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Rush’s Morning Update: The Targets!
April 1, 2009

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Now that the federal government has turned General Motors into”Government Motors”,and taken steps to nationalize our major banks and insurance companies,the push is on for the health care takeover.

Although Americans enjoy the highest standard of health care in the world, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Democrat Max Baucus,says: “We don’t really have an American health care system.” Instead, “in the vast majority of states, the individual market is like the Wild West.” And he and his fellow Democrats are going to tame it.

Baucus said the “reforms” will include a mandate that forces participation. (Forces it!)”An individual obligation to get health insurance is essential,” he said. So you people who chose not to be insured, say”bye, bye”to that freedom.

Even more hideous, Baucus blames American entrepreneurship and creativity for causing the problems. In our culture, he says, more than in other countries, various groups– like doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical equipment manufacturers– are “providing care…but they’re also trying to make a buck.”

My friends,if you have learned nothing else since January,learn this:Those whom Obama and his Democrats believe are making bucks they shouldn’t be makingare going to be dealt with. They will be smeared, vilified, threatened by activist storm troopers,and, finally, stripped of the ability to make money. It’s get-even-with-them time– and those of you who have made this country the world’s lone superpower…are the targets. I’m with you, and we’re ready.

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