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RUSH: For those of you who read the book 1984, Big Brother was everywhere, no matter where you went. Big Brother was on television, on the radio. It didn’t matter where you went. I have a simple question. When do all television sets just eventually default to the Obama channel? There has to be an Obama channel now, and at some point the government, the FCC, is gonna encode broadcast signals so that your TV or your receiver defaults to the Obama channel all the time. It’s the same thing with your computer defaulting to the Obama page. Last Thursday we had Obama on Leno. On Sunday, we had Obama on 60 Minutes. On Monday, we had the networks replaying Obama on 60 Minutes and Leno.

On Tuesday, we had the all-channel press conference — Tuesday night. Now, wait a minute. Scratch that. On Thursday we had Leno. On Friday we had wall-to-wall media coverage of Obama on Leno. Then on Sunday we had 60 Minutes. Monday we had wall-to-wall media coverage of Obama on 60 Minutes. On Tuesday, we had the all-channel press conference from the White House. Yesterday, wall-to-wall media coverage of the Obama press conference. Today, Thursday, is a virtual town meeting in the White House: Obama doing an Internet online town meeting. Tomorrow, it will be wall-to-wall coverage of the Obama town meeting. I don’t know how many of you read Orwell’s 1984, but the supreme leader was Big Brother, and not only was he on TV 24/7, you couldn’t get him off of television. So we have audio sound bites from Barack Obama all over television today. He had an Internet town meeting that the networks… Well, the cable networks spent some time televising. We have three sound bites, one of which you just heard. Here is, let’s see, this is a question for the president from Harriet in Georgia.

HARRIET: Hello, President Obama. Here is my question for your online town meeting. When can we expect the jobs that have been outsourced to other countries to come back and be made available to the unemployed workers here in the United States? Thank you so much for all your hard work. God bless you.

RUSH: Now, before we play… (laughs) I don’t believe any of these questions actually came from people that just created the question. But before I play you Obama’s answer, let me remind you of IBM yesterday. IBM announced layoffs of American workers and said that the work being done by the laid-off Americans would be picked up by IBM employees in India. In essence (this was in the Wall Street Journal yesterday) IBM is outsourcing jobs. So here’s this question from Harriet in Georgia: ‘When are you going to bring these jobs back and make them available to the unemployed workers here in the United States? Thank you so much for all your hard work and God bless you.’ Here’s Obama’s answer.

OBAMA: The answer to the question is, not all of these jobs are going to come back, and it probably wouldn’t be good for our economy for a bunch of these jobs to come back because, frankly, uh, there’s no way that people could be getting paid a living wage on some of these jobs, at least in — in — in order to be competitive in — in international setting.

RUSH: Do you people hear this?

OBAMA: So what we’ve got to do is create new jobs that can’t be outsourced, uh, and — and that’s why energy is so promising. I don’t think that we’ve lost all the jobs we’re going to lose in this recession. We’re still gonna be, uhhh, in a difficult time for much of this year.

RUSH: Well, that’s inspiring. The jobs aren’t coming back. We don’t want ’em back. They don’t pay very much; we need new jobs that can’t be outsourced. (There’s no such thing.) We need new energy jobs. We can’t blame this on the teleprompter. I don’t think the teleprompter is making him say this. I scoured. I watched. I couldn’t find any evidence that the teleprompter is there. I’m sure the teleprompter’s feelings are hurt. Wait, I take it back. I take it back. The teleprompter was there in his opening statement. The teleprompter was there, and then what he would do is he’d turn his back to the camera to read the question on his giant monitor that people had sent in, then he would turn back. There was a teleprompter there! Maybe the teleprompter did tell him to say it.

I don’t know if he knows the questions in advance. It would be easy to sit there and be cynical and say that Obama’s people wrote the questions and then wrote the answers and all of it’s on the prompter. But even if they did write the questions, they had to do it through real citizens, and he’s got a network of people that go for this. ACORN. He’s got a bunch of people that would go for this. But forget that for a second. This answer: ‘The jobs aren’t coming back, and we’re going to lose more jobs this year. But that’s okay, because we’re going to create new jobs; we’re going to create energy jobs, jobs that can’t be outsourced.’ So I hope all of you losing your jobs out there are inspired here by the fact that you’re losing jobs to outsourcing and those jobs are gone, they’re not worth it anyway and they don’t pay much money. I don’t think IBM’s paying chump change even in India, ladies and gentlemen.

But regardless, your president is not inspiring. Your president is not giving you any hopefully signs of improvement in the economy this year. He wants you depressed, he wants — and it’s all stuff he ‘inherited.’ He opened his little statement today on the prompter, prompter told him again to say that he had inherited all this. This guy is a gutless wonder. He is seeking as much chaos and depression among average Americans as he can get. Now, here, this again. This is part of his response to Harriet. Now, remember, Harriet said, ‘Hello, President Obama, my question for you, when can we expect jobs that have been outsourced to come back and be made available for the unemployed workers here in the US? Thank you so much for all your hard work. God bless you.’ (kissing sound) Please call me when Michelle is out! He tells her those jobs aren’t coming back, we need new green jobs, and then this was the next part of the answer.

OBAMA: We could set up systems so that everybody in each house have their own smart meters that, uhh, will tell you when to turn off the lights, when the peak hours are, can help you sell back energy, uh, that you’ve generated in your home through a solar panel or through, uh, eh, other mechanisms. All this can be done, but it also creates jobs right now. Our biggest problem, we don’t have enough electricians to lay all these lines out there.

RUSH: We’ve been laying lines in this country ever since the ’90’s! We’ve been laying lines in this country since the 1800s. We got cable lines into every home in this country practically. We got telephone lines. We got computer lines. We got wireless. We got Wi-Fi! We got more ways into your home than you know! There was an explosion of electricians. With the housing boom, who the hell do you think wired all those houses that were built? A shortage of electricians? But aside from that, folks — aside from that — ‘We could set up systems so that everybody in each house have their own smart meters.’ You see, you are too stupid to know when it’s peak usage, despite the fact that your Drive-By Media and utility companies are warning you every five seconds every day when it’s a hundred degrees in August.

You might also know you’re at peak usage when you’re in brownouts in California. (Thanks to Enron. Yes, we know.) But you’re too stupid to know even this so you need a smart meter in your house. A ‘smart meter’ is called a thermostat. And many people already have them in their homes. But according to Obama, you don’t know how to use them. So we’re going to put another thermostat in there that’s going to send out little warnings or red lights to start blinking when you’re at peak usage and you can then turn off your lights, and then you can turn down or up your thermostat, whichever is called for — and then we’re going to help you sell back energy that you’ve generated in your home through a solar panel. And we can create jobs doing this right now.

How? Obama just said that the federal government is going to find a way into your house to tell you how and when you can set your thermostat. And he wants to hire a bunch of new government workers to get in your house to do this. Remember, in the UK, they’ve already spent 30,000 pounds (we had the story yesterday) with spy planes flying over neighborhoods with cameras that produce an infrared reaction and they can detect homes that are overusing the approved amount of electricity and energy. We don’t even need electricians in your home. We can just have spy satellites do it. The point is the Obama administration wants to know when you are breaking the rules. The Obama administration wants to know when you are exceeding your allotment.

All this couched in, ‘You can save the planet and we can help you do it!’ It’s tyranny: pure, unadulterated tyranny.

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