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RUSH: The Drive-By Media, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, still in the business of covering up for Barack Obama. Last night on CNN, The Situation Room, remember when Obama had the Irish prime minister to the White House on St. Patrick’s Day, a big party up there. The Irish prime minister went up to make a speech, and the wrong speech was in the prompter, the Irish prime minister goes and makes his speech, then Obama gets up to thank the Irish prime minister, and the same speech is still in there, Obama’s speech is in for the Irish prime minister, so Obama goes up after 20 seconds, the Irish prime minister reading Obama’s just-delivered speech, Obama goes up there and thanks himself, reads the prompter, prompter told him to thank himself for throwing this big party. Then the teleprompter changed, got it right for the Irish prime minister to go back in. And everybody said, ‘Why is there no video of this?’ The Drive-Bys have to be shielding this. CNN discussed it last night, Jeanne Moos and her feature Unusual Report, you will also hear from me in this little excerpt.

MOOS: The blog started after a mix-up with the Irish prime minister’s speech at the White House. Too bad it wasn’t on camera. The wrong speech got inserted in the prompter. The Irish prime minister started reading President Obama’s speech. He quickly realizes, amid much laughter, that something’s amiss. Then, when president Obama comes back to the podium, he jokingly says, as if he’s reading the wrong speech, ‘First I’d like to say thank you to President Obama.’

RUSH ARCHIVE: He ended up thanking himself.

MOOS: That’s Rush Limbaugh rushing in.

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is hilarious.

MOOS: They called it a gaffe, a blunder. But the pool reporter who was there said it was a joke.

RUSH: Yeah, see, Obama had the presence of mind to run to the teleprompter and thank himself, knowing full well, just trying to bail the Irish prime minister out of an embarrassing moment by thanking himself. Well, if that’s the case, show us the tape. If it’s just a joke, I mean this could really help Obama, to show that he can ad-lib off the prompter. Isn’t that one of the big complaints that people have about him? So, Jeanne, go get the tape and show it to us, if this is such a brilliant effort by Obama to tell a joke, which he can’t do, by the way. Obama is not a person with a sense of humor. No serious angry leftist ever has a sense of humor. Obama does not have one. He’s got an engaging smile. But when he tries to crack jokes, we know what happens. He is not a funny guy. (interruption) What? What? Well, he got yucks at the handicapped — that’s what I mean. He’s not a funny guy. He does not know how to tell a joke. This whole notion that was a joke, Obama going up there to bail out the Irish prime minister, show us the tape, Jeanne, or get this pool reporter. Show us the tape, it’s a joke, it’s just a joke. So they will continue to cover for him.

All right, let’s grab some phone calls here as we get started. This in Warren, New Jersey. Manly, hi. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine. Thanks much.

CALLER: All right. My name is Manly Rash. I have a conservative blog called Manly’s Republic. Today I wrote about a couple of articles I saw, one by Jonathan Martin, The Politico; the other appeared in the Boston Herald. The Politico article, Martin was talking about the bloom basically being off the rose of the Drive-Bys, and it looks like the White House now is looking to sail over their heads and basically go to what I call the moon bat media, and that’s the far left, Huff Pos, the bloggers, the —

RUSH: Okay, what’s the point here, Manly? We have limited time.

CALLER: The next one is the Zogby article showing his ratings dropping now, Zogby came out with a poll that showed his disapproval is 50-50 right now, and I want to get your take here, is there a connect here, is there a convergence? Is one the result of the other?

RUSH: Well, The Politico story you’re talking about is all about Obama going over the media’s heads, right? He’s going straight on people and they sorta marvel at it and then they’re a little upset about it at the same time, right?

CALLER: Of course.

RUSH: The Zogby poll, which was indeed published at the Boston Herald, Zogby has his poll out today, shows that Americans are 50-50 on Obama. Some polls show him coasting with a 65% job approval, but Zogby says these numbers are going down. It’s not because of the gaffes, but a combination of high expectations and that things aren’t moving fast enough with the economy. We’ve also got Rasmussen who is polling approval numbers and disapproval numbers, giving us the approval index, and it’s tightening. The strongly approve versus the strongly disapprove is now at a plus 4. He started at plus 16. Who knows what to believe here, when you got these polls all over the place. We want to believe people are wising up. We want to believe people are wising up. Zogby, I don’t know how he knows this, I guess he’s extracting this from his polling data. Remember, the numbers are going down, he says, but not because of his gaffes, but a combination of high expectations and that things aren’t moving fast enough with the economy. Well, that would have to mean that either moderates — gosh, I hate that, that word just bugs me all to hell — independents, Democrats, are upset their gas tanks aren’t full or they don’t have a new house or whatever, if things aren’t happening fast enough, if Zogby is right about this. It can’t, of course, be the gaffes.

However, I want to point something out. A big-time poll, respected poll, don’t remember what it is now, but the poll that shows the generic congressional battle tied at 42-42. Guess what that comes after? That comes after demonizing me, that comes after all of this stuff they did for two weeks about me trying to make me most hated, the leader of the Republicans. And in the process of demonizing me and trying to make me the most hated Republican and the leader, the Republicans have pulled even with Democrats in the generic congressional ballot. This doesn’t bode well for the Democrats as of now.

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