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RUSH: We have a 17-year-old from Indianapolis. This is Thomas. It’s great to have you, sir, on the program.

CALLER: Mega kudos, mega dittos from a 17-year-old Republican. I was just thinking that don’t you think with all of the CEOs being replaced by puppet Democrat loyalists that Barack Obama is doing it majorly just so he can get reelected and have a bigger purse for the Democratic Party, if they can have billionaires running these companies that are loyal to Democrats and Barack Obama?

RUSH: Thomas, I am so glad you called, and I’m so glad you made that point — and I applaud you. I admire this. I love people who think. Thomas, you’re exactly right, and it’s only the limitations of your age and therefore your lack of life on earth to acquire more knowledge than you already have that make me say to you: it’s already happened. The vast majority of the Wall Street CEOs are Democrats, and voted for Obama. The ones who paid the bonuses and then were tarred and feathered, were largely Democrats. In fact, Chris Dodd shook ’em down in the 2006 campaign. He sent letters out, e-mailed letters to the executives at AIG who then secured donations to his reelection from their employees. The vast majority of CEOs in America are already Democrats. The idea that big business is a bunch of rich Republicans is a myth just as it is the fact that the Democrats were always race tolerant. They were the segregationists.

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