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RUSH: Senate Budget Committee — sorry, they need to rename themselves. The Senate Screw-The-Budget Committee. The Senate Screw-The-Budget Committee passed a spending bill that will triple our national debt, and they know they are doing it. And Warren Buffett, I hold you responsible, Paul Volcker, you, too. Lawrence Summers, Christina Romer, your names are going to go down in history. A spending bill that will triple our national debt and you say nothing? Of course, what can they say? ‘We are just following orders.’ Shame on all of you! Shame on every economist who does not speak out. Shame on every journalist who doesn’t report the obvious. Shame on every citizen whose kids are going to get stuck with this knife in the heart of responsible government. The very idea in the United States of America anyone could suggest a plan so irresponsible, let alone vote for it, this could never have happened in our nation’s first 232 years. Big deficits traditionally come as surprises, things that you don’t factor: a war, floods, famines, acts of God. But this budget is acts of man. This budget is acts of men and acts of men and women.

Now, look, it’s one thing to vote for Obama, one thing to root for Obama, but to go along with this hopelessly irresponsible scheme is nothing less than a national tragedy. And, folks, don’t get suckered in by the story line here that we have to do this, we have to do this because of the economic slowdown, because the dirty little secret is, the truth, this idea was hatched long before this slowdown started. This is who Obama and the American left are. This plan has no relationship to the realities on the ground in the American economy today. This plan is being ramrodded through, this irresponsible budget with total disregard for the practical realities based on current circumstances. Obama spoke of alternative energy before the slowdown; he spoke of universal health care before the slowdown; Obama spoke of federalizing education before the slowdown; he spoke of home mortgages, income redistribution, all of these things, before the slowdown.

Now, some of you out there are moved by stories of predatory lenders. You get all upset about all the stories of all the greed that takes place in the private sector, and yet all of you are being taken in by predatory politicians. We keep hearing about toxic assets on Wall Street. Let me tell you where the real toxicity is, if I can borrow the term from John Armor today. The real toxicity is in the US Congress. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, for example, just to name two, are toxic congressmen. They are toxic. They are poison members of our government. If the war, for example, costs $700 billion, and of course that was outrageous spending, it was irresponsible. Well, this spending spree of Obama’s will add ten to twelve times that amount to our national debt. I ask myself, can this really be happening? And it is. And then I ask myself, can this be stopped? Well, there aren’t enough Republicans, nor responsible Blue Dog Democrats to stop this. We don’t have any checks and balances. We have no mainstream journalists to report reality. We can’t even count on late night comedians to get this right because everybody is enthralled to Obama, for whatever reason.

The only real check and balance we have right now is the ChiComs and the European Union. Judd Gregg said it yesterday. We, with our level of debt based on this budget, could not even be admitted to the European Union, which is the focal point of western socialism today. We couldn’t be admitted, our debt ratios and leverage are so high we couldn’t qualify for admission to the European Union! So the only real check and balance we now have is the ChiComs. You might be thinking, ‘What are you talking about?’ Well, the Chinese hold all of our debt, and the ChiComs are going along with this notion of a single currency ’cause they think that we might do something to devalue our dollar even more. I mean every time Geithner opens his mouth, folks, it’s an earthquake in the financial markets. So the ChiComs, the question is, will they pick up the tab for all the trillions we are spending but don’t have? They said they’re wary of it. We don’t have a check and balance in the Senate. We don’t have a check and balance in the House of Representatives. We don’t have a check and balance setup in the media. The ChiComs, the ChiComs are our last hope!

Yes, I realize what I’m saying Snerdley, which is why I’m saying it. By the way, for this I will not apologize. The only check and balance we have on all of this purposeful irresponsibility is the communist Chinese ’cause if they refuse to keep buying debt then maybe something can change this. I have warned you and warned you again, if President Obama succeeds with this our nation fails, our nation is unalterably changed for generations. Here are the names of the Democrats on the budget committee who voted in favor of this: Patty Murray of Washington, Ron Wyden of Oregon, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Bobby Byrd of West Virginia, Bill Nelson of Florida, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, Robert Menendez of New Jersey, the lout, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, Benjamin Cardin of Maryland, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island, Jeff Merkley, a Democrat from Oregon, and Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat Virginia.

The ChiComs remain our lone hope for a check and balance to this absolutely irresponsible, purposely irresponsible spending in echoing the Obama $3.6 trillion budget on top of all this other printing-of-money spending that we are doing. And in the meantime — and I’m going to get into this more — Obama’s announced his new Afghanistan policy. We have an inept secretary of state running around the world begging — wait ’til you hear the audio coming up — begging the North Koreans to call her. She is begging the Mexicans. I mean, both big-time communists and small-time communists are on the march, and we are on the run. And we are running around promising a new era of diplomacy. We’re sending videos to Iran. All of this was part of the plan long before the budget slowdown happened. This is what Obama wanted and intended to do all along during his campaign.


