin during the campaign.’

I sit here and I look at this stuff, and I listen to some people. It’s very seductive to accept it, because that’s what we want to hear. A lot of people on our side want to hear that the bloom is off the rose when it comes to Obama. But then common sense sets in, and you realize that world leaders don’t go into situations like this without the agenda pretty much being mapped out, the conclusion pretty much being done, and the mission accomplishment statement almost always totally having been written. Now, there’s always the chance that some… I mean, they have 20 leaders over there, and half them are insane. So there’s always a chance that a couple of them will go off the reservation.

So it’s not totally etched in stone, but big meetings like this… I mean, can you think of a G7 or a G8 in your life where the report at the end of it called it an utter failure, a total disappointment? I mean, there’s no such thing, right? In fact, you don’t even remember. I’ll bet most of you don’t remember what came out of any G7 meeting or G8 meeting. You’re living the results of it, but you don’t remember what happened to it, you don’t remember what was said, but you’re living the tyranny that comes out of these kind of things. (chuckles) Snerdley disagreed profoundly with me when I said Obama wouldn’t even be bothering to go if he wasn’t going to come out of this smelling like a rose, and he started telling me, ‘Look, Rush, what you’re forgetting. The world economy is in the tank. It’s worse than ours, and they blame America. You can hear it when Angela Merkel talks; you can hear it when Gordon Brown talks. You can hear it when half of the European Union talks. You can hear it when Sarkozy talks, when the Russians talk. They’re blaming us.’ To which I said, ‘And how does that differ from Obama?’ One sentence shamed Snerdley into realizing that he, too, had been seduced by a media reporting stories he wants to be true. All Obama has gotta do is go over there and take the blame. Not take the blame; agree with them and blame Bush. All he’s gotta do is say, ‘Yes, our country has been excessive. Yes, our country has overstepped its bounds! Yes, our country has tortured. Yes, our country has exceeded our authority. Yes, but it’s a new day!’

(clapping) ‘We love Obama!’

I guarantee, folks, if you think this guy is going to go over there and be shamed and embarrassed and have his hat handed to him by these people, you’ve got another thing coming. It’s going to be, in all likelihood, the exact opposite. He’s going to be the world’s new hero, and he will accomplish it by agreeing with those who blame the United States for the global meltdown. All he’s gotta do is say, ‘Yeah, I inherited it, too. I’m with you. We’re doing everything we can to fix this. I think you’ll have to agree that my policies here to take over the automobile industry…’ and they’re going to love that. These guys are going to love the fact. In Germany, Merkel, said, ‘We don’t want to have anything to do with running the automobile in Germany.’ Why would they? The German automobile industry, last I looked, is doing okay.

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