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RUSH: Eva, somewhere in New Jersey. She’s not comfortable identifying her exact location.

CALLER: No. No. Not at all. Hello?

RUSH: Well, we’ll soon find out why she doesn’t want you to know where she lives. Hi.

CALLER: No, no, I live New Jersey, and the reason I’m calling is because actually the article in the New York Times that I didn’t read but I heard about, it made me so upset that it broke the straw on the camel that I was — you know, I felt like a camel, but the bottom line is, just to make a long story short, my husband works for AIG, and he has worked for AIG, I don’t know, 15, 20 years, something like that. He works — and I pretty much am going to repeat to the same extent the story that I heard from, you know, it was quoted to me over the phone from the New York Times. He works incredibly long hours. We have four kids, he barely sees them, his assignments are from state to state, sometimes he spends the week, sometimes really years from one location to another, and he did receive a bonus, one of the AIG bonuses. It is a very small bonus compared to those bonuses that I hear about, and I’m not sure, and that hurts me a lot, I’m not sure to what extent the public is really aware of what most of those bonuses are about.

RUSH: No, they are not. The country has been led by a tyrannical mob, the country has been worked into a frothing frenzy by a tyrannical mob, and they don’t care what the bonuses are about. All they know is that the bonuses are their money and that this money is going to people who botched and destroyed the company.

CALLER: That’s not exactly true.

RUSH: I know it’s totally untrue, but this is what the administration is putting out. You’ve got the president of the United States lined up against your family. That’s what you have to realize. The president of the United States has seen to it that busloads of protesters, if they find out where your husband and you live, will show up on a bus tour to protest you.

CALLER: I wanted to finish it up and say —

RUSH: Hang on ’cause I gotta take a break. This is one of these things in broadcasting called a hard break, it doesn’t move.


RUSH: We want to go back to Eva in Greenwich, New Jersey, whose husband works for AIG. Eva, are you still there?

CALLER: Yes, I’m here.

RUSH: What you’re getting calls about today is a piece in the New York Times, a resignation letter sent to the CEO Ed Liddy by an employee named Jake DeSantis. She told us earlier that friends of hers were calling and quoting elements or parts of this letter that’s printed today as an op-ed in the New York Times. It’s entitled, ‘Dear AIG: I Quit.’ He was working for a dollar, like the CEO. He’s in the Financial Products Division, which is the one that’s been portrayed here as evil to the core, and he was working for a dollar in lieu of the bonuses that were due on March the 13th. Now, if he even gets his bonus, whatever net he gets he’s giving it to charity, he’s getting out of there, he wants nothing to do with it anymore, he’s fed up. Your husband works for AIG, you had one more point to me you wanted to make, but you needed more than ten seconds to do it.

CALLER: Yes. My husband works for AIG, and he’s also a recipient of one of the bonuses. It’s a small bonus, but it’s also this deferred compensation bonus. It’s not based on performance. It was promised to him a year ago. It was a part of his salary that was withheld. It’s not about the money that I’m so outraged about. Money is very little. What I’m outraged about is about the media and even more about the attitude of the public about the stonewalling of AIG employees, about the fact you have to have barricades in front of the building, about the buses that are being sent to Connecticut, you know, executives, about the threats that are being sent to our children. My husband took it so much to his heart, exactly to his heart that last week he ended up being admitted with a very severe chest pain to the hospital, he was worked up to a heart attack. He’s still being worked up. He was discharged two days ago, they are very concerned about him, he’s supposed to be on very strict bed rest. However, my husband, as a loyal AIG employee, went to work yesterday, and went to work today. Tomorrow he’s getting a stress test and other tests done.

My point I’m trying to make is I am — as you can pick up my accent, I grew up, you know, I’ve been here for 20 years, but I grew in a up in a socialist country, and I learned to question and be inquisitive about media. And I’m shocked here at American public about the fact that they never question the media and they never question the lack of ethical backbone that mainstream media does not have, I mean they don’t have any ethical backbone. The facts that they present are extremely selective and, not to mention, are opinions. And, you know, my family became an innocent victim of the situation, and what I realize is that it’s not only about my husband, it’s not only about me, yesterday I wanted my children to watch the president speak, I wanted to discuss it with them, my oldest daughter is 12, and my husband said to me, ‘Maybe they shouldn’t listen to it because he’s going to smear AIG, I would like them to be proud of me,’ and that really broke the camel’s heart, you know, it was the straw that broke the camel’s leg, whatever you say —

RUSH: How old are your kids?

CALLER: — that’s why I’m calling. Oh, they are twelve, ten, eight and six.

RUSH: Twelve, ten, eight and six. I assume the twelve and ten-year-olds are who you’re talking about when you said it broke their hearts when they saw the president rip daddy’s company.

CALLER: Yep. Absolutely. Absolutely.

RUSH: Here’s what I’m saying to you. The media is who they are. Those of us native born Americans have been marveling at the ongoing dwindling professionalism, the ongoing increased activism, the abrogation of any sense of responsibility in terms of their reporting. It is what it is. I think you need to redirect your anger and your family’s anger to President Obama and his administration. And I’m serious, Eva, because it is his administration and the Democrat Party, his colleagues in the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives who ran a sham, a fraudulent show last week. They knew all about these bonuses, the stimulus legislation required these bonuses to be paid, with no limits on them. These members voted for it, and they conducted a program, a show last week acting as though they had no clue and that they were screwed and that they got the shaft and they wanted to find out who’s responsible, when it’s them. I think your anger should be more properly channeled at the president of the United States. The president of the United States coulda shut down these protests.

The president of the United States could have stood up and said, ‘Wait, we don’t need to have this kind of behavior toward these AIG people.’ He wants it. The president of the United States wants you feeling threatened, he wants the American people hating you and your company and your husband’s company, he wants the chaos, he wants the people of this country to think that the private sector is all AIG, that there’s no difference in any private sector company, large or small, from AIG. You’re all corrupt, you’re all cheaters, you’re all thieves, and he’s going to fix it. And he’s going to fix it by taking over these companies, and he’s going to make fairness the order of the day. And he’s going to take all of this money that your husband and all the other people that work there make and he’s gonna give it to the rightful owners of the country, the poor and the middle class companies like your husband’s have screwed and shafted. That’s his motivation. That’s his objective. That’s the Obama plan. So your anger should be more properly directed at him, just as you saw last night and just as your kids saw last night.

It is not presidential for the president of the United States to stand up and to denounce a single company like this for the express purpose of creating mob behavior and a mob mentality. This is his life. What do you think a community organizer does? A community organizer, for ACORN or anybody else, goes to the downtrodden in any community and says, ‘You are here, and you are where you are because they have given you the shaft, they have taken what is rightfully yours, they are the people we need to protest and punish to get back what is rightfully yours.’ He’s just taking it now beyond the stages of Chicago to the stages of America. That’s who Barack Obama is. He is behaving as any community organizer does, who is an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, whose objective is chaos and the destruction of American capitalism, or capitalism anywhere. So you can sit there and act outraged at the media, but the media are just slaves to Obama, and they’re going to follow his lead. So your anger here needs to be taken to the top. Eva, I’m glad you called. Thanks very much. I appreciate it, and I really feel bad for you.

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