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RUSH: This Notre Dame business, I have to admit that I’m perplexed. Notre Dame is what? Notre Dame is the only university that I know of that has a giant mosaic of Jesus overlooking the football field, with arms up-spread as though Jesus is signaling touchdown. That’s why they call it Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame. They’re a Catholic school. They have a tradition of inviting new presidents to deliver the commencement address — and so they invited, in the spirit of this tradition, President Obama. Now, as we know, the Catholic Church’s official position on life is…LIFE. The official position on life is not abortion or ‘choice’ or anything of the sort.

I know this is going to perhaps be offensive to some of you who are new to the program, but the truth is the truth, and this program is about truth. We attempt to find the truth. We secure the truth on this program, and the truth is, that President Obama — by virtue of his votes, as a member of the Illinois Senate, and as a member of the United States Senate — is perhaps the most anti-life president. Well, there’s no question. He is the most anti-life president we have had in American history. This is a man who three times voted for infanticide in Illinois. He tried to excuse it any number of ways, but this is a man who voted three times, that if a baby survives an abortion, it may still be killed because of the mother’s original intent to abort it.

If the abortion is botched, the doctor can go ahead and complete the job outside the womb. He voted for it three times. I don’t care what your position on abortion is, but now we’re not talking about abortion, not when the child has been born outside the womb and is alive. And Obama voted three times to support the notion of infanticide. The pro-abort crowd is a militant ideological group of people to whom abortion is a political advancement. It’s a political achievement. It’s rooted in feminism and liberalism, which is also inexorably linked. He has taken steps every chance he’s gotten to make abortion easier.

His nomination of Kathleen Sebelius… Well, his whole administration is made up of these people. I’m not Catholic, but I look at this and say, ‘This doesn’t make any sense. This does not pass the common sense test.’ I understand the tradition of inviting newly elected presidents. I understand the historical nature of President Obama’s election. I understand all of that. But do none of our institutions value their principles anymore or their core beliefs or their religious foundations? Are they so easily discarded for public relations or political correctness? You know what’s even more stunning to me? This is — and I say this happily. What’s even more stunning is the degree to which this is being protested there, by students.

Now, some students are just upset that the whole commencement is going to become a circus because of this, but some of them are upset over the substance of it. There are a lot of Catholics who are upset about this. There are also a lot of Catholics who voted for Obama, knowing full-well everything that I just told you. But in an era where principles, core believes, and the essence of one’s being are so casually discarded, it is a shock to me to see something as venerable at Notre Dame University cast theirs aside for reasons of comparatively no substance. Political correctness, tradition. Does not the tradition of having the newly elected president do your commencement address pale in comparison to the foundational building blocks of the university and the church on which it’s founded? Are they going to have to cover up Touchdown Jesus the day Obama makes his speech? How could they not?


RUSH: One more thing about this Notre Dame business. You know, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not just that Obama has the most outrageous anti-life record and agenda of any president in history, it is that they’re going to give him an honorary degree. There are some people who wouldn’t really care about the commencement, but the honorary degree, that’s sending other people over the top. Of course, the honorary degree is automatic for a president showing up to do the commencement address. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Notre Dame. Protests are being planned. Some faculty and former faculty are really mad about it, but they’re not going public yet. Notre Dame is not backing down on any of this. The times when people stand to assert their principles just boggles my mind. Now, here’s something else. For those of you — Protestants and Catholics alike, and even you Jewish people, I mean everybody, while all this is going on, you need to know that the Obama administration is now thinking of rescinding what’s called the ‘conscious clause.’

Right now 15% of American hospitals are Catholic hospitals. Rescinding the conscious clause, this is currently under comment period ’til April 9th, of all days, that’s Good Friday, or close to, bad Thursday, whatever. The comment period here going on until April 9th, if they rescind the conscious clause, if you’ve never heard of it, you’ll understand what it is here in mere moments — rescinding the conscious clause would force Catholic and religious pro-life health professionals to seek other careers, possibly shut down Catholic hospitals that would refuse to provide abortion services. Rescinding the clause would require Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. Now, we wonder how this fits with the universal health care message. So while the Obama administration is actually thinking of rescinding the conscious clause — the conscious clause means that I can’t willingly perform an abortion because of my conscience, I’m Catholic. Catholic doctors have an exemption right now, federally funded places. That’s going to be taken away, they’re thinking of taking it away forcing Catholic and religious pro-life health professionals, people, to seek other careers and maybe shut down some Catholic hospitals. All this and Notre Dame is not backing down. Notre Dame is holding firm to their invitation.

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