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Rush’s Morning Update: Want Change?
March 25, 2009

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Democrats went nuts when President Bush added “signing statements” to legislation coming out of the bowels of Congress;such statements typically detail the Executive Branch view of the law.Bill Clinton also used them,but Democrat objections only surfaced during Bush’s White House.

This fight was to be thing of the past once Obama came to power. Earlier this month, new rules were issued: the new president promised he’d work with Congress in advance to iron out any objections he had to their lawmaking. He vowed he’d act with “caution and restraint” when he did issue a statement,and he’d be very specific–he’d let Congress know exactly what he found objectionable.

Well, it was justtwo days after making the grandiose promises:Obamabroke his own rules. He didn’t bother consulting Congress before issuing a signing statement on top of the massive Porkulus spending bill. Lawmakers say the size and scope Obama’s signing statement goes beyond anything Bush or Clinton ever did. Included is a clause that would punish whistleblowerswho provide Congress with classified information that the administration wants to keep them in the dark about.

Secrecy! In the most transparent administration in history! On top of repeated broken promises and violated standards.

You liberals wanted “change”? You got it! This is the secrecy of the Nixon White House and the lies of the Clinton White Houserolled into one! Guess you libs will have to settle for “hope”…and that seems in short supply these day, too, doesn’t it?

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