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RUSH: Larry Kudlow came over Friday. Larry Kudlow was in town to give a couple speeches and take a little time off, and he came over to the house Friday night after dinner with some friends of mine who were hosting him, and it was a good time. As they were leaving, my friend, my good friend came up to me and said, ‘It’s the funniest thing, I ran into somebody today who just thinks you’re pompous and arrogant as you can be.’ I said, ‘What did you tell ’em?’ ‘Well, I just smiled and I said, ‘He doesn’t care if you think that, just as long as you listen.” And I said, ‘What did I say that makes them think I’m arrogant?’ ‘Oh, when you talk about how you’re executing assigned host duties flawlessly, zero mistakes. They just think that’s bragging, nobody goes through life and never makes a mistake.’ This guy doesn’t know Democrats. This had to be a Republican talking to him. It had to be a Republican. I looked at him and I said, ‘You know what you need to start doing, Stanley, you need to start defending me against these clowns instead of sitting there and just smiling.’ It’s absolutely absurd. The whole point of saying executing assigned host duties flawlessly, zero mistakes, nobody has a sense of humor anymore. We have no appreciation of sarcasm, cynicism, any of these things. Poor old Don Rickles, no wonder you never see him on TV anymore. People wouldn’t think he’s funny. I used to think he’s hilarious.

At any rate, phone number if you want to be on the program today, 800-282-2882, and I do execute assigned host duties flawlessly. You know why? ‘Cause I assign them. I do whatever I tell myself to do, and since I do it, I don’t make any mistakes. My show. 800-282-2882. E-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Now, the poll that we’re talking about earlier is a Greenberg poll, Stanley Greenberg, who works with Carville and The Skull, Paul Begala, and he went out, he did the poll for NPR, and they found that on the congressional ballot, the generic ballot, 42% choose Republican, 42% choose Democrat. That’s just not heard of. The Democrats always win in the generic ballot, and so the 42-42, and this comes after two weeks of demonizing and vilifying me and portraying me as the leader of the Republican Party. I’d have to call it the backfire poll. Their poll backfired. They spend two weeks holding me up as the leader of the Republicans. Then CBS runs a poll showing my approval number is 19%. Then they go and do the generic poll and show Republicans have climbed to a tie at 42% in the generic congressional ballot. I’d have to say that this is the backfire poll. You know, from now on, whenever we see a Greenberg poll, we are going to call it the backfire poll.

Their polling me again in North Carolina, this Public Policy Polling, they’re polling me again. ”Limbaugh gets poor numbers in North Carolina and Arkansas’ — New PPP surveys looking at the popularity of Rush Limbaugh in North Carolina and Arkansas find remarkably similar results, with only 31% of North Carolinians and 32% of folks in Arkansas holding a favorable opinion of the controversial talk radio host.’ Thirty-one percent, that makes me one of the most popular people in this country. That makes me twice as popular as Nancy Pelosi in that same CBS poll. Now, you have to ask, though, why do this? Why poll a radio guy? Well, because they’ve set me up, they have positioned me as the leader of the opposition. Not so much the Republican Party, just the leader of the opposition. As Greenberg found out in his poll, after making me the leader, they then take a poll, and they found out Republicans have climbed tremendously in the generic ballot. Now, these clowns at Public Policy Polling have me at 31% in North Carolina, 32% in Arkansas. This is very simple. This is using polling as a guise for spreading Democrat Party talking points.

See, what this tells me, as a seasoned observer of the political scene, what this tells me is that the Democrats in North Carolina and the Democrats in Arkansas, and I think the Democrats everywhere are really scared of what I am saying. I think they are scared to death of articulate conservatism. They love the fact the Republican Party doesn’t have anybody articulating it. But they’re scared to death of anybody who can articulate conservatism, and maybe flip these states back to red from blue. That’s what they’re worried about. So they’re doing everything they can at Public Policy Polling and the Greenberg bunch and the Democrat Party from the Obama administration on down, everything they can to discredit me. All these lies and filth that ends up in the news about me and so forth, it’s all done to discredit me and the conservative message, not just me. If the Democrat Party in Public Policy Polling — and they’re a bunch of libs at this polling group — if they thought that North Carolina was going to get bluer — i.e., more Democrat — they wouldn’t even bother with this kind of thing. The fact that they’re polling me gives them an excuse to say conservatism is not popular, Limbaugh’s hated, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s an effort to discredit something that they fear. Now, here is Mort Kondracke. Mort Kondracke on the Beltway Boys on the Fox News Channel on Saturday night.

KONDRACKE: You get these Republican leadership e-mails every day, thousands of them, 99% of them are negative, saying something negative about Obama. Now, there are Republicans who have constructive ideas, and Obama ought to be listening to them. But the main message coming out of the Republican Party is exactly the Rush Limbaugh message: n-o.

RUSH: I’m proud of that, Mort, if this is even true. But our opposition to Obama is indeed based on n-o. We say no to socialism; we say no to government berating the private sector for the purpose of taking it over. What’s negative about that? Mort, my message is so positive that you don’t even understand it. My message is so pro-America, pro-individual liberty, pro-citizen, it is entirely positive. The negativism that has infected this country has come out of the Democrat Party, Mort. It’s the Democrat Party that’s trashing their own country; that’s trashing the economy; that’s trashing the private sector. We don’t do any of that here. We love the country and we build it up. We hope people understand the kind of country they have. Totally misunderstanding and misrepresenting things.

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