RUSH: We have some Gallup poll information on public opinion regarding the Obama budget. ‘While lawmakers on Capitol Hill battle back and forth over President Barack Obama’s proposed budget plan, Americans’ views are holding steady. Four in ten have a positive impression of the plan…’ Now, check that wording: ‘America’s views are holding steady.’ What does that mean when you read that? — ‘Whoa, Americans are big on this,’ and then you read ‘four in ten have a positive impression of the plan and just over a quarter have a negative impression — hardly changed from views expressed a month ago. A third still don’t know enough about the budget to have formed an opinion either way.’ People increasingly don’t know enough. In fact, more people say they don’t know enough than in the last month. I think this is just denial. Public support is steadily dropping. It was 44%, now it’s 39%. If you look deep in the story, public support is dropping. It is not holding steady. So I guess there’s an opportunity here, ladies and gentlemen, but there are no checks and balances in Washington. Republicans don’t have the votes to stop it. Nobody in the Obama administration is going to stop it. None of the big time corporate titans who voted for Obama are going to stop it.


RUSH: Doug in Great Falls, Montana, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, glad to have you back in Great Falls, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m a black-haired, brown-eyed Irishman, Irish-American so I have no blame, I’m not culpable for anything to do with this thing.

RUSH: Yet.

CALLER: Yeah, yet. I paid my taxes and my mortgage my whole life, so I guess I’m to blame somehow.

RUSH: You are. You’re one of these people that won life’s lottery, you’re able to do all that. They gotta get even with you.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s right. Hey, quickly to the conference they want to have on Afghanistan and bringing all these countries like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia to the table, that’s analogous to bringing a fox, a wolf, a duck and a frog and a turkey to a dinner. You’ve got people with completely different worldviews. They want completely different outcomes. To be that naive to think you’re going to get progress from that cast of characters is ludicrous.

RUSH: Well, now, wait. Don’t be so hasty here. Give me the list of countries that you mentioned again, just ’cause I don’t have it in front of me.

CALLER: I caught these this morning on Fox. It was Saudi Arabia —

RUSH: Saudis.

CALLER: Pakistan.

RUSH: Pakistan.

CALLER: ChiComs.

RUSH: ChiComs.

CALLER: Russia.

RUSH: Russia.

CALLER: The other two escape my mind. I’m sitting in my pickup.

RUSH: Okay, is Iran supposedly on the list?

CALLER: Yeah, Iran.

RUSH: All right. So here are the countries that Obama’s having a conference with on Afghanistan. We’ve got the Saudis. We got the ChiComs, we got Russia, we got Iran. Three of them want us to fail.

CALLER: Oh, I forgot on that common thread.

RUSH: Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan. I don’t know where Pakistan stands, but we know that the ChiComs, the Russians, and the Iranians want us to fail. So they would see this as an opportunity.

CALLER: They do have something in common.

RUSH: Some might say Obama wants us to fail. I mean he’s cutting the defense budget. I don’t think he wants us to fail in Afghanistan but your take on this is exactly right. These people have nothing to do with Afghanistan, and they don’t care, their national interests don’t dovetail with ours in Afghanistan. Most of these nations love the chaos that American foreign policy entanglements create for us here because they think it distracts us. I’ll tell you, the ChiComs, as I said in the first hour, the ChiComs, their biggest concern here is our budget, is our economy. Folks, we don’t have any more checks and balances in this country. We’ve got the most irresponsible budget that’s been presented, tripling the national debt. The budget deficit, ten trillion over ten years, it is unheard of. It will destroy, as the guy from Great Britain said, Mr. Hannan, ‘When you’re in debt you don’t borrow more. You cut back.’

It’s the exact opposite of what we need to be doing, but there aren’t enough Republicans in the House to top stop it so there’s no check or balance in the House The RINO Republicans in the Senate, probably not enough Republicans there to stop it. Our biggest friend on this is the ChiComs. The ChiComs, the communist Chinese are the only check we have on this irresponsible budget. The check that they provide is, ‘I’m not buying your debt anymore. If you’re going to go this irresponsibly into debt, you’re gonna make your debt worthless to us and we’re not buying it anymore.’ Now, stop and think of that. The only check we’ve got to this destruction that is Obama spending and budgeting and so forth is the communist Chinese.

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