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RUSH: John in Sacramento, my adopted hometown, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, sir. And I’m going to refresh the host by getting straight to my point. George Soros recently — I just read this online here this morning — he said two things. He said, ‘I’m having a very good crisis,’ to the UK Daily Mail. He also said, ‘In a way this is the culmination of my life’s work.’ He’s made billions, as in with a ‘B,’ as everything’s gone down, and of course he’s selling short or doing what he’s doing and making all this money, in the billions, saying, ‘I’m having a good time, this is the culmination of my life’s work,’ and I think he tipped his hand. I think he’s wanted to bring America down financially, and I think that’s the point of what he’s saying, quietly. ‘I made a bunch of money by bringing down the capitalist system, and I’m proud of it.’ I’m reading between the lines there, but that’s what it sounds like to me.

RUSH: I don’t think you have to read between the lines with Soros. George Soros destroyed the British pound selling it short. He has gotten wealthy by damaging currencies of other countries and so forth, and make no mistake he does have a bugaboo about the United States of America. That’s why he supports political candidates who also want to see us drastically reduced in size and power and want to change the country. For him to run around and say, ‘Yeah, it’s a very good crisis, been very good to me,’ he did earn $1.1 billion, you’re exactly right, selling short, which means one of the primary fundraisers and contributors to the Democrat Party is betting financially on the United States plunging economically. So far he’s getting rich, $1.1 billion. He’s worth $11 billion.

CALLER: So he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

RUSH: Where are the people saying, ‘Gosh, George, don’t you have enough? Isn’t it enough, George?’ Of course, when one of these guys is your primary underwriter, there’s never enough, but this is who the Democrats’ number-one moneybags is.

CALLER: Yeah, he’s not saying, ‘I want America to fail,’ he’s saying. ‘I’m betting on it, I’m betting on America to fail.’

RUSH: Oh, but he wants it.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: Something else he said, this dovetails, you know Obama is out there spewing negative stuff. Yesterday before his virtual town hall, ‘Well, those jobs aren’t coming back and we’re going to lose more jobs this year and it’s going to be tough out there,’ da-da-da-da-da-da. George Soros said commercial real estate values are going to plummet an additional 30%. There’s no way around it. There’s no avoiding it. You start talking that way, you’re trying to make it happen, a 30% plummet in commercial real estate value. Thanks for the call, John.

I was channel surfing out there last night and I stumbled across Hannity and his Great American Panel, and I gotta give a shout out here to one of the participants on the Great American Panel, Clay Walker. He’s a country music star.

Hannity asked him some question: ‘Tell us about the mating habits of the Australian rabid bat in relationship to the plunging GDP leverage levels against our gross output.’ And the guy said, (paraphrasing) ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about and I really don’t have an opinion.’ It was a question about the economy, and the guy said, ‘I don’t know enough to tell you what I think.’ When’s the last time you saw somebody honestly say, ‘I don’t know enough to answer that. I strum my guitar.’ But then this guy said, ‘You know, it’s really strange, Sean, I was downstairs at the Rockefeller Center mall and the place is jam-packed. People are in line to buy food.’ And he said, ‘Wherever I go, I don’t see all this evidence all of recession because the people that are out are spending and they’re buying food and they’re going into restaurants and so forth.’ And I’ve talked to some of my restaurant friends in New York, and I remember in 1994, ’95, Wall Street had a plunge at that time and New York restaurants were in trouble.

I’ve talked to some New York restaurant people, they claim that they’re doing fine, they claim that everything’s okay, it’s not as bad as it was then. Then I hear we’ve lost 600,000 jobs last month, 600,000 jobs before that, we’re up to 8.1% unemployment and there are layoffs. The New York Times — (laughing) — New York Times laid off a hundred people on the business side of the paper. They’re telling all other employees they’re going to get a 5% reduction in their salaries and then they hope the unions will go along. They’re going to talk to the guild members. ‘We hope the members will go along.’ If the unions don’t go along, they’re going to have to lay off more people at the New York Times. So the job losses are real, there’s no question. I’m not disputing that. But now I’m starting to ask myself, ‘Are these job losses really the result of a plunging economy, or are they in part businesses getting rid of people ’cause what they fear the future holds based on Obama policies?’ I think it’s probably a little bit of both. Everybody that talks about this I get the sense from listening to them that this is not like the Jimmy Carter misery index years. Gasoline price started to rise, but it came back down. I’m sure they go to Ohio or Michigan, those people have been in recession long before this one started, and California’s in bad shape. I’m not denying any of this, but the people who are still working are apparently not staying home eating Hamburger Helper.


RUSH: Look, folks, it was Clay Walker. I got people saying, ‘No, no, no, Rush! It was John Rich.’ I know John Rich. I was at Kobe Club in New York one night having dinner, and this giant entourage of people, led by Randy Jackson of American Idol walked in, and the next thing I know, the waitress brought over an adult beverage, and said, ‘It’s from…’ You know, my hearing in there was horrible, and I couldn’t hear. So I asked the waitress come closer. ‘Who is this from?’ She said, ‘Big Rich.’ I said, ‘Big Rich? Who the hell is Big Rich?’ She said, ‘No, no. John Rich of the group Big & Rich,’ and he came over and said hello. I know John Rich. John Rich is a great guy. It was Clay Walker last night who told Hannity, ‘I don’t know. I can’t answer your question. I haven’t the slightest idea.’ That’s refreshing. You know, some of these celebrities that get invited to these newsmaker panels try to act like they know it all. It was just refreshing. The guy said, ‘I don’t know. If I had a thought on it, I would tell you, but I don’t know enough to have an opinion about it.’

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